5 Websites To Check Any Website’s Estimated Earnings!

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If you’re a blogger or want to be one or have a business to operate online you obviously want to make an online presence.

But for that, you need a website to fulfill your dream. You either make a website of your own from scratch or can buy or sell a website that already made a profit. But how do you actually know that the website you want to buy or to simply spy on your competitors is actually making money?

Well, it’s possible to know!

When you have a website in the same niche that your competitors are working, you obviously are curious to spy on your competitor’s website to know how much revenue they are generating from their website. right?

knowing how much money they are making from their sites can give you a fair idea about how much money you can make from your website too!

Not just your competitors but you can actually find out the estimated website earnings of any website for free which is very exciting according to me.

I personally love to check how much a website is earning from these website earning checking tools.

I hope it also excites (checking other websites’ estimated earnings) you.

By checking the earnings of any website, you can get to know a lot of things other than earnings like how much traffic is coming to the site, whether all of the traffics are organic or paid,

5 websites to check Any Website's Estimated earnings!
5 websites to check Any Website’s Estimated earnings!

5 best website earning checker sites that you love to try!

Here are the 5 best tools that I think are best and most closely accurate when it comes to checking any website’s estimated earnings per month.


It’s one of my fav in lists when I check the earnings of any website. It gives you data like daily estimated earnings, monthly as well as yearly.

It also shows the data of how many unique pageviews and a unique visitor comes to sites depending on the time range (per day, monthly, and yearly basis.)

You also get the data like Alexa traffic ranking and Alexa pageviews ranking to measure how your website is growing over the periods of time.


Another website that is worth checking for estimated earnings of any website is worth of web.

It gives you every kind of data as well as suggestions like how to increase the earnings of your websites depending on the size of your site, where you can sell and buy websites, the best affiliate programs for your site, etc.


A great user-friendly interface that you’ll love to visit for checking website earnings!

You’ll get every possible data from this website earning checking site like when the site has been created and when will it expire, the host you are using, how many backlinks you’ve got, Alexa rankings, page views per day, and the total worth of a site.


Another site to check any website earning is urlworth.com. You can try it not only because of its simplest designed interface made for users but you can get all of the important metrics like Alexa traffic rank, backlink types, and all other important data.


Another website to check website earnings is valuemyweb.net. Its user-friendly interface is good for any user who wants to check the website earnings of any site.

Final thoughts!

If you have an interest in finding how much money a website is making then you must already come to know the above-mentioned earning checker sites’ names.

With the help of these sites, you can check the traffic and earning probability of any site especially when you want to buy or sell a website.

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