13 best ways to get YouTube Subscribers in 2022

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Today I’m going to share with you 13 best ways to get YouTube subscribers in 2022.

Therefore, if you are someone who is planning to start a YouTube channel and grow the channel then this post will help you to get there.

You can also get help from this post if you already had a YouTube channel but don’t have a good amount of YouTube traffics on any of your videos.

Opening a Youtube channel is great in terms of creating an audience base as well as most importantly an income source.

In the beginning, you can work or take it as a side-hustle but once it indicates to you that it’s growing super fast and you need to give more attention to your channel you can pursue it as a full-time.

But the road from just a side hustle project to a full-time job will depend on how well and how much you have got the audience on your channel so that you can make money more than you make your active and primary income source.

Without wasting any of your precious and valuable time let’s have a discussion on what are these points that will ensure how to get free YouTube subscribers on your YouTube channel in 2022.

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Now, let’s have a look at those 13 points that will help you get more YouTube subscribers on your YT channel.

Impress your audience with intros and outros:

There is no surprise that first impression has to do a lot whether you meet someone or try to impress the youtube audience who wants to see the types of videos you make both are same.

You will be always judged by the first impressions on youtube on the basis of the first few seconds on Youtube.

Therefore, it’s always important to make great intros for every video on your channel. You should also make use of Outros which helps the audience retain your channel very well.

It will help you get more YouTube subscribers to your channel.

Use the watermark logo on your YouTube Videos

Branding helps businesses create more attention in the consumer’s eyes. Like businesses, on YouTube People prefer to engage with those channels or videos that are well branded and present the content best way possible.

One of the elements of presenting great content is using watermarks on every video on your channel. People do notice these things so if you want to grab their attention you must follow these tricks which every established YT channel has done to grow more subscribers.

Try to make longer videos

The more lengthy your videos will be, the more chances that your videos will have gathering maximum audience retentions on your channel.

But for making longer videos you must assured that you quality of your videos must not down. Otherwise, there is no point in making longer videos that people hardly will show any interest in watching.

Optimize your YT video descriptions

If you want your videos to get more attention on search results you must not avoid optimizing descriptions or writing great descriptions for every video on your channels in order to make it YT SEO optimized properly.

Write Clickable Title to increase CTR

Another way to increase YouTube channel subscribers to your videos is by writing a clickable YouTube Video Title.

It helps you both ways first, Your videos get SEO optimized, and second, your videos of yours can get featured on top of the search results pages.

Therefore whenever related or exact matched keywords are searched on youtube that you used in the title of your video you will start getting more potential Youtube subscribers.

Organize Your YT playlist:

If your channel isn’t organized enough you will see people losing interest to watch your videos on the channel over some time.

The reason is simple if a particular YT audience by mistake skips your videos then the first thing they will search is keywords or topics on youtube.

Therefore, if your channel has organized YT Playlists with a proper description of what the playlist is all about you have done a good job of helping the viewers find the videos that they want to see on your channel after the current ones.

Use Custom Thumbnail Images on YT videos

If you want to attract more eyes to your YouTube content you can’t avoid using custom Thumbnail Images on your videos.

Using Custom thumbnail images instead of generated images you have more chances to attract more audience on YouTube.

Use keywords on the content

Like blogging, You can’t also avoid the power of keywords that will help you drive more traffic to your YouTube channel.

You must use tools like Tubebuddy, VidIQ, Semrush, YouTube autosuggest, Google Keywords Planner, and Ahref keywords explorer to find out suitable low competition high volume keywords for your content.

Use Transcriptions in every video

Many YouTube content creators avoid Using Transcriptions which is not a very good thing especially if your content attracts audiences Globally.

Using Transcriptions creates more authenticity in your videos which makes people understand your videos more efficiently of what your video content is all about.

People who don’t know about a language that you are making videos can easily understand by reading the transcriptions that show up on your videos.

Be Consistent on YouTube

Success in any profession depends on being consistent in that and trying to learn and update yourself.

It is no different on YouTube Also. As a YouTube content creator The more you stay consistent by uploading videos frequently the more competition you beat who don’t follow the rules.

By uploading videos consistently you have more chances to get viral on your videos.

Focus on Technical things

If you want to catch more eyes on your content and want more YouTube subscribers, you also need to look after the technical parts.

You must look into the matters like sound quality, image quality, camera quality, speakers or mics, Video editing software, etc to make your professional enough to attract more audiences.

Use meta tags on every video

Writing or selecting Meta tags is also very crucial for your videos. If you really want to present your videos in front of the target audiences then you must use meta tags no matter what.

You must use the best keywords that address your videos properly. Keywords that get searched on YouTube should be used in the meta tags options on your very videos.

Use CTA on descriptions and Videos

Another way to get more subscribers is actually telling people to subscribe to your channel.

The best way to do that is by mentioning the description area.

People who want to know more about you often find descriptions reading everything you write.

You can provide social media links, and channel subscription links to increase to get more Youtube subscriptions on your channel.


Above mentioned 13 points are very important if you want more YouTube Subscribers.

If you have a new YT channel or an existing one you should follow these rules and you will see an increase in subscribers’ growth rate on your channel.

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