How to stay motivated while blogging

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How to stay motivated while blogging
stay motivated while blogging

Doing blogging is one of the best professions to be in and staying motivated while blogging is totally a different thing altogether (great mindset to be in).

Now, I know that you already know about blogging and how blogging can be profitable for you or how it works.

But, here is the difference between thinking about a dream and working on that dream.

We all get excited about blogging and thinking in mind that I will be successful in this (blogging) anyway.

Now, the problems appear suddenly in front of us whenever we feel demotivated about blogging especially when we start thinking about why on earth I’m doing this.

This is a sign of demotivation. And of course, this is not the only sign of demotivation.

In fact, if you drag yourself too far and decide to stay in that moment, no matter what, chances are you end up making blogging mistakes if you think about publishing new blogging content.

There can be several driving factors that lead to or work as demotivation.

For example, not having free-flowing ideas in the minds about blogging or having writer’s block that forcing you not to think positively about your work.

And let me tell you, you will have to cure these problems no matter what if your intention is to start a money-making blog that earns you six and seven-figure income every single month.

So, how you can stay motivated while blogging, well it’s not rocket science at all and the answer is there within us.

It’s just that we have to discover the answers to end the demotivation.

But, don’t give too much stress on yourself about thinking about the answers that will help to remove the problem.

I’m here to help you find the answer for you to against it.

But, before that I want you to read through this whole article and not skip any of the vital points.

So let’s reveal those vital key elements one by one without further a due.

How to stay motivated while blogging

Take a break from blogging

This is very much required and for me, this has to be the number one solution when it comes to feeling demotivated with blogging.

I Believe a lot of bloggers think this way almost to encounter feelings of demotivation to find positiveness.

There is no harm to taking a break and engage with other things that excite you to do at that point in time.

For example, going for a vacation or going to meet with some old friends that you feel like worth, spending time with them.

Now, why is it so important to take a break from blogging, because you feel like you are facing problems like writer’s block (not coming new ideas in your mind).

So, there is no harm to take a break from blogging for at least some weeks if not for months.

In fact, there are some physicological advantages of giving yourself a break.

  • You feel energetic.
  • You are having a positive mindset that leads to positive behavior.
  • A positiveness within yourself motivates you to start working on those projects with new ideas.
  • From bloggers’ points of view, fresh air helps to remove all the demotivation and opens the door for you to have some new and unique ideas coming.

Read blogs of other content creators

Here is another solution for you to stay motivated while blogging.

Anytime, you feel demotivated of doing such as content research, planning, and writing for your next upcoming topics then stop that right way.

What you can do is going to the internet for some of the content that you feel will give you some value or you have some fun reading through those articles.

In fact, this works great for me.

Whenever I feel demotivated of doing stuff (blogging) I do read some other creator’s blogs in that way I get to know a lot of new things that I used to unware.

Organize your workspace accordingly

There is another solution to stay motivated when you feel demotivated of doing blogging.

Actually, this is not just a solution to stay motivated.

You should organize your working space properly because well-organized places bring a sense of positiveness to us and help us to think positively of our work.

This one is for those who do blogs from home with the help of a desktop.

Just think you are in a workplace that makes you uncomfortable or you are in a noisy place where your mind is shifting constantly within fractions of seconds is really not a good place to be in for any kind of creative work other than blogging.

Organizing the working space is very important to be feel motivated especially as I said if you are a blogger who runs a blog from home it’s a very necessary step to follow.

In fact, I follow this step to stay motivated while blogging.

Although I don’t do blogging with the help of a desktop, still I make sure I’m sitting on my working desk with my laptop instead of sitting on a bed or sitting on a couch in front of a Television.

Take guidance from your blogging Motivator

Taking advice from your blogging motivator is another way to overcome demotivation.

Having a blogging tutor is very important because they are the ones who can give you the best possible solutions on how to conquer this.

Not just that you can get to know a lot of the aspects of blogging that you were totally unaware of that before.

In fact, a blogging tutor can give you some new technical tips other than blogging which may be related to blogging some way or the other.

So, having a tutor is really a good advantage to have.

I also take some advice from my blogging mentor whenever I feel demotivated.

Spending time with the blogging community

You have another solution to apply in order to overcome the sense of demotivation

This one can really help you stay motivated while blogging.

You know engaging with other bloggers really makes you feel happy and motivates you to work harder because they are also doing the same thing after all.

Taking a break or time and engaging with other bloggers in the community really can help you to stay motivated.

You can ask them for any advice or inputs which will be worth millions.

Is blogger the best platform for blogging?

Blogger is best only for those who are just playing around or testing the blogging whether it works or not.
But, there are also some good sites that were made with the help of the blogger platform and ranked on Google. Although, I would recommend you to start your blogging at WordPress cause it provides you a lot of benefits, and more than that you will actually have full control over your site, unlike


In this post, I had covered the best possible solutions regarding how to stay motivated while blogging.

These solutions can’t guarantee that everybody will be motivated. It really depends on individuals of what state of mindset he/she carries.

What I mean to say here is that getting motivation can be a really personal aspects of seeing life. What can works for me not guaranteed that will work the same for you.

So, it’s better to apply these solutions and observe if it is really working or not for you.

I thank you for reading through this to the end.

And one more thing, if you feel like I providing any value then please consider subscribing to my email list so that you get instant notifications whenever the content gets on the air.

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  1. Yes I also think the same way.😀 I believe, even everyone in this blogging community feels the same way.

    Coming with fresh ideas is very useful and it makes the path so easy for you to create something extra-ordinary or top-notch content.

  2. It was the least I could do 😊 (blogging on this topic) Yes, I have got your valid point here. Doing SEO work without having proper Google guidance is like doing important stuff while eyes are closed.

  3. I love your blog! I’m trying to get my blog off the ground and it seems that the only problem I have and don’t know how to fix is the Google SEO thing. Sadly, Google doesn’t give you a step-by-step guide on how to boost SEO and on RSS feeds. But I’m still motivated to keep blogging as I’m seeing progress on it all the time. Thank you so much for your advice. You don’t know just how helpful it is!

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