How to Increase Instagram Followers For your blogging Business

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How to increase the Instagram following for business
How to increase the Instagram following for business

Hey, people what’s up!

I know this post might seem like a little different topic to you or out of nowhere but actually, it will be very helpful not just for other businesses but for your blogging businesses also.

What I mean here is that if you follow the right strategy which I’m about to let you know a little bit later, you will be able to see how your Instagram account is increasing with engaging Instagram followers and then you can send the traffic to your blogging site from Instagram itself by placing a CTA (call to action).

Why choose instagram for marketing

The main purpose to be on Instagram is because you get more engaging followers which can easily turn into customers unlike other businesses like Twitter, Facebook, and all where you literary have to go for paid marketing. Even that is not guaranteed you will get meaningful success.

It’s a very common thing especially nowadays losing a hell of a lot of money just to promote your business online. So, why not on Instagram where you may get results that will be way better than paid marketing.

More than that you can promote your business on Instagram in any form like IG posts, Reels, video, IGTV, etc. Not only that you can also share behind the scenes of your business on IG stories or simple answers to your followers on any query or questions.

So I guess it really makes sense to you why should be on Instagram to promote your business.

How to increase instagram followers for business

Now Let’s bring out those key elements that will help you get more engaging Instagram followers and turn them into your customers for your business.

Know the role of hashtag

The first and most important thing that you need to be following is the Hashtag.

People not gonna find you easily if aren’t putting the relatable hashtags on the post.

A hashtag is something you are doing advertising for free to see your post right away. This is why you have to be absolutely sure what types of hashtags you should be used and when it matters.

Like and comments on Followers posts

Now if are running a personal Instagram account you may like and comments on every follower’s posts.

What you have to do is make sure to comment and like people that are also working on the same niche or same industries (your competitors) or interested in your businesses(people who are most likely interested)

Respond to comments

You should always be available to respond to your comments. This makes your followers feel good when you reply to them. They will feel like you care for them by answering the comments.

Ways to increase Instagram followers
Ways to increase Instagram followers

Making creative posts

You get new followers if you put your work right. What is mean by that!

well if you really want to see increasing in followers then you have to make engaging posts that could potentially go viral.

Post other bloggers content

You should also post other bloggers’ content to your page and give a shoutout or mention so that they can feel that you are open to them for connecting with them.

Or you can also contact them for a collaboration for a post! You also need to approach them to mention your name to their followers!

Making your followers proud

Another way to increase your Instagram followers is to make your followers proud.

Now the question is how you do that!

It’s pretty simple you can mention their names( giving a shoutout) or giving a free giveaway to them. Once you start doing that you see people will engage with your posts!

Make reels or video

Since videos are the most-watched content form you should take the advantage of them and make more and more videos content. You should post behind the scenes of your stories, videos explaining your product or services!

You should also make prioritize going live on your IG page and interact with people to increase the chances of the Instagram following.

Post stories

Another way to be attentive on Instagram is to post stories.

Stories are great to make an impression that you are available or just attentive on the IG platform when you do not have any content ideas!

Keeping people engaging with your content is very important whether you are making image posts, video or reel posts, or posting stories.

End Note

There it’s! The ways or methods to increase your followers on Instagram.

Sure! I might miss some points here and there but overall if you apply these you might fetch traffic from Instagram and send that to your blogging or any other type of business website easily that you run.

I hope you have got valuable tips here and if it did then share it and don’t forget to comment about what you feel is so important doing Instagram marketing.

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