Semrush Review: A SEO Tool Trusted by Experts and Leading Brands!

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Semrush review

SEMrush is a leading SEO tool that helps Bloggers, E-commerce sites, Small Businesses, Large Agencies, and Enterprises to target their online audience for business growth and profit. SEMrush enables features like Keyword Research, Keyword Tracking, Topic research, Site Audit, Link Building, PPC, Social Media toolkits, and many other important features to help improve your site’s ranking on the Search Engine Ranking Page.

Though I’ve already posted a blog post about Semrush before where I’ve talked about why Semrush is a perfect SEO tool and why you should be ready to go for this tool.

But, here in this blog post, I just want to give you my honest and in-person review of this SEO tool.

It will definitely be worth it for you if you read through this article and to find out my answer on whether Semrush is a tool for beginners or not?

You will get to know all the details of the Semrush Seo tool like what is the Semrush pricing? does Semrush have a free plan in simple words Semrush free trial is available? what are the pros and cons of Semrush?

Therefore, if are someone who wants to get all the answers to all of these questions about Semrush then you got me here rightfully.

Let’s jump into this…..

Before I give you my review of Semrush, you first need to know what Semrush actually is.

Let’s be honest here if I don’t give the introduction of what is Semrush for them, especially those who are new to blogging and came to know about this tool from somewhere else for the first time by its name, it’s time to know first what Semrush tool actually is?

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a complete SEO and marketing tool. It’s a tool that lets you Do SEO, Content Marketing, Competitor Research, PPC, and Social Media Marketing from just one Platform.

According to Semrush Company, Semrush is a combination of everything like Google Trends, Moz, Hootsuite, and Similarweb.

According to the data of one of the most well-known websites in the digital marketing industry, Shoutmeloud,

Semrush has 130,000,000 domains and more than 800,000,000 keywords in its database which means you can imagine how helpful this tool is in terms of keyword research not only just for big companies and small companies but also for agencies with small people and individuals like me and you.

The History of Semrush!

This Russian company is founded by Oleg Shchegolev in 2008. He is also the CEO of the Semrush company.

Other than Oleg who is the main architect of this company, there are also some other guys who are key people in the Semrush Company and equally important for this No.1 SEO company leading worldwide and they are Dmitri Melnikov, Evgeny E Fetisov, Eugene Levin

According to Wikipedia data, the working employees are a total of 980. the revenue was $188 million as of 2021 data.

The headquarters of Semrush is in Boston, Massachusetts, united states.

If are also like me interested in the stock market also then you might be happy to know that this SEO company went public in march 2021 and is listed as SEMR on NYSE.

Now that you came to know the history of this company, it’s time for the actual task for me to give you a complete Semrush review so that you don’t have any confusion later on when deciding whether you should go for this SEO tool or not.

Semrush Features-That Will Excite You to Know About!

When it comes to discussing Semrush features! it has so many ingredients in it that every business must need to use this tool to make sure to not only just generate revenue from your business but scale up the business growth to a bigger and larger scale.

Domain Overview

Domain Overview
Domain Overview

In the Semrush SEO tool, you will find Domain Overview where you will literally get all the main and important data of a particular site once you type in the domain name of that site.

in a single list, you get details like the site’s overall authority score, organic traffic, total backlinks, if any paid campaign has been run or not, and also many other details that you might feel excited and happy to know about. is not it great?

The best part about Semrush is you can easily know the numbers of traffic your site is having organically vs traffic that is coming after running paid campaigns like Google ads.

But wait for a second, if you are thinking it’s all done from Semrush and it’s basically the same SEO tool that is already available in the market then you are wrong here.

It was just a demo. The real game starts when you start playing with this tool to analyze your site.

Here is the other important Semrush features for you……

Keyword Research Tool

When it comes to keyword research there is no match for SEMrush. It is one of the best SEO tools in the SEO industry that gives you so much data and information about keywords.

We all know that great copy is important for making your content strategy successful but even more important is knowing the importance of the keywords.

If you don’t make use of keywords in your copy then it will give you hard time getting traffic easily on your site.

Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Research Tool

This is why SEMrush comes in handy. Once you type your next content topic on the Semrush keyword magic toolbar you will find many keywords that will give you information like keyword search volume, search intent (whether that keyword is used as a commercial intent or educational intent), Global search volume (potential traffic that is coming from globally for that keyword).

Not just that, you get keyword suggestions related to your main keywords (related keywords) as well as keywords formed with questions.

Site Audit

Site Audit
Site Audit

Like keyword research, Semrush also has great features for site audits.

If you want to know whether the site audit features provided by Semrush are really good or not?

Then I have to say, it’s actually second to none. Even experts prefer Semrush rather than any other Semrush alternative SEO tools which are available in the market. Although it’s not that every expert wants to use SEMrush it may be because some might feel comfortable working with Semrush alternative SEO tools like Ahref. Which is totally ok for them.

But experts in the digital marketing industry who wants to win the SEO game by beating competitors and want to develop a rightful SEO strategy or plan for business growth will definitely go for SEMrush.

When it comes down to site audit you get data like the site’s overall SEO health, you get information about which web pages on your site have large HTML and CSS that are affecting page loading speed and your site’s overall ranking on SERP results pages.

Link Building Tool

Link Building Tool
Link Building Tool

With Semrush’s link-building tool, you get an opportunity to create backlinks for your site or for a client’s site without leaving your Semrush’s SEO dashboard. Yes heard it right!

In most SEO tools, you may surely get suggestions on how to build backlinks for sites but they would rarely give you the chance of making backlinks from the SEO tool dashboard itself.

But that’s not the case with Semrush. Here you not only just get suggestions of sites that you just need to create backlinks with but you also get the advantage of sending outreach emails to other businesses from just one tab opened on Semrush.

SEMrush’s Topic Research Tool

Topic Research Tool
Topic Research Tool

In Semrush’s dashboard, you’ll find a feature called Topic Research Tool.

This feature is not designed for impacting directly from an SEO point of view but rather it’s specially designed for developing the right content marketing strategy.

Once you type a certain topic that you want to write about in your next blog post, SEMrush will automatically give a bunch of suggestions for the related topic that you can easily pick and choose.

But you also need to understand some suggestions that SEMrush will provide to you might not be great it’s because some will be totally strange and completely out-of-context topics.

But overall it’s a great feature to have in your SEMrush dashboard.

Position Tracking

Position Tracking
Position Tracking

This one is another cool and exciting feature from SEMrush.

Here you basically get the information about your overall site ranking over time whether the ranking is improved or decreased. You also get search engine visibility as well as estimated traffic and average positions of your site.

Semrush Plans and Pricing

SEMrush Plans & Pricing
SEMrush Plans & Pricing

If you want to know about Semrush pricing, then here is the list of Semrush plans and pricing details for you.

  • Pro Plan- $119/Per Month
  • Guru Plan- $229/Per Month
  • Business Plan- $449/ Per Month

Semrush’s starting Pro Plan is specially designed for newbies and for small teams.

In this plan, you get to chance to work on 5 projects, 500 keywords for tracking, and the chance to of 10000 results per report to generate.

You get important features with this plan like you can do competitor analysis, keyword research, website audit, running the PPC ads campaign for your business, and will have other social media toolkits for you.

Compare SEMrush plans
Compare SEMrush plans

Semrush’s Guru Plan is designed for agencies and mid-size businesses.

Here in this plan, you have options to work on 5 projects, 5000 keywords for tracking, and have the opportunity to generate 30000 results per report which is fine if you want to compare with Semrush’s starter Pro Plan.

Not just that you get all the pro plan features in this plan plus a content marketing toolkit, historical data, positional or device tracking, ads integrations, and many other features.

And last but not least Business Plan.

Since it’s called a business plan and also is the highest pricing in the Semrush plan you can understand who should be more suitable for this plan.

Yes, this plan is suitable for large size agencies and enterprises who are running their businesses on a larger scale if not globally.

In Semrush’s Business Plan, you get all the guru plan features plus shares of voice, API access, PLA analytics, free migration for a third-party tool, 5000 keywords to track, 50000 results per report to generate, and many other luxury options you get with this plan!

Is SEMrush worth it for beginners?

After you got to know about Semrush’s plans and pricing details, you as a beginner who is just starting out might feel like it’s too expensive to afford it…which is quite reasonable especially when you start comparing it with other Semrush alternative SEO tools like Ahref and Moz starter plans.

But on the other hand, you also have to understand that other SEO tools are also expensive when you want to upgrade your plans.

No, I’m not suggesting you buy the SEMrush starter plan (Pro Plan) especially if you’re a beginner or just starting out. Rather I’d give you the best possible suggestion which is to try a free trial of Semrush.

There is no harm to try this tool especially when you are getting an opportunity to play with this Excellent SEO tool as a free trial mode.

If you feel like you are getting some results from this tool, you can think of purchasing its starter plan later on.

My personal thoughts on SEMrush

According to me, SEMrush is definitely one such product that is worth giving a try.

Not because I’m reviewing this SEO tool but because I’ll only recommend products that I’m actually using it personally at the same time the products should provide their values because there is money involved which is hard-earned.

I’ve already mentioned all the features of SEMrush and you probably do not get all the features and benefits from other SEMrush alternative SEO tools. I didn’t even discuss PPC and the Social media toolkit in the SEMrush features sections which according to me are the backbone of the SEMrush SEO tool along with Keyword research features and site audit and link building.

SEMrush also provides you a live chat customer support which is also very beneficial for those who have no prior advanced tech and SEO knowledge.

Therefore, I don’t think it will be a great decision for anyone to completely discard this tool.

Now let’s wrap up this by answering some of the questions about Semrush that people frequently keep asking……

Is SEMrush free?

No SEMrush is not totally a free SEO tool. SEMrush is free when you just want to use the free trial version of it. After the trial ends you have to go for purchasing a plan.

Who is the Owner of SEMrush?

This Russian company SEMrush is founded by Oleg Shchegolev in 2008. He is also the CEO of the SEMrush company.

What are the best SEMrush alternative SEO tools?

The best Semrush alternative SEO tools are Ahref and Moz.

Which SEO tool is best SEMrush or Ahref?

There is no big difference between these two leading SEO tools in the SEO industry. Both of them have their own database which shows data with a good accuracy rate. But SEMrush has an edge over Ahref because they keep refreshing their database to give the actual data in real-time.

What is Semrush used for?

Semrush can be used for everything like keyword research, domain analysis for your and your competitor’s blog, site audit, backlink building & link building opportunities, topic research for your next content, and many more thing including all your social media marketing solution. Everyone trusts SEMrush because it offers lots of solutions for all kinds of internet marketers, it doesn’t matter whether you are an individual blogger, small business owner, agency, or Enterprise.

Which One Is Better SpyFu Or Semrush?

SpyFu and Semrush is not lookalike tool to make comparisons. SpyFu is a tool that helps to track the activities of customers’ online behavior ( the post they visit, the ads searches they click on, and other relative posts they click on) as well as employees. SpyFu doesn’t have features like keyword research and site audit. If you want these two features then Semrush is for you

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