How to write a blog post faster than you think

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How to write a blog post faster than your think

Everyone in this blogging profession must felt the trouble like how to write a blog post faster so that you can do other important things.

I know how stressful it can be of being in that situation. Especially if you are a regular in your blog.

Being a regular blogger you may face problems like not having enough blogging post ideas or problems like managing time when writing a post…and problems can be endless.

But I’m not going to discuss or rather solve all of these problems in a single post.

Today I will breakpoints one by one of how to write a blog post faster

In this post, I will mention the best possible practices to write a blog post faster than you think.

Let’s jump into the topic with a cup of coffee😊

Make a Outline Sketch for a new post

Making an outline sketch for a new post help save time a lot.

You should do this first whenever a blog idea hitting on your head hard.

Write down an outline can help you make your blog faster because you have already noted down what you’ll be covering in your post.

An outline includes minimum word counts of the blog, h2, and h3 related subheadings, deciding a blog title (if it’s an informative article, not apply in the casual post), etc.

This is a simple strategy that anyone can follow in no time in order to generate more and more blogs on the site in fewer times.

Store some blog post ideas as draft

It’s very important to store minimum posts on your board to create post fast and publish it.

No matter how busy you are, you still can publish posts in a timely manner.

In the draft, you can store draft post in the form of either heading, subheading format, or just mentioned points like bullet points so that you can create a post around those key points later on whenever you start writing on that in future.

Write first edit last strategy

Writing first and doing editing work last is a technique that I follow personally. Not just me, for those who are in this blogging field, adopted this strategy to write fast in time.

It is very effective rules only if you can apply this.

Writing should be done by following this method. Because see, if you are going to do editing work while writing it not only gives you stress but surely creates an unnecessary distraction.

Not just that the writing flow will get affected once you prefer editing the post when writing.

Write like you speak

Another useful technic is writing like you actually doing a conversation with someone else.

Writing in a conversational tone will help you write faster than you think. This works excellent because you are first making a conversation with your mind and then writing it.

Going with formal writing you may face some writer’s block or your ideas can be less flowing.

So if you are doing writing in a conversational tone, the work can be done before the actual time that you had set when

Blog template for quick write

An easy blog template is a great way to write things faster than you think!

Writing on a good template will not only give you ease and make you feel comfortable while writing but it will keep your site readers engaged with your content.

How to write a blog post faster

Doing research on the topic that you about to write

You really need to do some quality research first if you want to finish your writing work in less time.

The research includes topic research, keyword research, etc so that it can make things easier for you to write faster once you start writing.

Add images and info graphics last

This one is also important to follow in order to write fast way.

Jumping directly to creating images or infographics instead of writing for the blog will definitely shift the motivation from writing a particular topic to creating images. And that’s not good considering the fact that you don’t need to be a pro designer to create images.

You can make images and infographics with the help of Canva. Canva let you use both free and paid template for your blog.

You can also create a unique design too to attract your blog readers.

But you won’t get back that writing flow to create another great piece of content with that same idea.

Use Grammarly immediately after completing writing

Grammarly is a useful editing tool that saves time a lot.

Using Grammarly I found it very helpful and it really does an excellent job when it comes to edit the text and shape your content.

Not just me, everyone who is in this blogging field years back, always recommended to use it.

Now, I don’t wanna create any hype about this as I already know, you probably heard this.

In case, you heard it for the first time then you should give it a try.

And you will find the answer!!

Tune in yourself with a music


You heard it right!!

You can easily make your ideas to the table and write in a short time. It can be easily done if you have an interest in music.

Now I know it may not work for everyone out there. some may find this as some sort of distraction while writing! but some may find this helpful.

You know what, I have this habit also to tune in to some peaceful tunes and my works get done easily.

Listening to music while blogging really helps to block random useless thoughts to get into your head.

but as I said, it depends on individuals how they take it (as advantages or disadvantages)

Wrapping it up

According to me, all of the crucial points are there to write a blog post in less time.

Honestly speaking, I’m still very slow when it comes to writing posts.

It generally took 4-5 hours a day to produce an article contains 1000 to 1500 words at least.

I know how hard it can be to generate a long-form article in less than 4/5 hours a day or even less time.

But things are bound to change (to write quicker) in no time if you are planning to apply the above-mentioned points whenever you start writing.

You need to make sure that you are not making those common blogging mistakes that most bloggers make while writing superfast.

Now it’s your turn to reveal the time that you take in order to create a Top notch post. the comments section is wide open for you.


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