Make Money Online

how to start making money online at home?

how to start making money online at home

Making money online at home became a very important part of life especially after the pandemic.

People nowadays want to earn money by giving less minimum effort (without going office).

Things can get complicated of what will work for an individual especially when we came across different ideas from different people on the internet saying this or that.

This is why I will provide

In this post, I will bring all the points related to how someone can make money online on the table.

Start blogging

making money online by blogging

The first method that is very much suitable almost for everyone is earning from blogging.

Yes, there is a reason why people like this idea is because you became the owner of your site once you launch your site and start making money from your blogging website in different ways such as Google ads, writing sponsored posts, Affiliate marketing, etc.

There are endless opportunities when it comes to making money from Blogging.

You can even start making money by signing up for any of these free CMS platforms like as well as for free.

The best part is you became your own boss. there is none who can dictate you what you do or want to do.

You are free to experiments on the site and run the site the way you want to.

As you already got how to earn cash doing blogging, you may have a question about what is required to start blogging in order to make real money from it.

Well, you mainly need these two things

  1. A Domain name
  2. A Hosting provider

These are recommended for every beginner blogger out there who wants to make a self-hosted professional site that means launching a site on your own server to run the site a start earning.

Best Suited: who has an interest in content writing

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Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping business is another very interesting model to make real money from home.

This business model is currently one of the most profitable businesses in the world where people are making money by selling the products and earning a commission.

“According to website The global dropshipping market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 28.8% from 2019 to 2025 to reach USD 557.9 billion by 2025.”

The best part of this business is you just need a computer or laptop and an internet connection on your desk.

Other than a device and internet connection you need something that will help you to make money from this method and that is creating an e-commerce store.

To create an ecommerce or drop shipping store you need a platform called Shopify.

With Shopify you easily create unlimited store and start making money as a drop-shipper.

You can also create drop shipping store on your self-hosted WordPress website.

But, I don’t recommend you to create your drop shipping or ecommerce store with WordPress.

Cause, Creating a store on WordPress you have to take care of technical related stuff which can be problematic for beginner perspective as well as for non-techy person.

The other reason is, you don’t wanna mess with technical aspect like solving to load the server fast while dealing with the customers and marketing or promoting the store products.

This is why Shopify comes handy!

You just need to focus on the marketing the product because your store will be live on Shopify server that make sure your site loads fast.

Best Suited: Who has knowledge of the e-commerce business model and how it works.

Freelancing work

making money online from home

When it comes to making money online from home freelancing is an absolute best for beginners.

Freelancing model is a great way to make money legitimately.

Like a dropp-shipping, you only need an internet connection with a device such as a laptop or desktop computer.

That’s it.

You don’t need to make any investment to earn doing freelance work.

Rather, you simply can start making money almost immediately after signing up any of the freelancing sites that offers projects from your potential.

You just need to offer your service to your potential clients and complete the project in order to get payment.

You can offer any services like content writing, graphic and web designing, digital marketing, etc to your clients.

Freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc gives opportunities to start making money online at home.

The best part of doing freelancing is you have the luxury to decide your working time. you can do freelance stuff in your free time or managing the time.

There is none who can dictate you like a boss.

You became your own boss.

Best-suited: the creative and smart-working person who wants to prefer working according to their time management.

Affiliate Marketing

make money online at home

Affiliate marketing is one of the most recent and trendy business model that anyone can start in no time.

This is the best business model that even a child can start in order to making money at home.

The best part about this is you don’t even need to do any investment on this business model.

You can start making money instantly by promoting affiliate products to your social media followers.

You are free to promote affiliate products on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest.

however, you can promote the affiliate product on your website by doing little investment such as purchasing domain and hosting service.

It’s worth it when promoting affiliate products on your website as you don’t have to face any problem regarding policy and terms, unlike Social Media Platforms.

Some of the most famous affiliate marketing networks that are worth joining are

Amazon Associates

CJ Affiliate




You can make $5k a month or even more by doing affiliate marketing easily.

Best suited: who has social media followers or have a Website that drives millions of traffic per month

Creating Courses or E-books

make money online at home

Making digital Products such as Courses, E-books, templates, are also the best earning sources when it comes to making money online at home.

You just need to invest in one time and get the profit lifetime.

Creating well-organized courses or ebooks are as I said best income sources.

The finished product (after creating E-books and Courses) needs to promote on the website as well as other social media platforms to make money without any limitation.

Best suited: Who has knowledge in a particular field and wants to share that with the whole world.

Get knowledge of stock market and became a trader

When it comes to earning money online without any big upfront investment, this earning method works wonder.

As a trader, you can make a regular income.

However, you have to gather knowledge of it as much as you can to start a regular income source.

Without any knowledge, you can’t make a profit as a trader from the stock market rather chances are you can lose money.

Now, if you are already interested or have the knowledge, you need a Demat and trading account to start trading.

Best suited: Who has knowledge about the stock market trading as well have the courage to make money even though losing money.

Start a youtube channel

This one is one of the best ideas when it comes to making money online at home.

You can start your Youtube channel for any one of these two purposes in order to make money from it.

  • Firstly, you give values by making educational videos
  • Secondly, you are providing entertainment through your videos.

Either way, you are all set to make an income source with your youtube video.

The best part is you just need to create content and post it on your channel and you are all set to start making money even when you are sleeping.

No matter what, you are definitely going to make money from Youtube.


The answer is simple, people are consuming so much content in a form of a video.

So, there is every opportunity for everyone out there to make money as a YouTuber.

Best suited: Who has interests in making videos and has knowledge of video marketing

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Selling digital assets (Website and domain)

make money online at home.

The days are long, long, and long gone where you can just sell physical goods like property, land, gold, machinery, vehicles only.

With the revolution in technology and the internet, anyone has the advantage to sell digital assets.

Selling digital assets became very popular with ages as it’s very much easy to sell and dealing with clients unlike selling physical goods.

Sites like Flippa are known as one of the leading digital asset selling platforms where you can buy and sell your digital assets with ease.

Digital assets like website and domain are one of the topmost high-income sources along.

For example, if you have any website that drives millions of traffic in a month then you are an owner of it.

Cause, it’s giving you revenue on ROI (return on investment).

More than that you can sell or rent the website and take the unimaginable profit.

A study confirms that an average selling price of a website that drives millions of traffics every month is worth somewhere between $238,000 or 380;000. Prices can go up even more.

Like a website, a domain is also a very popular digital assets.

If you have a domain that has a minimum domain rating score of 30 to 40 you can expect at least $20,000

Like website and domain, you can also sell other digital assets such as photos, videos, slides presentations, Graphics (design, logo, templates), HTML files, and other digital assets online at home.

Best suited: who has own or purchased websites and domain as well as have the knowledge about web designing (basically knows how to create websites).

Online Tutoring

making money online at home by online tutoring
Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

This is one of the most reliable online income sources to making money online at home.

You can teach your potential students from around the world on a particular subject that you have expertise in.

If you want to apply for online tutoring then reach out to any of these websites, Tutor Me, Cambly (for English tutoring), Yup (for Math tutoring).

The best part about this online-based job is you can easily manage your time by picking the perfect time to teach students online.

You can also make a video course if you want to expand your earning ratio or make the teaching process easy for yourself.

The highest in-demand tutoring services include English, Sciences, and Math.

An estimated hourly rate of a tutor is $50 to $60, though the prices can vary depending on the offering of services.

Best suited: I guess there shouldn’t be any confusion about who is best to select this online earning method. Of course who has the knowledge about any subject and teaching others.

Testing or reviewing Websites, Softwares, Apps on online

making money online at home.

If you have an interest in testing and reviewing online stuff then this money-making online job is best suited for you.

You can easily make money by testing Websites, Softwares, Apps, and other digital products online.

A site that offers these kinds of interesting and exciting job for you is UserTesting.

You just need to give your feedback by making a video while the reviewing product.

That’s it.

You will be getting paid $10 at least by user testing companies. you can even make more than that.

A testing session video lasts a minimum time of 10 and a maximum of 20 or 30 minutes.

The more testing video you can generate, the more you can earn money.

Best-suited: Who wants to make a side hustle money.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant job is one of the best online-based high-income generate sources that one can start immediately.

What you just need to do is providing the services that an organizations or brands tell you to do.

You can provide services like writing, designing, managing client’s Social media accounts, file managing, book-keeping, emailing the client’s customers, etc to earn a high income.

Earning potential from this job is very high.

On average hourly rate of income of a virtual assistant is $10 to $100.

Best-suited: Who wants to provide online hourly services to the clients.

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Becoming an App or Web developer

As a virtual assistant job, a developer is expected to earning inexpensive dollars.

A developer means someone who has knowledge about coding and capable of creating apps and Websites applying the codes.

As a developer, you can make money by creating apps and websites for clients, you can create your own store also to promote things.

Best-suited: who knows coding and machine language to developing apps and websites.

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Endnote of this post:

This long post can’t be succeeded if you don’t take any actions regarding on making money online at home.

The time is up for you to just read the stuff, it’s time for taking the action.

Above mentioned online income ideas are very legitimate and you can easily choose one of the options that suit you.

If you are new here and have decided to make money online as a blogger then consider reading this article so that you make money quickly.