5 reasons why you should or shouldn’t start blogging in 2021

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Since we become more and more digitally socialized it has become very important for us to take good advantage of it. You have countless options to make a mark like starting a youtube channel, creating your social media business account for business points of view, and believe me you can do many other things other than these.

But today we are gonna discuss why you should or shouldn’t start blogging today by giving you the 8 best reasons for blogging.

Let’s dive straight into it without wasting any of your valuable time.

Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging
reasons to start blogging

5 Reasons to start blogging

Let’s have some discussion on why you should start your blog

Improving your writing skill

The first reason why you should start blogging is that improving your writing skill.

Even today I’m still not perfect at writing. But I’m damn sure my first blog was nothing special than my yesterday’s blog and that is very normal.

Writing is actually a continuous process that makes you better than yesterday through practicing.

The more you write the more your writing will improve and because of that, you gonna attract traffic to your blog.

It boosts your confidence

Another best reason to start blogging is that to boost your level of confidence.

Since you are the boss of your blog you are at the center of the limelight or spotlight whatever you wanna call it.

If you do good people will eventually appreciate you by following, liking, and commenting, and in case if you don’t you will also learn from them where you going wrong.

So in both ways, you will end up boosting your confidence level through gaining lots of experiences.

Learn new skills

Another good reason to start a blog is not just to improve your writing skill. There are many skills you will learn if you start your blog today.

These are,

  • Website design and creating website ( creating good user experience)
  • SEO (Search engine optimization for website ranking)
  • Email Marketing ( when you start building your email list for profit)
  • Affiliate marketing (To make money by promoting other businesses products)
  • Social media marketing (since you know organic reach will not be possible at the beggining so you start promoting contents on social media platforms to attract traffic).
  • Graphic designing ( when you will make visual contents like images, infographics etc to make your blog more professional)

These are just a few mentioned in the list. So it really makes sense why you should start blogging.

To make money

Now, this must be your common answer when someone like me asking to you why you should start a blog today.

Don’t get me wrong here it’s actually not just you, it’s everyone who once started a blog at least thought about how to making money from it.

We all want to be get successful and there is no harm if that success is coming from a genuine way like blogging.

You will have many opportunities to make money from your blog.

These are

  • Selling adspace (showing Google adsence ads just like me)
  • Selling digital goods like ebooks or courses within your niche.
  • Promoting other businesses products on your site and making a commission when someone purchase it from your blog
  • Writing sponsored posts.
  • selling backlinks or keywords.
  • selling your blog eventually to make a huge profit.

You influence others

Since your blog represents your actual thoughts, knowledge, and experiences you will have a certain power to influence others.

What you say and believe will be acknowledged by most of your loyal audiences on your site.

Now, this can only be possible if you know what you are doing. Most of the time they are gonna follow your advice no matter what.

5 Reasons Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Start Blogging In 2021

5 reasons not to start blogging

Now as I have mentioned to you when and why you should start blogging in 2021 and beyond, let's take a look and have some reasons when not to think about starting your career as a blogger

Thinking about fast money

Most amateur bloggers also come into the blogging world thinking they are gonna start making money from tomorrow night.

But it’s totally the opposite of what you think. I’m not saying that you can’t make money. you will but not the way you think.

Making a profitable blog you have to have dedication towards blogging, patience, and most importantly to give time. You see many times bloggers give up on blogging just because they don’t get any attraction or response till that moment.

So if you’re someone who barely has patience into anything then it’s the sigh that you probably gonna quit blogging even though you start blogging.

You like to go out all the time

Now, one of the biggest disadvantages that occur in front of most bloggers is they are very much into the outdoor mode of enjoyment like partying with your friends, going to movies, or any other type of enjoyment.

Let me tell you if it’s you then it will be really tough for giving minimum time for your blog at least 20 hrs/week.

Blogging is the kind of work that you will need time to make your blog profitable.

Blogging is more than just creating new pieces of content. you need to do content planning, researching, marketing, or promoting your blog and the list is on. So, it makes sense to stay away from blogging if you can’t afford to give a hell of a lot of boring time into it.

Shortage of giving time to family

This must be one of the hell reasons you have to digest.

As a blogger, you will sometimes feel like you are not been able to give your time to your family or loved ones that you supposed to.

So, if you are someone who doesn’t wanna sacrifice or can’t manage the time then it’s right to stay away from blogging.

You don’t want to scale your chances of profitability

This can happen with those who don’t want to scale things up for good.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to make your blog even more special then you shouldn’t be blogging.

Yes, you can blog as a hobby but if you don’t wanna make it profitable once your site gets traffic then why wasting your time.

You should create multiple revenue streams from your blog and scale it big if you’re not then you know what to do

Get distracted by Online

One of the most valid reasons is that you shouldn’t think about blogging if you’re easily get distracted by online activities like watching web series, youtube videos to get entertained, or scrawling social media apps without any limitation.

If you fall into this trap then my blogging friend you’re not gonna have that dedication that usually a blogger possesses.

Blogging is the kind of work that you can’t afford to allow any distractions. If you wanna know about me of how I manage my blogging task! well, fortunately, I blog in a place where I don’t get any distractions. Hell! I don’t even listen to music while blogging but I don’t know many bloggers found that thing very helpful they even recommend it to other bloggers.


In this whole article, I have mentioned when and why you should considering starting a blog and when not to think about it.

Now let me tell you there are many reasons available other than this that you may found out from other blogs. It’s just a never-ending type of subject matter.

If you believe this post was helpful then I’m expecting a share this post from you. Share this post with your friends and family.

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