The Most Profitable Ways to Monetize a Blog in 2021

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First of all, let me tell you, this article will cover the most profitable ways to monetize a blog in 2021 and how you can apply those methods in order to get success in blogging.

Just make sure you stay till the end of this article and surely you will get to know a lot of new monetization strategies from your blog.

I hope you are already getting enough traffics organically or by the paid method to your site. otherwise, it won’t make sense to posting this article for you.

Above all, you will not make even a cent from your site if there is not available a good amount of traffic.

So if you still don’t have a website you need to make one. Just close your eyes and go for it.

I know it’s a different feeling altogether after launching a website online. Your money is safely invested for the future here. The thing is you need to take it seriously (creating content).

You are more suited to this if you love creating content in the form of writing of course, sooner than later it will pay your rent by doing this great work from your home without doing a stressful job. Sounds good.

If you are running out of ideas on what niche should be great to start a blogging career in 2021 then you need to check out the 7 best niches for blogging in 2021 first.

I am going to tell you here briefly how to start a blog.

Now, I’m going to explain here a bit, if you already know the basics of requirements as to how to set up a site, you can skip the following paragraph.

Important steps to step up your site:

  1. Buy domain.
  2. Choose your hosting provider.
  3. Install WordPress.
  4. Choose a theme and customize accordingly.
  5. Install required plugins.
  6. Make pages.
  7. Write the first post and publish it.

Upfront investment means you need to buy your own domain name, separately or with a hosting plan to launch your site online. This is the very important initial step but many of them neglect it, and this is not the right mindset if you are really into this, from the very beginning.

If you are doing blogging to make money, then you need to treat it as a business from the very beginning. Almost all businesses will require some sort of upfront investment and blogging is no different.

Now, as you know the basics of blogging.

Let’s jump into the today’s main topic.

That is how to monetize a blog.

Earn money from Ads:

One of the most profitable ways to monetize a blog is by placing ads on your site. When a beginner blogger starts his/her blogging career, they think about how they can make money through Ads.

Making money with Adsense is possible. You need to make mandatory pages and then start posting the least amount of articles (write 20-30 articles at least) around your chosen niche and look if your site matches all the guidelines or criteria to monetize through Adsense to start generating money in 2021.

Earnings from Adsense are very much possible if you follow the policy of it. Not just with Google Adsense, you can monetize your site with any other third-party ads network.

But for that, you have to see if your site has enough traffic sources. See, it can only be beneficial if you have lots of traffic on your site.

If your aim is just to earn only from online ads and want to see your main source of income then it requires a hell of a lot of traffic to make good money.

For that, your first priority should be how to drive traffic as much as possible to your site.

Please Note: In this blog, I have affiliate links so, if you click on those affiliate links and purchase the recommended products I may earn some commission for that purchased product.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is one of the best ways to make money from the very beginning.

yes, it may sound strange but the results are positive. you surely can make money from the very beginning of your blogging career. All you have to do is promote the product to your blogging site.

you can also do affiliate on digital marketplaces such as youtube or other social media platforms where you have your engaging followers and potential buyers.

In case you don’t know what is an affiliate? and how to do affiliate marketing? let me explain to you as clear as possible.

What is affiliate Marketing

In simple language affiliate marketing means promoting seller’s digital or physical products online by your chosen platform.

How it works?

Suppose you a running a website on beauty tips. You just need to go to any affiliate programs such as Amazon, ClickBank, CJ affiliate, to search beauty related products and promote your selected products on your site.

Similarly, if you running a food site you can promote kitchen items or grocery products.

Now when a visitor comes to your site and see that product and click on it with buying intentions you earn a commission for that product.

Here is a thing, you just can’t promote unnecessary products to your site. only promote things that your audience cares about. That’s why promote products, that your selected niche allows you to do.

Selling products or Merchandise

Selling your own product is always a good thing, especially when you want to establish a brand name.

This is by far one of the best ways to make money.

you just need to create a product or you can build your own merchandise suited to your niche and launch it from your site.

In that way you are not only just making an income source, you are building or growing your brand values also.

the thing is you just need to come up with good strategies to market it properly in the best possible way.

The fun part is when you know that you are the creator of the product and you can decide how to promote and sell the product that you own.


I know you are here confused, as I also was before while starting my first blogging site.

The thing is you can do freelance work such as content writing job, product reviews, or write content for product description or other important work for your client’s e-commerce websites or product reviews websites.

You just need to showcase your blogging site to your potential clients as a portfolio to make money from freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

In that way, you are already getting traffic to your site whenever the client visits the demo site sent by you. This works well when you are just new in the blogging world and don’t see enough traffic source on your site.

Another great way to generate income source from your site is doing sponsored-related stuff. You can write sponsored posts in order to earn an instant good amount of money.

If you are a beginner, you can go to Google and search down for brands, it could be a local or international brand, just reach out to them and approach them what you think and how well you can offer your service to that brand.

You can also give them a link of your site to make them understand your work of expertise.


Became a coach

Do you have knowledge about a topic? Great. Just offer your teaching school to your potential students from your site without any hassle.

As long as you are giving your valuable free or paid teaching service, traffic will come organically to the site sooner than later, whenever a keyword searched by a learner on google to your niche-related article or posts.

You can also create a paid coaching course on your site for your very passionate content consumers or your potential student who comes to your site.

You can disclose less information in free content, whereas you have to give your full and correct in a paid. So that people can feel that your content is literary worth of premium.

You will be making around 10000$-15000$ per month. I know it’s a hell of a lot of money but you can make even more for sure.

Membership site

If your intention is to create a site that only offers premium quality content on any specific area of interest, and you want to create the content for your prime readers only, then the membership site is for you.

Traffics come organically most of the time on this type of site, as someone wants to learn new skills from the best site possible who can provide that many values.

There is also different types of process or method available to monetize your blog such as Podcasting, earning by donation, selling E-books with the help of site’s traffics or readers.

Now let’s jump up into conclusion part


I have provided a list as per my best possible knowledge to let you know how you can monetize your blog in 2021.

I’m hoping that got the ideas about how to monetize a blog in 2021 from this article.

As I already told you in this blog post before, you need to build your site first, by creating a lot of top-notch articles or informational posts that solve the queries or problems through your site to your audience.

If you follow any of the monetization strategies listed before, and if done correctly from your end, you surely be amazed by the fact that how you generating money, not even a job can’t pay you that much.

As I’m done here already, what you can do, is let me know what monetization idea attracts you most in the mentioned lists, and you also welcome as always to give me suggestions or queries you have by commenting below.

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