How to make money with an Instagram Meme Page in 2022 (Practical way Explained)

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If are have a great sense of humor then let me tell you, you are perfect to start a meme page on social media platforms like Instagram.

Making money with an Instagram meme page is something that no one knows about.

Many Instagram meme pages with millions of followers easily make 3 figure income (over 1300 dollars )per month.

You can also do that. But if you don’t know actually how to make money with Instagram meme pages then you have me in this post.

I will give you some important suggestions on how to grow your Instagram meme page followers and make money with that.

A meme page on Instagram is the type of content that grows really well on Instagram compared to other types of content.

The engagement rate on meme pages usually gets high if you compared it with any type of Instagram account like let’s say motivational pages or quotes pages even though.

The reason for this is meme pages entertain in a sarcastic way that people love to see and save it to share with friends.

How to grow an Instagram meme page?

Before thinking about how to make money from an Instagram meme page you first need to know how you can grow your page.

Let’s be honest, without followers you can’t think of making a cent.

Therefore it’s important for you to know the ways that can help you grow your Instagram meme page followers first.

Then we will come later to discuss how to make money from the Instagram page.

Grow your Instagram meme page from zero

To make money with an Instagram meme page you first have to build your meme page from scratch.

Yeah! I know this is the hardest thing to do but you have to.

You have to start somewhere and work for your meme page account to help it grow.

Stick to a niche

It’s easy to choose a broad niche to make memes to attract a larger audience on Instagram.

But in that way, you hardly gonna have a real and active follower base and authenticity.

It’s true that there are already many successful meme pages that work on a broad niche.

But for you, especially at the beginning (if you are growing your Insta account from scratch) it’s wisher to stick with a niche.

Customize your Instagram meme page account and posts

Before you think of doing anything, first work on customizing your Instagram meme page.

You have to come up with a unique name for your meme page account.

After you give a name to your meme page, write a bio that will give your potential followers a reason to follow your meme page.

How to make money with an instagram  meme page
Make money from meme page

Be consistent on Instagram

This is the most important factor that makes or breaks when it comes to growing any kind of Instagram account from scratch.

You have to have a regular content strategy.

Most meme pages on Instagram grow well because they post regularly compared to other types of niches.

If you have any other type of niche rather than having a meme page on Instagram then you can somewhere think of skipping a day of posting content. Even though it’s not suggested.

But meme pages demands at least 3-5 meme per day.

Therefore, it’s important for you to understand that before you do anything you first give your full attention to making a content strategy first.

Connect with other popular meme pages

If you want to grow your meme page as well as followers you have to connect with other meme pages that are doing really well.

You can’t be isolated and ignored to get socialized digitally.

You should engage with others’ meme pages. You can give likes to comments that are posted by followers of that meme page.

You can also make a comment and mention your meme page.

How to earn money from Instagram meme page?

Now that we know how to grow a meme page on Instagram, let’s know how do meme pages make money on Instagram.

Meme pages generally make money by doing sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, giving shoutouts to unpopular accounts, selling their own account,s, etc.

It’s important to know that Making money from Instagram meme pages is not a way of regular income.

Meme pages are great for a side hustle that can cover up some expenses here and there.

Another way to make money from a meme page is redirecting your followers to your own platform like apps, website which will help you make money easily.


In this post, you came to know about how to grow an Instagram meme page and also how Instagram meme pages earn money.

Anyone who has a good sense of humor and great comic ideas to turn into memes easily is perfectly suitable to start meme pages on Instagram.

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