How to Write a Perfect SEO Optimized Article in WordPress (Complete Guide)

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How to Write a Perfect SEO Optimized Article

As a content publisher, we always want to deliver our level best to write a perfect SEO-optimized article in WordPress or any other CMS platforms.

But, writing SEO-optimized content isn’t that much easy especially for beginners if you don’t know the process of how to do this.

Writing an SEO-friendly article is not a difficult task. It’s just that you have to have some knowledge of it so that you can become a successful blogger

To acquire knowledge of writing SEO-optimized articles, one should write content consistently when practicing SEO.

Cause doing this consistently you get to know a lot of new things or discover new SEO tactics.

But if you don’t know anything about SEO and the technic of the writing of perfect SEO content then make sure you read through this article to the end so that you can write SEO content in the future.

Now, let’s talk about the elements that make a blog a perfect blog from an SEO point of view.

Make your title popular

How to Write a Perfect SEO Optimized Article

The first thing that needs a perfect blog is a title that makes a curiosity in the mind of a reader.

Because here is the perfect opportunity that arrives in front of every content creators to make a great impression into the reader’s mind that your content going to be so much invaluable.

Creating a curiosity-driven title isn’t that difficult, in fact, it’s so much easy to come up with a great blog title.

You can easily make an attention-grabbing blog title with the help of tools like the Headline Analyzer tool by

I get a lot of help to make a perfect title with the help of this tool and hope you also get the same results if you use this for making a title.

So, don’t make a dummy mistake creating a garbage title because here are your best chances to make most of it to grab your reader’s attention and make them feel like the article is really worth it.

Proper Keyword research before writing the content

SEO optimized article

Doing proper keyword research is a very important and crucial aspect of writing a perfect blog post that is optimized for SEO.

Using the keywords in content is very important. But what is more and more important is to take care of the fact that they should be used with correct manners without doing any keyword stuffing.

We also need to make sure keywords should be placed where it needs to be so that search engine can easily crawl our post or pages and gets ranked on Google.

Here are some of the places where the keywords should be placed

Keywords in the Title

Keywords in the Title make a great opportunity to get ranked whenever searched on Google about any query on those related keywords.

But keywords should be related to the content.

Keywords in the Meta Description

How to Write a SEO Optimized Article

A meta description plays an important factor when it comes to structuring a format for a perfect SEO-optimized blog.

A blog post should contain a description and discuss in brief what the content is going to be.

Using keywords in the meta description, you will get the chance to be featuring on Google’s SERP’s whenever a searcher types the keywords that you have in your content description

In the Subheading like H3, H4, H5 for better results.

Keywords into subheadings also make a huge impact in terms of SEO.

Keywords in the subheadings like H3, H4, H5 makes a great impact when it comes to Talking about SEO optimized post.

Starting of a new paragraph of the article

Except in the title, subheadings, and meta descriptions, you can also put keywords at the starting of a new paragraph of a new post.

Allocating keywords into the first 160 words of the first paragraph makes a great place for making a perfect SEO-optimized post.

Not just into the first paragraph, you can put those keywords in other paragraphs of that same article without doing keywords stuffing.

Optimal length of an article

A length of an article plays very important roles but often we either ignored or misguided on deciding the ideal content length.

People either writes article that is very shorty (300-500) or writes very lengthy (3000-4000 or even 5000) that often makes a reader bored results are reader exit the page from that site instantly which affects in page retention.

But, it doesn’t mean one shouldn’t aim to write a content over 3000 words.

Some cases we needs that amount of words to deliver a content especially the content be like informational or educational types.

A SEO optimized article should contain atleast 1000 words or above to make a good impression for search engine.

The more lengthy the content, more chances to get high quality links from other sites (incoming links).

A study shows, content that has been written in between 1500-2500 words are the best length for an perfect SEO optimized article.

Writing content with that amount of words increase the chances to please the search engine as well as the readers and helps to increase the page retention of the sites.

Adding internal links to the Article

How to Write a Perfect SEO Optimized Article
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A perfect SEO-optimized article in WordPress should contain Internal link.

Adding internal links to the articles are beneficial for the site as it can easily start to get backlinks.

Not just that, it also helps to finding and reading the post, related to that article and reader mostly interested to learning more about that same topic.

Doing internal linking with correct format helps Google to easily navigate the site by crawling.

Adding visual content

How to Write a Perfect SEO Optimized Article in WordPress

Article gets imperfect when we don’t use visual content into that article.

Adding visual content are equally important as writing a text content.

Both are very important when we talk about content that is well SEO-optimized.

Not using visual contents that may attracts the readers to stay on that page and also on the site can turned on to be a biggest mistake one could think of.

The benefit of using visual content is to help to boost the page retention which lead to improving the search ranking of the site.

Adding image alt tag

How to write SEO Article

To write a perfect SEO-optimized article in WordPress you have to add visual content, you also need to do some action regarding this.

As adding a visual content is important, giving a name of that image is also equally important.

Not providing image alt text, you are making it difficult for Google to index the images as well as to understand what the image is all about and why it is used in that content.

So, it’s always important to named something in the image alt text box so that Google can easily know why the image has been used in the article.

You also can get benefit to be ranked on Google images by providing the image alt text, as Google images are also important search engine organic traffic sources.

Let people read the content before publishing it

How to Write a Perfect SEO Optimized Article

Allowing other people (from family or friends circle) to read as well as customizing your content and is an excellent way of publishing the content.

As people has there own unique ways to understand the things and also helping others to make them understand with different way of styles, one should get best possible results when customizing a content by other people’s help.

In this way, you get a fair idea from the people about your content, whether the content is helping them easily readable and understandable or not.

Make full use of Important SEO tools

Writing a perfect SEO-optimized article in WordPress cannot be perfectly done without using an SEO tool.

SEO tools are very much needed to optimized an article for SEO.

There are several SEO tools that will make your content well optimized.

These are

Google keyword Planner:

How to Write a Perfect SEO Optimized Article

Google’s own Google keyword planner is a great tools for researching the keywords.

The best part of this tool is it’s totally free to use.

Google keyword planner helps to find the keywords related to that particular content.

To use this tool, you have to access the Google Ads account first.


Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO is again a simple and easy to understand tool like Google Keyword planner.

It is a very useful tool for every WordPress blogger out there.

It makes so easy for you to optimize your content without giving you any kind of stress.

Yoast makes the content well optimized by doing the readability analysis as well as SEO analysis.

Yoast SEO also helps you to customize your SEO setting for advance changes.

Optimizing Meta Description

A Meta description is must for optimizing an article for SEO.

A meta description is a brief summary that tells about the content’s story.

By giving a meta description you are helping search engine to crawl and understand your content so that it can index easily and showing the page if any search intend is done that answers well.

A meta description should be written within 120-150 words and convey the message to the potential readers.

You also need to use focus keywords in that description to make it SEO friendly.

Adding enough transition words into content

Transition words are one of the source that also plays a roles in SEO.

Though, it hasn’t proved yet that if these words are really matters or not when judging a SEO content.

However, it is effective when it comes to write something to help the readers understand the sentences.

For example: I have used though and However to connect a two phases of sentences into one that help readers to understand why these two sentences has been used here.

Structure the content with Category and Tags

Category and Tags are one of the most important source to write a perfect SEO optimized article in WordPress.

Using Categories and tags are best SEO practices as these two help to structuring and optimizing your content for best possible SEO results.

Categories and Tags is an essential elements for a SEO points of view as both help readers to navigate your content easily.

how to optimize a blog for SEO

Blog title should be unique, sentences should be specific using keywords in title tag, meta descriptions and in the para, building internal links, adding Visual content.


To write a perfect SEO-optimized article in WordPress, we need to follow SEO.

Nowadays, we can’t think of to write content without doing any SEO practices.

Simply because the days are long gone where we had chances to get a ranked on Google with writing a shorty article within 300 words.

But now, we have to look every SEO key points that is been mentioned above.

Without hard work and giving enough time you can’t even think of to produce a quality SEO optimized content and without a quality and SEO content we can’t think of getting a rank on search results pages.

But, we also need to be aware of the fact that misusing the SEO you can get penalized.

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