Pros and cons of buying an expired domain name

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When we decide to start a website domain name is one of the vital elements that you need but sometimes we can’t make our mind when or why should I buy an expired domain.

Well, don’t get caught up anymore because here I’m who will tell you the plus points of buying an expired domain name and the drawbacks of it.

Let’s bring the plus points first

pros and cons of expired domain name
pros and cons of expired domain name

When you need to buy an expired domain name?

Now you should be asking me when or why you need to buy an expired domain? right!

Well, the answer is very simple it’s because of SEO.

An expired domain works better compared to a newly purchased domain when it comes to SEO and other important factors that we will be discussing soon after.

You rarely will notice a new site that ranked on google but on the other hand, it’s a normal thing to watch an expired domain website get ranked on google after buying that few weeks before.

Let’s talk about the plus points of an expired domain name

SEO Advantage

As we have already discussed in the brief earlier the main thing we all want to buy is an expired domain name is because we want to save time.

SEO works faster for the expired domains because of its age and takes a hell of a lot of time for a new one (domain) because it’s new and SEO works well after some weeks or months

Backlinks profile

With an expired domain, you have already an existing backlinks profile which helps you rank your site compared to a newly launched website.

But you also need to be sure that the expired domain has a quality backlinks profile and it’s coming from good quality sites if not the high-quality sites.

Traffic advantages

Since your site address name is older you are more likely to attract traffic.

Therefore it really makes sense to go for an expired domain so that you can leverage or take these advantages and start posting quality stuff related to your niche and guess what your posts most likely get hundreds of thousands of views if not the millions.

Age factor

An expired domain means you have a domain that has been come noticed online a long ago and not today.

And Age does play a vital role especially in building backlinks profiles over time and the results are your site gets exposure through SEO.

When or why you shouldn’t consider buying an expired domain?

As we have found out the advantages of having an expired domain let’s now discuss what is the negative side of it’s.

Not every domain is worth

This is true!

You can’t have guaranteed that every expired domain will be worth it.

Of course, there will be such instances when you may find a great and suitable domain name that matches your business but unfortunately, you can’t buy because you looked at the data such as backlinks profiles and saw this is not actually worth it to buy.

You can easily find out the history of data of an expired domain name with the help of Semrush, Moz, Ubersuggest, Ahref, and google resources like google analytics and all and check if the domain name is actually worth it or not!

Bidding war!

Do you want a great expired domain then you have to fight with people not physically but digitally or virtually!

You literary have to fight to get what you want! You will see there will be more people like you who are also in the auction for targeting the same domain name because they are also interested!

limited choices

This is an absolute fact that you hardly get a choice-able domain name.

I have had that experience! trust me! if you type your desired name you probably not gonna have the same domain name sometimes not even a closed one(at least similar types of a domain name)!

I know that is a bit harsh!

So if you don’t get what you want you may get disappointed but you will have options to check different expired domain selling websites if you want the same relatable domain names.

Backlinks history

Not every domain name has a strong backlinks profile. You will see some domain name has good DA and PA but when you research the backlink profile you might seem uninterested of buying that domain.

Unhealthy backlinks are always harmful to a site. They decrease the chances to get rank on Google or just get a reasonable SEO ranking.

Therefore you always have analysis the expired domain name with every SEO tool that is available on the market place for example Ahref, Semrush, Google analytics, Ubersuggest, etc so you can have a fair idea if the domain is actually worth it or not!

Final thoughts

I have tried to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the expired domains here in this post.

Here I just want to give you little tips and that is you should buy a new domain. I know it will take time to build a strong backlink profile and rank your site on Google but the outcome will be great because you will have your brand name and have a backlink profile That you already know its history.

If you were still here I guess you liked this post and if you did then consider sharing it. Don’t forget to comment about your thoughts on buying an expired domain name.

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