What Is More Profitable, Starting A Blog Or A YouTube Channel?

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There is a lot of discussion going on in 2022 among the youth and hopefully will continue to confuse in the future as well that what is the best thing to do, is it start a Blog? or A YouTube channel?

If this is also is your one of those queries and want to know the right answer so that you don’t regret it later after selecting the wrong one.

What Is More Profitable, Starting A Blog Or A YouTube Channel?

What Is More Profitable, Starting A Blog Or A YouTube Channel?
What Is More Profitable, Starting A Blog Or A YouTube Channel?

If you want me to answer it here right now in a single sentence then I would say “both are right and profitable online business models depending on your interest and intentions”.

It’s true that not everyone can be perfect in both blogging and YouTube. Yes, there may be people who can manage (I’m talking from an individual point of view and not as a brand or company) to do both but that will be sure exceptional and rare no doubt about that.

Yes! if you’re a brand or a small company with a qualified team under you, things are easy to do.

As an individual things are tough because you can’t manage both of these things (YouTubing and Blogging) all by yourself.

When blogging you have to first set up your blog with the best possible web hosting and domain to launch your website online then your real tasks begin with finding content ideas first, then researching keywords around that topic, writing SEO optimized content, and then publishing it and promote it.

On the other hand, YouTube will demand the best setup (audio and video recording) from you to record a video, then edit the video professionally, upload and write suitable Descriptions, titles, tags, meta tags, organize playlists, channel customization, and all of the important tasks to grow your YouTube channel.

Now I don’t wanna sound like negativity or demotivating to you but the fact is you have to deal with any of these situations depending on what you are choosing or mostly interested in (blogging or YouTubing).

Both can be profitable and help you make good money if not a millionaire, only If you know the right process of doing it.

Let’s find out the scenarios that decide whether you are more into blogging or YouTubing.

You are best to open a Youtube Channel……If

Here are the lists of qualities that you must be having within yourself if you want to start a YouTube channel and be a YouTuber like other successful top YouTubers.

  1. You want to make personal connections with the audience.
  2. You are interested and feel more comfortable while filming content going in front of the camera.
  3. You know how to edit videos or have a lot of interest in filming the videos professionally.
  4. You don’t bother to be bullied by others online because you know everyone must start from somewhere to grow better as a YouTuber.
  5. You love to explain things visually rather than writing in a blog post!
  6. You want to grow as a brand.
  7. You want to create a second source of passive income first before you take it as a full-time job.

Here I’ve mentioned the qualities that most subscribed successful YouTubers usually have.

Now let’s have a look at some of the points that ensures why you shouldn’t start a YouTube Channel?

You shouldn’t open a YouTube Channel…….If

You are not suitable to become a Top YouTuber or a successful YouTuber if the following qualities are found in yourself.

  1. You’re not a creative person.
  2. You fear that people will laugh at you. (without knowing at first everyone sucks in front of a camera).
  3. You want to get rich quick on YouTube.
  4. You giving an excuse for not having a great setup, tools, and software to create videos.
  5. You don’t give or rather have enough time to produce a video.
  6. You don’t have time to research your content before filming a video around that topic.
  7. You just looking for increasing Youtube Views to make money rather than providing value to your targeted youtube audiences.

Now that we know when you should or shouldn’t start a YouTube Channel, it’s time to know who is more suitable for blogging?

You are perfect to start blogging…..If

Lets’ know the qualities that most successful and top bloggers have in their DNA.

  1. You like writing and get satisfaction from making readers understand something through your writing skills.
  2. You love to write content that helps readers find the solutions or information that they wanted to know.
  3. You write content because you dream that your articles will be ranked on Google it doesn’t matter if it’s on the 1st page or 10th.
  4. you are an introvert and lonely person, hardly have friends, and don’t like to be socialized is often found in the blogging profession.
  5. You like to put the right and helpful keywords on your content that makes your readers easy to find the best possible results on Google by searching the same keywords on Google when finding an answer.

You shouldn’t start blogging…..If

  1. You want a fixed income out of your blog.
  2. You are not passionate about writing.
  3. You fail miserably when connecting your audience with your content.
  4. You don’t like or have time to research the topic and to do the keyword research.
  5. You have family that requires your time and you don’t wanna sacrifice it through blogging.
  6. You think that blogging is a getting rich quick scheme.
  7. You think blogging is dead.

Now we have found all the scenarios here that can easily help you find what is the best for you to start is it a blog? or YouTube?

Depending on your interests you will be profitable.


Here I just want to tell you honestly that you can be profitable with Both.

You can monetize your blog and YouTube channels both through Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense.

Youtube can also bring you good money in several ways like brand sponsorship, selling products, etc.

But with blogging, you can do much more like giving do-follow backlinks with paid, you can allow paid guest posting, writing sponsored posts on your site, and placing banner ads on your site other than selling your own products (physical or digital products like Ebooks, Templates, Courses).

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