5 ways to make money from YouTube Channel

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Have you ever experienced that feeling when you have a YouTube channel but don’t know how to monetize it?

or earning money in different ways from YouTube?

Well, If this was you who have just started the journey after making a new YouTube channel or already have a well-established channel but have the curiosity to know how to make money from YouTube in different ways, then you are in the right place to get all these answers.

Since YouTube is one of the most popular digital platforms you are bound to get the initial response (traffic) once you have followed rightful strategies like making videos on the topic that people are actually interested in and having a consistent content uploading schedule system just a few.

Anyway, these were just a few suggestions that you must keep things in your mind before you think of monetizing your YouTube channel and making money.

Let’s discuss or rather bring those points here one by one on how many ways you can make money from YouTube?

ways to make money from YouTube

Google Adsense

This is the typical and simplest way to make money from YouTube.

Once You are eligible to Monetize Your YouTube channel you make money with the help of Google AdSense.

Important to note that getting approval of Google AdSense you first require 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours completed on your channel in 1 year.

Selling Your Own Products

Another most interesting and reliable way to make money from YouTube is by selling your own products.

The best part about this type of method to make money from YouTube is you can sell your stuff like courses, Ebooks, or even merchandise as soon as you start getting minimum Traffic attraction from YouTube.

What I mean here, you don’t require to complete 1k subscribers on your channel or 4k watch hours completed to make money.

You can start selling your own Stuff even with 100 subscribers or having completed less than 2000 watch hours on your channel.

Using the platform…..YouTube

Yes! this is something that most of the YouTube creators are making money from!

Let’s say you have a website or blog about blogging and you start a YouTube channel educating the people about blogging on YouTube.

Now what you can do is send your YouTube traffic on your own website or blog and make money.

Once you get YouTube traffic on your website You can make money using the traffic either selling Ebooks, Templates, Courses, excel files anything with digital downloadable things on your website itself.

Affiliate Marketing

Another topmost idea to make money from YouTube is doing Affiliate Marketing.

Now, if you really don’t know much about Affiliate marketing then I’m here to clear the things for you to understand the thing in a simple way.

Affiliate marketing is you’re making money by promoting other people’s products or services to your YouTube Channel audiences.

Making money through Affiliate Marketing is always an easy and simple method to earn only if know how to do it following your strategy.

Making Money through Crowd Funding…

Making money doing crowdfunding from YouTube is another way you can make money.

You can tell your people about your ideas or plan to raise crowdfunding to succeed that plan getting financial help.

In return, you can provide something for free or something that people even spend money on to get the stuff from you.

In India, famous YouTubers like Ajey Nagar Aka Carryminati does Crowdfunding on their live gaming stream.


These were some of the methods that you are free to apply on YouTube to make money.

Hope you’ve got here something if you do then consider sharing this post to your friends, family members so they get the information easily.

Let me know in the comments what money making strategy you follow on YouTube to make money.

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