How to get Real Instagram followers daily| 5 steps to Follow

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Instagram is one of the main social media platforms that are extremely popular for digital marketing purposes. The reason is the engagement rate is so high if you compare it to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This is why every online entrepreneur or business owner wants to showcase their respective business model to drive traffic through a call to action and send them to a website, e-commerce store, or app.

Therefore, If you have an Instagram business account for the business purpose but you do not see any growth over there at the followers tally then it really hurts.

But don’t get scared of this, you have options to get out of this trouble easily as I’m here to provide the exact solutions of it so that you can easily grow your Instagram business account without doing extra hard works.

Now before I make those lists one by one make sure you read through this whole article.

How To Get Real Instagram Followers Daily

You can see lots of daily followers on your business account followers tally if you sincerely follow the tips that I’m about to real one by one.

So, no more wasting time let’s start!

Optimizing Your Insta bio

Nike Instagram profile

Since you’re on Instagram to promote your business you obviously don’t want to confuse your potential or initial traffic to left them guessing what is your business is all about right?

This is why it is very important to note that your Instagram bio is going to hold the first impression of the initial traffic that you get on your post and eventually turn them into your potential customers.

Therefore make sure your Instagram business page is well optimized.

A well-optimized Instagram bio includes a proper username that matches your business, profile image, image caption, a most importantly a link that should be there on the bio so that you can send the traffic to your website with one shot!

In fact, an Instagram bio is something that shows your brand identity. So make sure you make it right!

Having an consistant content calender

Now that you are on Instagram for quite some time now and trying to figuring out what could be the possible reason you’re not getting more daily followers but surprisingly the solutions may be connected with your regular content strategy.

Yes! you heard it right! When you are promoting your business your initial Instagram business page followers are more likely to want to know more about the products or services that you offer.

This is why having a consistent content schedule is the most important factor to increase the followers’ count.

Another advantage of having a consistent content strategy is that you never know which content is going to go viral! So it becomes vital to posting the stuff on a consistent basis.

Follow your followers

You should not waste any moment following your followers, especially those accounts that are in your industry and the engaged followers.

Even though you should be making prioritize to following every other account that follows you.

Collaborating with other businesses

One of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram followers is to collaborating with other businesses.

Once you start to follow this method you will see that your page is growing super fast.

But for that, you obviously need to connect with them first or reply to them via Instagram messenger that you want to promote your page.

Start posting viral content

I know you’re thinking that this is totally an exaggeration how can I successfully post viral content every time!

Well I know you can’t have every viral content. but wait!

You actually have the luxury to find out what post going to be possible viral! yes!!

You just need to go over analytics on the posts that are getting you more likes, views, and comments!

In that way, you will have a clear idea of what type of your posts are going crazy and what not!

Following a successful hashtag strategy

While you should be posting possible viral content seeing your Instagram posts insights. It is equally important to go and research the most popular hashtags that suit your business to describe clearly.

When adopting a successful content strategy you also have to make sure you’re not putting any banned hashtag or the hashtags that hardly describes what your business is all about

Engage with followers

One of the best ways to get more followers is to engage with your followers!

Sometimes businesses avoid this section and don’t think how important this could be!

When you post or your business post some stuff you might get some reaction on the comments and it could be asking something to get more knowledge of your product or services or asking any quarry!

This is why staying active in the comments should not be neglected!

Don’t buy fake followers

I know and obviously, you also may know it surely be so remorseful to your Instagram business accounts if you are buying fake followers!

Sure accounts may look like a big one with big followers! But you’re not gonna get any success with that!

You are not gonna get any engagement to your posts or any sales by turning them into your potential customers.

Give freebie

Your Instagram business page should be growing in following in no time if you have something for your audience for free!

People have this quality to go crazy over free stuff! whether it’s on sale or elsewhere.

Therefore, using these tactics you may see that the number of followers is actually increasing!


These were fundamental elements for growing any type of Instagram profile whether it’s private or business.

You should also need to be updated with the latest Instagram trends as people easily get attracted.

Hope this post was helpful to you!

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