How to Start a Lifestyle Blog in 2021 (With 7 Simple Steps)

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how to start a lifestyle blog in 2021

Do you find interest in sharing your thoughts and tips about lifestyle with your friends and family, go crazy about reading news and magazine to gather new knowledge about different aspects of lifestyle then it’s pretty sure you also want to express things to the world or sharing your knowledge and tips.

Then it’s very likely you wanna have a platform to share those things and there is no better way to start your lifestyle blog where you have full power to either showcase your lifestyles or sharing something with your readers.

As you find this blog post simply to know about how to start a lifestyle website or blog, it’s time to give you the proper direction to help you launch your first successful lifestyle blog with simple 7 easy steps.

Before I go about it in detail, make sure you stay to the end where I will share how you can monetize your lifestyle blog.

That will be worth reading for sure!

What is a lifestyle blog?

We all know what a blog means, but when it comes to talking about a lifestyle blog and giving a proper introduction to it, we sometimes don’t know what a lifestyle blog is actually means or what topics are actually in it so that we can know (discover) and tell somebody well this one is a lifestyle blog.

A Lifestyle Blog is a blog where the owner of the blog shares tips, knowledge, experiences about his/her lifestyles.

Now, what are these lifestyle blogging niche topics that you may find interesting to blog about! well lists are in below

  1. Fashion
  2. Food
  3. Self Care
  4. Health and Fitness
  5. Motherhood
  6. Home
  7. Beauty
  8. Travel
  9. Finance
  10. DIY

Above mentioned topics are very popular and you can start working on one of these topics that interest you and have knowledge about so that you can share it with the world by writing a blog.

But, before working on your lifestyle blog it’s always better to do some research on what are your competitors are doing in that niche.

Following this, you will be in better equipped to launch your first successful lifestyle blog

Decide a topic

When it comes to launching your lifestyle blog online, you need a topic and around that topic when you write blogs you will have readers to your site.

Now the question is how to decide niche and start blogging. Well, that is not a very big deal to come up with an excellent niche idea.

You can follow these two steps to easily figure out the winning niche that will fit your personality.

  • What interests you most
  • What are you good at
  • Audience interest in the niche

These will help you solving your ultimate problem of choosing a niche topic.

For example, if you are very passionate about cooking dishes with new recipes, you’re very capable of sharing those recipes from your food blog and later on, you can monetize your blog and make money with it.

You can skill your knowledge further by publishing either video courses or ebooks to create the best opportunity to showcase your authority over that niche and increase your credibility.

So what comes down to the end is that winning niche.

Another thing is also required to mention here and that is to have some audience interest in your niche topic. Without audience interests, you may find it difficult to rank your website. It is always good to look for the niches that you find interests as well as have audience interest in that.

Choose a memorable domain name

After finding the niche you now have to decide on your blog name.

A blog name helps your readers to find your blog online.

This is why coming up with a simple yet unique đomain name idea will help your readers memorize and remembering it whenever they wanna find your blog.

It is always better to find some time and do some deep research to find a domain name idea that matches your niche.

The other thing that is very important to note is to pick a domain name at once. Because when you choose it you will probably want to build a brand around that name.

Moreover, changing your domain name along the way may not be an easy process and most importantly you have to build authority on that new domain from start.

I hope now you have the full idea of what consequences you may find choosing the wrong domain name.

Now how to choose a domain name well that can proceed easily with following simple guide

  • Put a single keyword that describes your niche with a complete name
  • Don’t use hyphens and numbers as they don’t attractive and easy to memorize.
  • Using your nickname in the domain name.
  • Use 6 to 10 characters maximum in your domain name.
  • Always choose a name that easy to pronounce and remember.

These will surely help you find a unique, easy-to-remember domain name for your lifestyle blog.

Once you have found that name considers buying a domain name from either Godaddy or

Pick a platform

Once you have got a niche domain name the next move is to be choosing a blogging platform so that you can write your blog and publish it.

There are many blogging platforms including both free and paid. But the best option is WordPress.

Now, why WordPress? Well, you will get that answer too.

  • WordPress is a mostly used blogging platform when it comes to creating any kind of website whether it’s for personal or business websites.
  • The largest blogging community.
  • Almost 40% of websites built on WordPress.
  • 700 websites have been launched daily from WordPress itself.
  • Easy to build your website with 1 single click.
  • Don’t need to be well-known in coding and Web designer to create or give a great professional look to your website.
  • WordPress offers over 50,000 plugins and 3800 GPL licensed themes to customize your blog accordingly.
  • Can be monetized easily

Choose a hosting provider

After you have come this far, your next move will be to pick a hosting provider so that you can give a home to your newly launched lifestyle blog.

Choosing a good hosting provider is actually a crucial thing and plays a big role when it comes to building your website and make money with it further.

If you choose something wrong here you will face a lot of troubles like website downtime, server error, excessive renewal cost, no backups, and security mentioned just a few.

When it comes to picking up good hosting I will recommend you to go with the HostGator.

how to start a successful lifestyle website

HostGator web hosting image

The best part of starting with HostGator is you will get options to choose a perfect hosting plan such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, and also a hosting option for a website builder.

HostGator’s basic hosting plan start as cheap as $2.75/mo so that you can be purchased that easily. you will get a free domain for 1 year also. Moreover, HostGator’s uptime

But instead of going for shared hosting, I would rather suggest you go with HostGator’s WordPress hosting plan as it will give you more power to run a successful lifestyle blog on the WordPress site.

Now, if you want to get more power for your server then you can also go with a Dedicated hosting plan.

Things get even easier for you as you will get every answer and solution from HostGator’s support team as they are really helpful in case you face any problem regarding your hosting.

Choose a Perfect Lifestyle Blog Theme

After you have half of the job done choosing a domain name and hosting and of course a blogging platform it’s time to do some front-end tasks like choosing a theme.

Choosing a WordPress theme for your lifestyle blog is really important as it will change the overall looks and colors of your blog.

When it comes to a lifestyle blog picking the correct theme is really important compared to other types of blog.

You can choose any theme from the WordPress theme library that perfectly suits your lifestyle blog.

There are themes that I would recommend you to try at least for your lifestyle blog and these are Marni, Wellspring, Hestia, Fallsky, Blush

Remember you will get lots of options to choose a theme that favor and go with perfect for your lifestyle blog but it’s up to you to come up with a theme that has the following benefits

  • If there is a list or grid-based layout
  • Check if the theme comes with features options
  • See if there are options to place the categories in different places of your theme.
  • Choose a theme that is responsive
  • Check first if the theme has good downloaded numbers and high ratings
how to start a successful lifestyle blog

Install Essential Plugins

As you got the perfect theme for your lifestyle blog it’s time to customize the theme the way you want to present it.

There are over 60000 WordPress plugin options for you so that you can install required plugins from your WordPress dashboard area to customize your site.

You need the following WordPress plugin which will help your site to build a proper and make money further.

  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Form
  • Akismet
  • Monster insights
  • W3 total cache
  • UpDraft plus
  • Sassy social share

These are all basic WordPress plugins that everyone needs.

Yoast SEO plugin helps you write better SEO optimized content whereas MonsterInsights let you enable Google analytics features to track and analyze your website stats.

When running a lifestyle blog you do need a plugin that can optimize all the images on the site. you can do that with the help of W3 Total Cache.

For the security purpose of your website, you have plugin options like Akismet that will do all your security tasks to ensure your lifestyle website gets in the safe zone from getting hacked by hackers.

When running a lifestyle website you do need a contact form so that people can contact you for business purposes or asking for help. WP Form will get your job done.

Connecting with people on social media is very important especially if you are a lifestyle blogger. So you have a sassy social share plugin option to connect your site with the social media platforms.

As I had mentioned before, you get as many plugin options as you like to optimize your site properly. It’s totally up to you how you wanna do that to make sure the site gets a good response from your website readers.

Publish your first Lifestyle blog

Everything that you have done so far is just setting up your site, now here comes the most exciting part and that is creating content.

Content is the only thing that should be your first priority because that is the only thing that your readers care about.

They don’t wanna come to see how your website’s design are looking.

They will come to your website simply to read your stuff. It is very important to write your lifestyle blog realistically without faking anything to your readers.

You should be presenting yourself as a very passionate authentic blogger in your niche topic so that people can connect with you in no time.

when writing blogs you do need to use Infographics, Images, video, Gif as they are integral parts of any lifestyle blogging site.

Promoting content

After you have done creating your first lifestyle blog and publishing blogs you have to do other important works like joining your blogging community and also promoting your content on social media so that the content gets traffic.

Being a lifestyle blogger you will get an advantage if you promote your content via Pinterest specifically as there are very passionate audiences and they will be eager to know about what your blog posts are all about.

You can also promote on other social platforms like, Reddit, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram to attract maximum traffic.

you need to always remember one thing being a newbie you have to promote your content and if you don’t you can’t have initial traffic on your site. Then, you have to rely on organic traffic which is not a great thing to follow.

It will be rather good if you first drive traffic from social media so that you can tell Google your site content is unique.

Final Words:

Now after promoting and driving traffic you will easily get your site monetize.

I hope this one helped you to understand how a lifestyle blog website should be created.

If you did enjoy making sure to share this content.

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