How to write a blog post for your blog? (types of posts that increase page views)

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How to write a blog post for your blog
How to write a blog post for your blog

You may have already a running blog or just thinking about creating one, but if you don’t know how to write a blog post for your blog? The problem is actually one! right?

Don’t worry! I’m going to reveal in this post what types of blog posts to write that works great and will get you maximum page views as well as an increased engagement rate.

So let’s get straight into the business

How to write a blog Post that drives traffic

Define your Niche

When starting a blogging career you must define a niche that interests you.

Picking up a niche is a great way to escape too many competitions in the bloggers’ world who are blogging in a broad niche.

So, firstly your aim should be to pick a niche that not only just interest you but you need to look at whether it also has public interests.

Because see if both don’t match then that should not be a good idea to work on that niche.

Now, why I’m saying it to you? well just think hypothetically, you know a lot in the niche called baby nurturing but what if no one has even 1% interest then!

You are not gonna get any traffic even though you followed the right blogging strategy and posted the blogs frequently.

Choosing a niche shouldn’t be a difficult thing. If you know how to manage money or saving money or invest money then your niche is personal finance.

If you know a lot of things about food like how to cook or new food recipes that no one knows then a food blog is your niche industry.

Attention grabing title

When you are done picking up a niche then you obviously want to start writing blog posts right! I’m guessing your answer is yes!

Now here is a thing that no one gonna tell you the secret but I’m.

The secret is you must come up with a clickable title idea for your blog post that teases people or excites otherwise you will get a hard time driving traffic organically to your blogging website.

If you don’t know how to create an interesting and exciting blog title then I have the answer for you.

It’s called Headlineanalyzer

I also use this whenever I’m planning to write new blogs.

The best thing is it’s totally free. yes, there are also options for the paid version but I don’t actually use but you can you if want things more accurately.

Planning about blog content

Since you have got the perfect title for your content next task is writing the worth of content.

You must know about what you are writing and what elements you have planned to feature in your posts like video, images, and infographics. These are all essential when it comes to judging quality content.

You should promote your youtube video in your blog or use some quality stock images in your blog and infographics to give a powerful look or impression to your blog.

Editing content like pro

As you have written a worthy of content you must check all the things in your content.

You must check if you have grammar mistakes if it has then correct it.

Now when correcting or proofreading you should forget that you had written the content and don’t show any attachment or emotion like oh! this line was great why should I correct it or remove this or that section.

No, you are not supposed to think that way while editing your copy or proofreading. If you are fine to do that thing then it’s great!.

But if you are not able to edit your work for whatever reason then you should take someone’s help either from your family member or from a friend circle who knows how to edit or proofread content.

you can also hire someone from freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr online for your task of editing.

Publish content and promoting

Now that you have done creating great content, editing, and proofreading task here comes the most important task and exciting task.

Exciting in the sense you are going to hit that publish button and that will be publicly public which means your content is on air and anyone can read your copy.

But important in the sense you have to promote your content on different platforms especially on different social media platforms or promoting on other blogging sites by writing guest posts and leaving your blog post’s link so that traffic can come to your blog from guest blog sites.

There is a common statement you probably heard that creating content is like completing 20% of your task other 80% is how you promote it or how well you promote it.

Now you know exactly how to write blog posts that drive traffic.

Since you have got this secret answer of how to write a perfect blog post it's time to get the answer of different types of blog posts that really helps your site to grow in the long run by sending traffic to your blog posts.

Types of blog posts to write

Types of blog posts
Types of blog posts

Now let’s get to know about different types of blog posts that you should be aiming for to write.

These are the blog posts that drive organic traffic.

Now, what are these posts types? well, you might probably come to know about this especially when you visited different blogging sites while either researching content or gathering key points for planning your new blog posts.

Let’s start one by one

How-To / Tutorial Posts

This type of blog post is the most popular on the internet.

Almost 50-70% of online published contents you will find in the form of How-to types simply because it teaches something or is involved around providing tutorials about either any product like how to use or about any service.

The audience loves these types of posts simply because they get to know about how to do something like XYZ. More often than not they find these types of posts valuable.

Lists Article

When it comes to lists-based articles you won’t believe how well these posts attract visitors.

Most of the time you will find content that has been shared is often written in lists forms.

Lists pots are so popular because it excites readers to read a post that tells types of ways to make or learn or do something XYZ.

For example, you can write a post about 10 types of food that boost the immune system or 10 ways to double your money while sleeping.

Now, I hope you also got thrilled after listening to these titles and get you some excitement to read the post. This is exactly what your potential readers will be feeling once you start writing content like this.

Even I’ve some contents in the forms of the lists that you may be interested in reading like

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6 Easy Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website In 2021

Review Posts

You can easily make profits by just writing review posts.

What you have to do is just write blog posts that describe any products or services.

These types of posts are a bit like expressing your opinion or rather an experience based on products or services, and you simply telling them some alarming true fact or good thing that often helps in shifts of the readers’ mind.

Brands often find these types of posts most suitable for their business to promote their products or services when they approaching bloggers for writing sponsored posts.

Trending or Viral News Posts

Now I’m not telling you to turn your blog into a news website, rather you need to do the task smartly way.

You should write posts only on your niche-oriented topic and telling about the news that is trending in your niche industry is actually an effective way to boost your website simply because people might also be surfing the internet just to get to know about that trending news.

Infographics Posts

Infographics posts are something that people easily get attracted simply because it has a power like visual attraction.

People often feel connected in a post that contains infographics and conveys a certain message in a way that a normal written text possibly might fail.

The best thing is, you can write these types of posts so easily and so quickly than any other type of post that has already been mentioned.

You just need good graphics with some text message that you wanna convey through your infographics and you just need to write posts around that chart and discussing key points in a detailed or brief manner.

Now if you don’t know how to make a chart then the solution is VENNGAGE. Here you can easily make infographics using some exciting and interesting templates.

you can also make infographics from Canva if you have basic design or knowledge of how to create one.

Controversial Posts

Controversial posts tend to work better and can go viral since you are writing about controversial matters.

Though there is a con and that is you may get criticized by readers on your site because they might have different opinions on the topic that you covered.

You also need to write posts with selective words that don’t hit someone’s ego and if they did then be prepared to receive angry or abusive words.

Guest blog posts

Another blog posts types are Guests posts.

The best thing about guest posts is you don’t need to do any planning about the content topic, keywords research, and of course, writing the damn blog post.

Rather you just need to approve content that other guest bloggers write for your blog. Some blog owners don’t even check guest posts properly and those posts get uploaded manually or automatically.

The one thing that you have to make sure of is that your site has at least a 20 DA score so that guest bloggers get interested in writing blogs on your site.

Series blog post

If you have long blog posts ideas then you should break them into more blog posts.

Doing so not only you will have some relief of not to do content planning for the next few posts but will also be effective from a reader’s perspective as they will be more and more excited and will be guessing about your next post on the same topic.

Many bloggers had adopted and applied this method so why not you!

Frequently-asked blog posts

Other different types of blog posts are Frequently asked type blog posts.

To make this type of post is actually a very simple task. You just need to gather some questions that people keep asking on the internet in your blogging industry.

You now have to answer 2- 3 questions in a blog and that’s it. You are done writing another blog post just doing a little smart work.

Is this done !

No. There are countless different types of blog posts that you can make for your next blog posts.

For example case study posts, free give-away blog posts, checklists posts, video posts, inspiring story posts, interview posts, and many more.

So if you wanna remember all of these blog posts ideas then you should bookmark this post now so that you don’t running sort of different blog post ideas.

now If you were here to the end of this blog post then I believe you loved this post, if yes then comment below, and don’t forget to share it.

Thank you!

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