How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel and Start Making Money In 2021

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Hey! new YouTube video creators! do you want to know how to monetize your youtube channel? Then don’t look further, this article is certainly for you!!

YouTube is already one of the most viewed social media platforms or rather popular online platforms where creators make videos and make money and viewers watch videos either for the gaining pieces of knowledge or to get entertained.

Almost 500 million videos are being posted on YouTube every single minute, therefore you can easily understand how hard it already has become for creators out there to make a great presence on youtube and make money by following good strategies.

The most important thing above all to note is that as a creator you need to know how to make money by creating youtube videos or simply to know how you can monetize your channel and what guidelines need to be followed.

Don’t worry😊 in this article you will get into all of this knowledges so yeah let’s not waste precious time and let’s dive straight into it.

Just Start

How to make money using YouTube

Yes! you heard it right!

To make money from YouTube you have to have a YouTube Channel and for that purpose, you just need to start somewhere.

You just can’t dream blindly to make money from YouTube without creating a YouTube channel for yourself.

If you’ve no idea of what videos you should be publishing or what niche topic you should be working with well that problem isn’t the problem actually!

Firstly, you just need to make sure what is the topic area you are most interested in.

For example, if you’re someone who loves to discuss men’s or women’s fashion or beauty products or lifestyle all day long then you have got a topic right there!

You can start a channel on lifestyle topics. You can go even more specific to the lifestyle topic and choose a niche.

For example, You can make videos on women’s fashion or beauty products. Going into the more specific niche you’re going to successfully avoid a lot of competition out there in the lifestyle niche.

Therefore, just act and make a YouTube channel and start publishing videos that you feel like worth valuable.

Know the Guidelines of YPP

Firstly, if you want to monetize your YouTube channel as soon as possible or as early as possible then you have to meet the following criteria mentioned below!

  • First of all, you need 1000 subscribers on your Youtube channel!
  • You have to make sure your channel meet the youtubes policies and guidelines.
  • Your channel have accomplished 4000 watch hours over the past 12 months!
  • And most of importantly you have an adsense account to monetize your youtube channel.

To monetize your youtube channel first thing that you need is 1000 subscribers on your channel. It doesn’t really matter if you achieve this number in a year or half more.

Secondly, you have to have 4000 watch hours overall on your channel in a year. Unlike subscribers count, you have to have 4000 watch hours completed on your channel within a year.

Know the YouTube rules like community guidelines, copyrights, monetization policies well so that you don’t face troubles like monetizing your channel sooner.

how to make money from YouTube

Avoid breaching YouTube Policies and Guidelines

When it comes to monetizing your YouTube channel you can’t ignore all of those rules that YouTube wants you to know very well and don’t breach those rules at all.

If you don’t comply with those guidelines well you will really find some hard times actually to monetize your channel.

YouTube guidelines such as YouTube community guidelines, monetization rules, copyrights, are some of the most important rules you have to comply with.

Make sure you have Google adsense account

To get paid from your monetized YouTube channel you have to link your youtube channel with a Google AdSense account.

Having a minimum of 10$ threshold on your Adsense account, you will be able to get paid and withdraw money.


These are the basic rules of how to monetize a Youtube channel in 2021.

Following the above-mentioned key points, you can easily make your channel monetized so why wait if you’ve already come to know the process of monetizing a Youtube channel.

Just start your journey and make a YouTube channel and look for monetizing your channel as earlier as possible so that you can make a successful passive income source for yourself.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve your YouTube channel or already have a monetized channel. You are also free to give your suggestions or feedback regarding this article like if I have missed mentioning any key point here.

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