How to Get Success in Blogging and become a Successful Blogger

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How to Get Success in Blogging and become a Successful Blogger

Creating a blog and get success in blogging is the most delightful thing especially for somebody who is really passionate to start a blog.

With a blog, you are all free to open your thoughts and ideology to the whole world.

But at the same time, we also have desires like how can make most of it from blogging (i mean to earn money from blogging).

I guess this is not a harm to dream about how can make money from blogging.

After all, we all want to be successful in blogging.

So, this one is for all beginners out there who are ready to take steps to start a blogging site and also for those who are already in this but still couldn’t found success in blogging.

So, as I said, I’m about to start this and will present all of the primary elements that need to make a blog successful and of course make money lifelong from it.

So, without further a due let’s start one by one.

Pick a Niche that Interests You

The first step in blogging is very important. In order to get success in blogging, you have to be wisher enough to know which niche interests you most.

You also need to find out the answer within yourself that do you have knowledge about that niche or not.

What I’m trying to make here that if you don’t have knowledge or any least of idea or motive about your selected niche then you will find a hard time for sure.

Probably you might not be able to continue your job as a blogger.

For example, you are very much interested in the finance niche to write about finance-related stuff but if you know nothing about that niche it could make you pissed off.


Firstly, you have no idea what you are going to write about (because finance is a vast topic and you haven’t selected a particular niche in finance).

Secondly, if you had chosen a niche around finance, still could be hard for you as you have no proper knowledge about that niche and also not having a list of blog ideas around that niche.

But generally, it doesn’t happen to see if someone able to found out their interests in a niche but he/she doesn’t know what he/she wants to do or how to make a blog successful.

So, the first thing that needs to do is to pick a niche-related blog with enough ideas and be sure that you may sound like the authority of that niche.

Pick a title that creates curiosity

Coming up with an impressive and clickable title is most important because a title can make or break.

It’s safe to say that only a title decides your blog’s fortune whether it needs to be viral or not.

So always needs to come up with better titles for your upcoming or publishing blog posts, as I said already that title makes the first impression on the reader’s eyes.

Now, what needs to do is search for a tool called headline analyzer which is a very useful tool for creating an engaging and clickable title.

I personally use this and to check my title whether it worth using or not.

You should also search for the headline generator tool to generate a title first and then you can check those titles with the help of the headlines analyzer tool.

Create Evergreen Content

Creating content that matters to the readers of a particular site is most important.

No one wants to read boring stuff or rather garbage like contents.

Everyone wants a piece of content that provides information or entertaining content in an engaging manner.

This is why Quotes in content marketing is very famous


Now i hope you get it!

creating content should be the first priority above all.

Without great content, you not gonna make it

Write more

The most deciding factor to get success in blogging depends a lot on your consistency.

what I mean here is you have to be top of your game since every second there is a new blog that gets published online.

In order to build your site’s authority and trust with Google, you have to take action to grow the site.

Actions like writing as many posts as possible regularly.

Now it may not possible to come up with an idea regularly especially if you’re running your site as a part-timer.

because I know you have to manage things other than blogging.

So, writing at least one quality post weekly is necessarily important. it can be great if you try to publish two blog posts weekly.

But remember, whatever you’re planning stick to that plan.

SEO Matters

If anybody wants to become a successful blogger then someone must apply and practice SEO on the site.

SEO plays a big role when it comes to helping to rank to one of your own articles Google’s SERP.

Now if are not heard this term called SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimization) before and getting a little confused about what is SEO and why this needs to apply?

Please, don’t get disturbed or feeling yourself in a land out of nowhere if you don’t get it.

Now, I’m going to Explain to you

What is SEO

SEO is an activity that needs to apply to a particular site which helps that website to get a rank on Google organically. As simple as that.

Now you must be asking that

How to do SEO

Now, before I explain to you How to do SEO on the site,

How to Get Success in Blogging and become a Successful Blogger

Let’s know first What types of SEO are in Existence.


Now let’s First discuss what is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to those activities that you do on the site.

Now, if you are wondering what’re the activities are like, I’m covered this here for you.


There are several countless elements in the form of on-Page SEO that needs to do.

  • Came up with an engaging and clickable H1 Tag.
  • Set a Focus Keyphrase.
  • Try to shorten the sentences and keep under 20 words.
  • Write 8th or 9th Grade Content and help readers to read the article easily and make it understandable.
  • Use Subheadings (H2, H3, H4, H5,) as much as possible.
  • Distribute Enough Internal links and external links on your page.
  • Give Image alt attribution.
  • Provide Meta Description.
  • provide Slug and anchor text to the Url.

Now I hope I have mentioned all of the necessary on-page SEO activities that must need to do on the site to help the site grow.


Now as you came to know all about On-page SEO it’s time to know what are off-page SEO activities need to do to be a successful blogger.

Off-page SEO includes

  • Commenting creatively on others’ blogs.
  • Guest posting helps to get back some traffic to your site from the guest post site.
  • Build a community related to your Niche.
  • Doing Social bookmarking of the site.
  • Sharing posts on Social Media.
  • Joining on the forums

Now, these are all the SEO factors that need to apply and practice on the site to taste the success in blogging.

AS I mentioned a lot of your site’s growth will depend upon on this.

So, do SEO activities carefully with wise experiments.

Use Visual Content More

How to Get Success in Blogging and become a Successful Blogger

Now, what I mean here, someone needs to distribute more visual content as possible.

The days are gone where people had their time and interests in reading formal writing without images.

Now, the people’s attention span of time is very less, they don’t enjoy reading any random stuff if there is no visual content available.

That’s why people nowadays go madly after video content rather than going to other forms of content.

Using visual content in the form of GIF, Video, infographics, and charts on the blog will keep your reader’s attention to the site for a longer time.

When it happens, the site’s audience retention will improve and so as SEO score and Google ranking.


Blogging itself is a great thing and doing it properly will surely make you a successful blogger sooner than later.

All of the above-mentioned key factors play a crucial role to get success in blogging.

I personally feel someone needs to spend enough time researching the content first. Because coming with an idea and proper plan like keyword research and making an outline of content is the first thing to do.

Then you should apply those above-mentioned key elements to the site.

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