How to make money being a Blogger? (5 easy way out)

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Do you want to know how to make money being a blogger or how many ways a blogger can make money? well, you have at the right place

I will discuss how to take your blogging skills to the next level to create a side hustle and even more taking it as a full-time blogger.

You will notice there are countless bloggers exactly like me and you, who are seeking information on how to create an earning opportunity out of it (as a blogger) if there are so many ways to do this.

Now let's discuss how to make this happen

But before that I want you to read through this article

Become a blogger

Now the first thing I want from you is to start your own blogging site if you really want to start earning money as a blogger.

Starting your own blogging site is no different to called yourself a freelance blogger.

The only difference is you working for yourself not other’s blogging sites.

There is no pain to build your first blogging site.

You don’t need to be a techy guy to start a blogging site. All you need is a hosting provider and a domain name that suits your website and you are done.

To publish your content you need a CMS platform. And when it comes to publishing your content the best platform is undoubtedly is WordPress.

With WordPress, you are free to build your website how you want whether it is structure-wise or designs.

Most importantly you can easily monetize the site by selling your digital stuff.

Writing for business website

You can also make money by giving your writing service to any companies businesses website.

You make money when a company approaches you to write blog content for their product or services.

There are two ways you can get these type of job

First, either you have connections like friends where they inform you some x company is searching for blog writers and you contact with the company by yourself or,

Second, the company reaches out to you. Now, this can only possible if you have your own website.

For, example if your website is talking about beauty guides then there are possibilities an e-commerce business website that sells beauty products may approach you to write several blog posts for their listed beauty products so that the curiosity and popularity can sell those products well and the revenue increase.

Now, this was just an example that I have mentioned to you. There are many companies out there searching writers for either website page content or for products or services to make a great copy.

Becoming an kindle writer

Since you are a blogger you definitely know how to write. Since you can write there are opportunities for you to take your writing skill one step further.

What I’m trying to say here is you can create an ebook depending on your expertise on a specific topic.

For example, you can make an ebook on non-fiction books or fiction books whatever interests you.

You are also free to make money freely if you wanna do it this way.

The only thing that is important to have is some knowledge about what type of topic you about to write about.

Once you know what your subject is, you can publish your book on amazon where there are also like-minded people like you who are making money easily.

I believe you are also able to generate income from your first copy.

Become an SEO expert

When you have a blog you will definitely have some basic idea or knowledge of how to do SEO to help your site growing.

You might have some basic knowledge of SEO like how to do keywords research for your topic, writing a compelling title, meta description, and h2,h2, tag with internal and external site linking, and so on.

Now what is just mentioned is called on-page SEO. You can take advantage of it and start giving your SEO service to your potential clients who need an SEO guy to either audit the site or setting up a structured site when launching so that the site can run smoothly without any SEO issues.

Like on-page and off-page SEO, you can also perform technical SEO, local SEO for others.

Though it needs some extra effort for your end to learning in-depth SEO.

Anyways, this was another way to create an income source out of it (blogging).

Creating website for clients

If you don’t find any interest in SEO then there is another way you can make a profit as a blogger.

You can create websites for your client as per their requirements.

Since you have some basic idea of how to launch a website you can perform this task easily and make a profit out of it.

Other than selling your service on Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelancing sites you can create a lot of sites and sell directly on websites like Flippa where every kind of buyer is available to purchase digital products.

You can sell your created sites in front of several bidders who will die to buy a website at any cost.


Since you have got some sense of ideas of how to make money being a blogger now i want you to make an action for yourself.

Choose any of those paths to earn money being a blogger.

Remember, it’s you who can earn money so don’t get yourself stuck in a procrastination mood and ruin your chances to start making money as a blogger or being a blogger.

Now, if this post was really helpful to you then I’m expecting a share or comment from you.

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