How To Choose a WordPress Theme? 9 Important Tips to Follow (2021)

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How to choose a WordPress theme

Is that you who struggling to choose a WordPress theme for your website?

Well, you’ve landed at the right place.

No matter, if you’re looking for a free theme or a paid one.

Choosing a WordPress theme can be different and difficult too.

Difference In the Sense, You should pick a theme that matches the requirements. (the main purpose of buying a theme can be Creating an e-commerce site, food blog site).

Difficult In the Sense, there are tens of thousands of themes on the market and you need to consider to look every aspect or factor of it so that you can finally make it a perfect one.

We must look for the factors that a theme can pass the test easily and help you make a wonderful decision to choose a good WordPress theme for your website.

In this article, I will help you how to choose a WordPress theme that matches the requirement criteria.

To know everything, read this article to the end so that you don’t end up choosing the wrong theme for your WordPress site.

What is exactly a WordPress Theme means?

A file of folders that have been used at the time when launching a website on WordPress.

When launching the site you do need a theme (a file of folders that include CSS and javascript files, templates, images that requires to make your sites well designed for your site pages and blog posts).

Types of WordPress Theme

Now as we know already what a WordPress theme is all about let’s know the types of WordPress themes that are there.

  • Premium Theme ( better than free themes. It provides excellent features like providing full support when required, SEO optimized, and also high coding that minimizes getting hacked by hackers)
  • Free Theme (available lesser option to use it fully and properly compared to a paid theme at least)
  • Custom Theme (best to use when building a brand around your site that build by web developers of the profession.)


Let’s straight into it-

List of your requirements

when it comes to choosing a good WordPress theme for your website we must do a list ready of certain things.

First, make sure you are going after a paid theme or a free theme.

Choosing a paid theme is an excellent decision that one can make. You can set the things from the beginning so that you don’t get stress about thinking about what and when you should buy a paid theme down the road, especially if you’re using a free theme currently.

But, using a free theme is not a bad thing at all. It also helps you to achieve your goals or requirements.

Second, after making up your mind whether or not you’re going for paid or free version next thing is to choose a WordPress theme that matches your requirements.

For example, If you’re looking for a theme that helps you share new food recipes that it’s good to choose a food blog theme rather than choosing a theme that helps you to sell digital courses.

Choosing a WordPress theme for your website

Theme Must be Responsive

Another most important factor that we must give attention to choosing a WordPress theme is whether or not it’s actually responsive.

A responsive WordPress theme becomes a must for every kind of business website.

A responsive WordPress theme means that It should be adjusted according to your browser window (laptop, tab, mobile devices) and give you the best possible experience while surfing the browser and that is possible if the layout of the theme changes accordingly.

It is important to note that, Google prefers to rank only those websites that give a good user experience on mobile devices.

In case, if it’s you who were not thinking about your potential readers who access your site by using mobile devices then you might be done something wrong here.

Luckily, you will get themes on platforms like ThemeForest, StudioPress, Themify who will help you find a responsive enough theme for mobile devices.

But at the same time, it’s up to you to look carefully when buying a theme cause there are a lot of themes that aren’t responsive.

Cross browser compatibility

Choosing a WordPress theme for your website can’t be done perfectly if you don’t make sure that whether or not the theme is actually accessible in a different browser like Firefox, Safari, and Internet explorer other than Google.

Because see, you can’t expect that all of your website visitors will come to your site using only one browser.

You will get visitors that will come from different browsers that is why you have to make sure you choose a theme that is compatible with a different browser.

Recommended by people:

There is another thing that you should be looking at when purchasing a theme is if it’s actually worth it.

What I mean here, you must check whether or not the people are showing the interests or green flag to buying that theme.

You can check the thing easily, just look for if the theme has five-star reviews, the highest number of active installations, and of course people are not writing any negative reviews.

choosing a WordPress theme
Neve theme reviews

Page builders roles:

When choosing a theme you need to consider if the theme is compatible with the popular page builders.

If not then forget the theme. (still, you can choose if you’re a web developer who knows how to code).

Beginners often like those themes that go perfectly with any other popular page builders. The simple reason is you can create or build any kind of web pages on your site with drop-down customization.

You can build the header, footer, and other web pages in no time, if you have any of these popular page builders, like Seedprod, Divi, Elementor, GeneratePress, Beaver builder, etc enabled the features in that theme.

But here is a reminder, Don’t choose a theme that allows you to customize with the help of lesser-known page builders. Choosing those theme and using on the site can make your site with full of unwanted codes results are you will notice your site is getting slowing down.

Theme developers support

When it comes to getting the support of facing any kind of issues of any product we always seek for experts help


It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the theme that you gonna be using in the future must provide solutions if we get into any trouble.

It’s totally understandable that if you choose a premium WordPress theme, you will get theme experts backup no matter what (still Need to check if they will provide assistant). But using a free theme you can’t be 100% sure of.

Cause, it’s free stuff (theme)so unlikely theme developer will ever show great intent of supporting you whenever any problem occurs using the theme.

So, what you can do is check if the theme developers are actually very quick to respond in the forum chatting and making sure if other customers haven’t any negative thoughts about it.

Theme updates

choosing a WordPress theme for your website
Neve theme last updated screen shot

Another most important thing to notice is whether the theme is actually showing you the last updated option.

A theme must be updated especially when WordPress is also updating itself whenever fixing any bugs, improving the performance whenever there are new features or software available.

The theme that gets updated every two or three months frequently is a very good theme to use. Avoid themes that don’t keep updated in one year or more.

Go for the simplicity:

If you look around my website, I’m not using a theme that is designed with an extraordinary layout or color, rather I kept it very simple for my readers so they don’t get confused and forget to take any actions.

The fact is using a very well-colored and layout-designed theme may satisfy you but the reality is they will create heavy codes at the backend that will make sure your site gets slowed down.

It’s very necessary to use a simply designed theme or a theme that is less designed. A simple theme makes things easier for you in both ways.

One, they don’t add complex codes and make your website slow.

Second, They make it easier for your readers to take required actions without having confusion.

Making sure the theme provides documentation

Now, it not a very concerned thing when choosing a WordPress theme for your WordPress website.

But, the themes that provide documentation while purchasing is actually a great thing.

Because see after purchasing the theme it will help you guide if there is a particular thing that you don’t know how to fix or do the required customization.

Final Words

Choosing a WordPress theme for your website shouldn’t allow giving any stress.

It should be done with simple way.

You always need to remember one thing, yes you do need a theme for presenting your website well in front of your readers but what is more important is to make sure your content is also top-notch that helps your readers to be engaged with your site.

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