How to get Google Adsense Approvals on a New site?

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Monetizing your content with Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money online from blogging.

But often we see that not everyone can successfully do that because they don’t know exactly how to monetize sometime with Google AdSense without any policy violation.

Don’t worry! if you’re also someone who is looking for basic information on what to not do in terms of violating any Goggle Adsense policies then you are at the right place!

Here in this post, you’ll know what to do specifically so you don’t face any problems having unsuccessful Google Adsense Approval.

8 Checklists Before monetizing Content with Google AdSense

Now it’s time to mention the necessary checklist points that need to be done by you carefully if you’re serious about turning your content profitable and revenue-making system by monetizing with Google Adsense.

Write Quality contents

The first thing you have to make sure before applying for Google AdSense is your content is worth quality content and has the necessary spices that make your content unique. Google values content that is high-quality content written with enough words that are not falling under the low content category policy violation.

Have Minimum Posts on the site

If you want to get Adsense approvals you need to make sure that your site has at least minimum posts so that your site doesn’t fall under the “under construction” policy violation. I saw people telling me that they had monetized content with AdSense having just 5 or 10 posts. Yes, It can happen but very rarely.

The Minimum written posts must be at least 20-30 so your site can give a feeling of a big website to your readers.

Have important pages on your site

Another very important aspect is that people especially beginners make the most mistakes of not setting up legal or rather important pages on the site which let them get disappointed after not getting Adsense approvals.

Before applying for Adsense approvals you must set up pages like Contact Us, Disclaimer, Terms of conditions, and Privacy Policy and publish them on the site so that you can easily get a chance to monetize your content with Google Adsense.

You’re over 18 Years Old

To make sure getting Adsense Approvals easily, you first need to give proof that you’re above 18 years of old. Google only gives monetization permissions on content if the applicants of those content pieces are above 18 years of above.

Your site pages are easy to navigate

To make things easy for getting Adsense approval easily is making sure your site is easy to read, understand, and most importantly easy to navigate.

Sites that are easy to read, have great and simple fonts and use responsive themes often get Google Adsense approvals more easily than the other websites that don’t follow these simple rules.

Submit and Verify your site on Google

If you want your site to get indexed by Google so that you can get traffic early on even if the site is totally new, then you must submit your site on Google.

You must connect and verify your site with Google Analytics, and Google Search Consoles so that Google can know that your site exists and index and then later on it can make it easy for your site to get monetized with Google Adsense.

Use custom domains

Now, this could seem debatable whether or not a site must need a custom domain name or not. Yes, you can monetize a site with Google Adsense but sometimes it also can make a barrier for you. Sites that have custom domain names usually get AdSense approvals more easily than the sites that aren’t using custom domain names.

Make Sure your site is old

If you want to monetize your site then you have to make sure that your site is at least 3 to 4 months old and has a web presence so it can make it easy for getting Adsense approvals.

Don’t rush to apply for Adsense approvals like many beginners content creators do make. Keep patience with you for at least 2 to three months so you can have a better chance of getting Google AdSense approvals easily on your site.


The above-mentioned checklist of getting AdSense approvals easily can be achieved if you follow it.

Don’t get disappointed if you do not get Adsense approvals on your site. If you get rejected figure it out where you went wrong and rectify your mistake and re-apply for Google Adsense.

Google wants your site to be monetized because that way Google can make money by showing publisher ads on your site.

If you got the information that you wanted to know then consider sharing this post with others who needs to know!

You can also feel free to comment below and express your thoughts on this post!

Let me know if you’re already monetized your site with Google AdSense or not.

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