How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Nowadays setting up a website and running it online is easy.

What is more difficult is how to drive traffic to your website and converting the traffic into conversion.

I can feel that, hope you do feel the same way when you write a decent amount of posts on your website but can’t see the results. It’s very painful to digest actually if you ask me.

But, don’t need to be worried as I’m here to share details about how to drive traffic to your website that converts into the conversation so that you can make a living for yourself as a beginner.

Firstly, you need to know that there are two types of ways you can drive traffic to your website.

1. Paid Traffic.

2. Organic or free traffic.

I’m assuming that your site age is new and you probably wanna try or rather very much interested to use paid one to fetch traffic on your site.


But, hey! Wait! you need to know here one thing clearly, your website will be getting less amount of traffic or even no traffic at all once your paid budget ended.

But, free and organically generated traffic can make you feel like you own the world!!! or give you pure satisfaction.

Not just that you will not be facing problems like having no traffic for even a single day. once your site gets SEO optimized and gets ranked one of your articles on Google’s SERP.

Moreover, you will get unlimited and lifelong traffic on your site without paying a cent.

Sounds Good!

Without further delay, Let’s get started.

On-page SEO optimization


The first thing you need to do is optimize your pages.

In case, you don’t know what and how to do your on-page SEO then let me tell you it’s very simple to do once you learned that.

Select a Cathy title to write an article or blog. Put keywords several times into your article.

Do internal linking with all blog posts. Write a shorter meta description and do image optimization. etc

Now I’m not gonna let you feel exhausted here. Hope you got my points here.

Make your presence on Quara

how-to-get-free-organic-traffic-for- webite

You might not know how Quora can be a great option to go with.

Quora is known as the Question-answer platform.

Anyone who has experience in blogging or a bit of knowledge on how to do content marketing will probably recommend you to make a presence on Quora.

Now a question may have arisen in your mind that, well! what I need to do there in order to fetch traffic to my website.

Well, you just need to make a profile/account out there, sign up and join with your preferred community by following them.

you give answers to those who are having questions that are related to the topic and need to be answered.

You keep providing a URL pointing to your website, on most of your submitted answers.

Quora is known as one of the reputed and as well as popular online social media platforms.

So, when you start getting the traffic from here, your website’s authority will boost(backlinks, da, and Pa score.

So, don’t neglect Quora, if you really want to make your site grow big. is another important platform to fetch traffic into your website and get backlinks.

But, for that, you really have to put your best and post quality article consistently, and be free to give a reply to your content readers.

In that way, you are not only just making an important and trustful relationship with the audience at, you are also helping to grow your website.

Pinterest platform


Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms where people post and pin images to make their businesses growing.

Being a visual social platform, people post their creative images to getting a click on that or pin to fetch the audience for their business. You have to do the same.

Pinterest is very much for beginners, it only demands quality and fresh pins from you.

You need to be most consistent in Pinterest so that the Pinterest algorithm can track your pin and help to make your pin available for Pinterest traffic and other boards.

Email marketing


Email marketing is mandatory for all types of Websites that exist online. If you are doing Email marketing, then you are doing a great great job for your site.

If you are not building an email list for your site, then my friend you’re already behind to compete against others.

Email marketing helps to build an email list for you.

With this list, you have to offer your services so that people can get benefits from your recommended services.

By doing Email marketing you’re not just making a list of contacts but you are eligible to make lots of money by offering them paid services such as E-courses, E-books, software tools, and many more services that are eligible to marketing via email marketing.

I guess you’ve got a clear idea now, how building an email list extremely beneficial for you.

Importance of other Social media platform

how-to-drive-traffic-to-your website

You are also making yourself active on other social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and have to be regularly active on those platforms by joining or following some of the groups’ pages or communities, related to your niche.

And of course, don’t forget to make a page or a group on Facebook.

Not just on Facebook, you can make a page or a group on other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Guest Post

Guest posting is also one of the important factors to driving traffic into your site, from those guest posting platforms.

By doing Guest posts you’re not just getting traffics but you are also getting some quality backlinks specifically from those authority sites like


I hope you’ve got a clear vision now from the above lists of what and how to drive traffic to your website concept.

Just implement the above-mentioned points and see the results.

But don’t get me wrong here, results may not be showing quickly because it also depends on someone’s work.

As beginners in the blogging profession, we all try implementing methods like black hat SEO or something else to see the traffic coming into our website.

But you must remember, using those methods with some sort of arisen question mark whether to implement or not to boost traffic won’t help you to exist in the long run.

Not just that your site can be stopped indexing or there are many possibilities of getting penalized or banned by Google.

So, don’t make any silly mistakes from your end if you are really wise to make your site grow and exist in the blogging profession for lifelong.

Now, what I need from you is just a quick comment down below about what do you think is the most important key factor and best way to fetch traffic into the site.

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  1. Sjaygwebu thank you for seeing this post. I hope it helped you anyway.

    Now coming back to your asked question, you just need to open an account on Medium com and have to write according to your niche. Once you have a significant number of audience on that platform(who are reading your post) you have to place your site link to every articles in order to fetch traffic from to your own site.

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