How to sell an ebook on your blog and start making money?

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Making money online by selling the ebooks on your own website is one of the best feelings ever.

But, wait for a damn second, people find this it’s a very cheap way to start making money this way!

Yeah! this is cheap! but not in the sense that you’re doing it illegally but cheap in the sense, it’s one of the easiest ways one can make instant money. Some people call it some sort of passive income.

But, the hard work that goes into creating that ebook is nothing easy.

You’ve to do certain things like actually writing the whole story all by yourself (if you know how to write).

This is all you do by trading your time to make it easy. Therefore, to make sales of your ebook copy is so important to get the rewards back of your hard work.

Every blogger should be an ebook seller also, the simple reason is as simple as these:

  • They knows how to write.
  • They have some knowledge about a field and expert in that because they are blogging on that niche
  • They knows how to trigger the audience to let them know they are into a actually good ebook that were missing for a long time on theire reading lists and values from.
  • They knows how to keep the readers engaged with the story by doing story telling so that don’t feel like boring (although it’s important to note that not everyone has the greate ability of story telling.)

Can you sell an ebook on a blog?

The answer is yes! very much. You can definitely sell an Ebook on your blog. There shouldn’t be any limit on how many ebooks you wanna sell on your blogs.

There are many established bloggers I see making money by selling ebooks from their own blogging website.

Selling an ebook on a blog makes it super easy to make quick money.

Why? because you already have some sort of audience base on your site that keeps coming on your website organically every month and the best thing is you don’t even require the need to promote your ebooks by doing some PPC marketing.

There are also simple and secret reasons that most people probably don’t know about is selling your ebooks from a website helps increase your overall site ranking once there are organic traffic sources that keep coming on your ebook selling page.

The site automatically ranks for some keywords that your product page already contains.

So yeah! if you’ve your own existing and running website you can sell ebooks and make money almost immediately as I have already said you just need a source of traffic. Selling ebooks in front of your own audience is what helps your site to gain authority.

How to sell an ebook on your blog
Sell ebook on your blog

How much money can i make from selling ebooks on my blog?

Again, it’s actually tricky questions to answer.

Tricky in the sense, there are a lot of things that decide whether you can really make it big or not when it comes to earning from your blogging.

Things that decides whether you can make huge money or not by selling ebooks on your blog by the following key metrics:

  • The audience size that you’ve on your blog.
  • The quality of the ebooks.
  • The price range that you’re selling in your ebooks on your blog.
  • The promotional strategy you use to generate more sales (for example, creating landing page for your product and collecting emails to promote your product i.e Ebook)

Therefore, it’s up to you to decide on how you can make more money by selling ebooks.

How to sell an ebook on a WordPress website?

There is a very easy process of selling ebooks on your blog. You don’t need to be a techy guy to sell an ebook on your blog.

Once you have written your ebook (you can write one with the help of ms word) you just have to do the following things that will set up the actual process of selling your ebook easy

You’re done with it!

How to promote an ebook on my blog?

But this doesn’t end here completely though. You should promote your ebooks through different strategies.

For example, promoting on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other places that you use.

You can also take the PPC marketing such as Google ads, Facebook ads campaign at the initial just to give it a great flying start.

Or, you can just publish some blog posts about your ebook before you publish your ebook in front of your own website audience.


I guess you’ve understood now how easy it is to sell an ebook on your website to make money or create a passive income source.

I hope you’re already selling your ebooks if not then why not start selling them today!

I bet you won’t regret it if you do that. The only thing you’ve to do is take action. I know I might be sound like some sort of motivational speaker here but if it does good to you and helps you make money from your blog then I don’t mind.

In the end, I just want you to share this post if you think someone also needs to know about this post.

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