Celebrating My 24th Birthday with πŸ˜„My Beloved Blogging Community 😎

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Hello to my blogging community friends πŸ˜€

What’s up! !

I hope all good 😊

Normally I don’t come up with a short post (I’m just kidding, what I mean here posting story post)

But, I thought I should do a story post today as it is the special day for me as I turned 24 .

And guess what! It’s my privileged to celebrate this special day together with my blogging community friends!

I would like to congratulate to those people who had born on this date.

happy birthday image

This is the first time ever for me to coming and talking about my birthday though I don’t feel it so fancy and exciting anymore as it used to be in childhood.

Rather, I get some different feelings altogether, and honestly speaking, I don’t know whether you also think the same way or not.

I feel I’ve come long way but still not got what I need to accomplished.

I wish I had the chance to turn the wheel and go back little years back where I could do better with myself or the surrounding people around me.

I feel little anxiety or confusion about what is waiting for me moving forward.

But. I don’t stress myself as I know you have to deal with the time anyway.

You may feel depressed or enthusiastic at times which is quite a natural thing to have when you continuing your life journey.

I know it may like some motivation to you out of nowhere.

But, Motivation is very much required if you wanna get rid of demotivation or the sense of depression.

I hope you agree with this.

See, I know when you feel low you might end up getting depressed and wanna get back to normal.

To get back the power of positivity in yourself you look for motivation.

For me, the motivation is blogging. whenever I feel low and depressed I usually turn on my desktop computer to either reading some of my well popular content that you liked or join the blogging community. You can reveal what you usually do when you find yourself in that state of mind where you don’t wanna be found yourself.

In the middle of the conversation, I wanna thanks my blogging family again for showing love and support.

This actually motivates me a lot and made me feel like I actually have my presence in this world where people are too busy to look upon themselves.

I guess I haven’t done anything wrong here to give some sort of motivation here on this special occasion.

But, if I did, I’m actually very sorry about it.

But, If you’re on the opposite side and support my thought then what better way for me to have some sort of gifts in the form of following this site and following me on social media.

Make a comment what’s your views points regarding birthday.

Last but not least, I’m not even posting twice a week when it comes to posting new blogs. But a new post will be on the air a little after this post goes hit the published button on this special day.

Stay tuned to make the day count for me 😍

Thank you it’s my birthday 😊

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17 thoughts on “Celebrating My 24th Birthday with πŸ˜„My Beloved Blogging Community 😎”

  1. Thank you 😊. Yes, I did enjoyed my day yesterday.

    Special thanks to you πŸ˜ƒfor following this site as you helped me to get my first 100 followers list.

    Thank you once again. Hope we will be in touch here in the blogging community.πŸ‘

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