How to fix “Valuable Inventory: under construction” in Google Adsense?

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If you’ve received this message called “valuable Inventory: Under constructions” from Google Adsense but don’t know what is that actually means and how to resolve this valuable inventory: under construction problem and get Google AdSense approval well, don’t get disheartened because I’m here to tell you what is it and how to resolve it to get Adsense approval from Google in no time.

Even though I faced this situation too with this blog but eventually solved that problem all by myself and got my website Google Adsense approved in less than 1 week.

Now before I give you the solution, I just want to let you know that I’ve also provided some of the answers related to the Google Adsense related topic that you find helpful

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising platform that helps both content creators and the publisher of the ad to make money.

As a content creator for example (if you’ve got a blog or YouTube channel) you make money by monetizing your content whereas ad publishers make money by getting leads from websites or Youtube Channels whenever their ads show up on relatable content. People click those ads to make buying call.

Here, content creators make free money by just monetizing content with Google Adsense without paying a single penny! But If Ad publishers make money only when they pay first or run Ads Campaign to get leads from Google.

What is “Valuable Inventory: under construction”?

Now let’s know what is “valuable inventory: under construction” actually means:


1. Your Site is new:

One of the main reasons for not getting Adsense approval is your site is too new to get approved by Google Adsense. What I mean here is the domain name of your site didn’t recognize by Google yet.

How to solve it: Let your site be a little older. Your site must be at least 1 or two 2 months old before applying for Google Adsense.

2. The site doesn’t have Important pages:

Another reason for getting a “valuable inventory: under construction” message is that you didn’t have important pages on your site. Pages like About us, Contact us, and privacy policy is a must to have on your website regardless of the site niche or types.

How to solve it: Create pages like About us, Contact us, and privacy policy first.

3. Not having enough content on your site:

Not having enough content on your blog is another reason to have this message. Your site must have 20 to 30 uniquely written posts without compromising the quality of your blog post.

How to solve it: Write at least 20- 40 contents over 500-1000 words and unique before applying for Adsense approval.

4. Not giving users a great user experience:

Not giving any great user experience to your readers can be the reason for getting this message called “valuable inventory: under construction”. This could be promoting ads related content, not having a theme that pleases the readers!

How to solve it: Write articles that can be read easily by readers. Use easy to see and understandable fonts.

5. Changing stuff when the AdSense approval is under review:

One of the most common reasons for getting that message from Google Adsense could be because you did change something to your blog while it’s still under review!

Don’t do that! If you keep doing changes, for example, customizing an existing theme or testing a new theme, or adding or customizing important pages you are basically telling indirectly to Google Adsense network hey! this site is still under construction!

How to solve it: Wait until you get a message “Your site is ready to serve ads” from Google Adsense to perform any big or major changes on your site.

Wrapping up:

While wrapping up I want you to remember these as well like make sure the content you are writing on your website is unique and not copied, the images you’re using on your site aren’t violating policies, remove or customize pages and posts that don’t have any contents or low contents, properly structured header and footer.

After checking all of the above-mentioned metrics you can apply for Google Adsense.

If you first consider giving the value to your readers of what they want, the process of getting Adsense approval will be much easier and smoother than you could imagine.

Last but not least if you want to make thousands of dollars by Google AdSense, you just need to write content filled with keywords. keywords help bring traffic to your website.

High searched volume keywords are essential to get lots of organic traffic. This is why I think you should try an SEO tool to help you to land in front of the potential readers of your blog.

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