My blogging journey: from 0 to 500k dollars per month earning

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Yeah, you heard it right.

My blog is giving me a lifestyle that I couldn’t imagine that I could achieve in my lifetime.

But, life is life, it has full of twists and turns.

There was a time when I used to do jobs that I hate but because I didn’t have anything special in me at that time, I kept doing the jobs because I had no money.

Because I didn’t have money in my pocket I can’t do things that I can’t afford to do.

But, one day I kept saying myself sitting at the garage table. This ain’t me who can easily bear all this stuff to entire life.

Fortunately, I had an old laptop with me that I had bought just to try things on the internet so I could make money.

I guess it was 5 years ago, in 2017 when I first launched my first blogging website had no such experiences.

But, you know what, for every great thing to happen, you need to do make the first step forward.

Since I hadn’t experienced it, I was doing lots of experimenting with blogging. I won’t lie at times I felt like why the hell am I still doing this!

Can I get success through blogging? can I make money?

But, inner me always pushing me harder to do things that knowing that I didn’t get any positive results.

Even though my first blog was kind of a disaster and I didn’t get anything positive from it. I was thanking me anyway that I got to know things do first-hand experiences that I couldn’t get if didn’t I start.

I came to know a lot about blogging that I didn’t know before when I was first started out.

On my second blog, I just followed the rules that I didn’t do with my first one (of course I’m talking about my first blogging site).

My second blogging site was about the lifestyle niche. Because this is the niche everyone holds interests I used to get lots of unique users on my site.

This one (AMblogger) is the third one that I started in Jan 2021 for having an interest in sharing blogging knowledge with people like you and other blogging friends.

I just wanted to share things about blogging that i beginner blogger could get that easily without facing any difficulties in understanding blogging in general.

Now when it comes to my earnings from blogging it comes from various sources.

I’m currently earning from affiliate marketing, ads sponsored, and AdSense ads.

Final Thoughts

Just like me, you can also start from where you’re right now it doesn’t matter.

Remember, you will thank yourself later for taking the action now.

if you know about anything why not make it a blog for that.

You can earn even more compared to what I’m earning right now.

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