how to get more followers on Pinterest as a blogger

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Gaining social media followers has become very important especially if you have a website or have any kind of platform that you are in and want to target and fetch traffic from.

Today we are going to know how to get followers from Pinterest to grow your reach on social media, especially as a content creator or blogger.

But before that, if you don’t know much about what is Pinterest then let me tell you in brief.

Pinterest is one the most searched social media platform that where people like individuals and brands or companies engages there for promoting themselves, sharing thoughts in the form of images or video.

Therefore you should not avoid the power of Pinterest that truly helps you grow out there and makes you stand out from the crowd as you gain more and more followers.

Since we have discussed Pinterest briefly like what and how it works now let’s quickly jump on and discuss the actual topic and that is how you can gain more Pinterest followers.

Let’s get straight into this

Know your audience

When you’re first on Pinterest you have to figure out what audience you wanna attract.

Being specific in your field and choosing your target audience is actually a great thing to achieve your goal on Pinterest.

People usually show interest when you make things that are easy to understand, for example, creating visuals that suit your niche and audiences.

Join groups in your niche

As a user on Pinterest, you need connections over there to grow.

For that to happen, you have to find out relevant groups on your niche and make connections with them so you can get to know what strategies they usually follow that helped them grow on Pinterest.

You can apply those ideas to yourself on Pinterest.

Follow viral Trends

Being a Visual social Platform, Pinterest pushes up or allows posts in the form of images and videos that can potentially go viral.

Therefore, it’s up to you to research first on Pinterest and find out what is currently going viral out there.

You should apply those when you are on song and have to create images so they can go viral.

People usually follow things that are trendy so make sure you’re aware of trends.

Add relevent Keywords

Pinterest also follows its search engine so if you’re not adding keywords to your beautiful images or videos before publishing it, then you’re not going to make your post-Pinterest SEO friendly.

You will have to put your work smartly out there by adding keywords on the keywords inserting section.

You will get a lot of suggestions below the search bar where you will get lots of word bubbles of keywords that are related to your niche. Use them properly on your post to make them SEO friendly

Make your group boards interesting

When making your group board you should make them unique to catch the attention.

Choose interesting names or use keywords in your name so they can be more helpful for the Pinterest public to understand.

For example, if you’re making images for blogging you should make different group boards like SEO blogging, Blogging basics to make things eyecatching and pleasing visually.

Be consistent on posting

Being consistent is key to success in any field.

When you make content and post those consistently you will have more opportunities to get viral.

But, your images or video also need to be worthy for getting viral.

Just be consistent and make viral content and you will see followers are increasing in numbers.

Engage with the Pinterest users

The more you engage with the platform you will definitely get the rewards of it.

Pinterest algorithms don’t actually count out who is active as a creator on the platform. At least what I think that way.

If you be more engaging you can expect to receive as many followers.

You should perform tasks like repining other creators’ pins, following your competitors, etc.

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