How to Make My Website Visible on the Google Search Engine

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How to Make My Website Visible on the Google Search Engine

As a website owner, no one wants to be neglected by Google when it comes to getting traffic organically.

Because getting a good response from Google isn’t an easy task. It depends on lots of factors to impress Google.

Today I will discuss how you can make your website visible on the Google search engine.

To get visibility by Google we often do anything to everything.

For example: doing black hat SEO without knowing the after-effects is a very childish act.

Cause, no one wants to be neglected by Google permanently by doing the dirty jobs.

I hope you also agree with me on this point.

Now, the questions are what we need to do so that we can get website searchers organically by Google.

Don’t worry I will reveal all the factors that will decide the fortune of your website. If you do those things correctly you will succeed no matter what. And if you fail then you may end up giving up which I won’t want to see.

So, I hope you will definitely read through this article without skipping.

Now, In brief, you need to know why we should look for getting the first impression from Google.

Now that we came to know the basic thought process why we need to impress Google.

We need the traffic to monetize the site and you can do it easily if the site gets organic traffic from Google.

It is time to discuss the crucial factors that must need to follow in order to get the positive result from Google.

So, without further a due let’s discuss all the valuable points one by one.

Submit the Sitemaps on Google Search Console and Other Search engines

In order to make sure that your site gets visibility on the web then the first important task that needs to do is to submit the sitemap on Google Seach Console.

Submitting the sitemap, you basically telling Google that hey you know what! I exist here!

And this is the first important step that needs to be done.

Completing the task Google will be able to find your site on the web without facing any difficulties.

Make sure the site loads faster on mobile devices

Getting noticed by Google you should make sure that site load time are fast enough.

Sites that load fast on mobile devices are easily indexed by Google and gets visible on Google search engine.

Google prefers to favor mobile searched-friendly websites.

 Website Visible on the Google Search Engine

Make content that answers the query of searchers

Making content that is in high demand and often searched on Google is a great way to make a mark on search engines like Google.

Simply because of contents that answer the questions or query, get chances to be noticed on the web easily.

For example, I’m making this content as intend of getting searched by someone like you on the web to know how to make a website visible on Google.

Make use of Keywords to title and descriptions for pages

Using Keywords on titles and descriptions for every single page of your website is a great SEO strategy to follow.

Google crawls and indexes those sites easily that has enough keywords.

Keywords are one of the most important factors that Google notice.

We should make full use of keywords on the title and descriptions of an article to increase the chances of getting ranked on Google.

But, at the same time, we also need to careful that we don’t use them unnecessarily.

Because using keywords on the content unnecessarily where doesn’t need Google will definitely penalize your site.

Make backlinks to increase the chances of getting visible

More backlinks lead to more chances of getting visible on the web.

The backlink is a source of a link that other websites are pointing to your website and telling Google that your site is good enough to be ranked.

Creating more and more backlinks you are basically increasing the chances to be noticed by Google

Backlinks are one of the pillars of a website that decides the fortune of a website whether the site is actually worth or not.

Getting more backlinks from a higher authority site, Google is bound to rank the site no matter what.

Now you also make sure that making backlinks are not enough you also need to monitor your site backlinks on how they are performing and whether there are any spammy links or not.

If you see any spammy links on your site then you should delete those links as Google doesn’t like spammy links.

Post maximum content timely

Website ranking can be decided upon on this factor as well.

To be noticed by Google one must publish a maximum amount of posts and that too on scheduling time.

To post content on scheduling time one must write as fast as possible to maintain the schedule.

Posting blogs without following scheduling time can also be one of the factor of not getting noticed by Google.

One has to make sure to post as many articles as possible in order to get the website visible on the Google search engine result.

Play the SEO card Like a pro

When it comes to being noticed by Google, SEO helps you a lot in achieving that.

Doing SEO such as on-page and off-page SEO is a must for getting some sort of attraction at the beginning of your blogging journey by the search engines.

On-page SEO

SEO that performs on the site is called on-page SEO

These are :

Website Visible on the Google Search Engine

Off-page SEO

Off-page includes:

So, I hope things are cleared what you need to do when it comes to doing SEO work on the site.

These above-mentioned parameters are crucial for SEO purposes.


Sites that are well optimized with these above-mentioned points generally gets noticed by Google.

The more a site will apply the above key points chances are be high to get positive results from several search engines including Google.

There can also be several factors that Google may analyze your site to decide the site ranking.

Comment below what you think other factors that Google pays attention to most.

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