How To Be A Good Blogger And Write An Awesome Blog Post In 15 Steps!

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As a blogger, you always want to know how to be a good blogger right?

I think your answer here is yes! of course! why not! ultimately you want your blog to be recognized by others and ranked on Google so you can make money from blogging!

Though It’s not that everybody does blogging to make money some people do this out of hobby or passion.

Even though the reason for blogging can be different but not the having the question of how to write a good blog post that loves by everyone and well SEO optimized for any other search engines other than Google to attract free organic traffic.

Yes! no one wants to write crap! that no one cares about!

You want your blog post read by others no matter what.

To guide you on how to become a good blogger I have come up with this blog post that teaches you how to write an insanely great blog post the right way in a simple 19 steps that everyone would love to read.

Let’s know these 19 steps to be an insanely good content writer or blog writer.

Decide an eye-catching blog post headlines

When it comes to writing your first blog post, the first thought should be about how can I write a perfect hook (tittle) to attract potential readers to my blog.

Many beginners who are relatively new often make the mistake of avoiding a perfect blog post title.

A title is something that you tell your potential readers about what they will get to know from that post.

It is a tendency that people to make assumptions about a blog post by the first impression.

Therefore, if you want to make your blog post title attractive and effective then you have to write a perfect one so that no one can skip your blog after reading the headlines of your blog post.

Tools for the headlines: Coscheduler

Do a proper keyword research

Keywords are very important for your blog post.

Adding keywords to your blog post helps users to find the answers they wanted to know.

It also helps Google to assess your content better and show it to the right audience.

Keywords of many types such as primary keywords, secondary keywords, and LSI keywords, often decide how rich content your blog post is.

Keyword research tool For free: Google Keyword Planner

Paid Keyword research tools: Ahref, Semrush, Moz, Long Tail Pro,

Always use internal links on your blog

Doing internal linking of your current blog post with your previously written related blog post will make your blog post authentic and original.

Using internal links in a post helps readers find other blog posts on your site easily that are related to that post.

It also helps to increase the audience retention on your page and your overall website as they stick to that post for some time while clicking any links and visiting other posts on your site.

Doing proper internal linking will give you the advantage of winning the trust of any search engine site that your site is authentic and worth visiting for readers.

Put high-quality images

An ideal and rich blog post should contain the images.

Without images on your blogs is like a face without makeup.

If you want your blog to be rich you can’t avoid using infographics, charts, or images.

Blog posts that have images or infographics present, attract more free web traffic.

Another reason that you must implement this step is that it also earns you lots of image backlinks from other websites.

Best Tools for making images and infographics: Canva, Piktochart, Pablo, Visage, skitch, Pixlr

Provide free value from your blog post

A good blog post always helps the end readers no matter how.

We all know a blog is like a journal of free information for readers.

But you can always go further by doing more for the readers on your blog no matter if they are first time on your site or a regular visitor.

Free stuff always appealed the most to anyone. Just like buy 1 get 1 free.

But here you don’t get anything instead of trust from the visitors on your site and making yourself an authentic brand in the market by helping others.

Free stuff can be Ebook, Template, and courses that can add value to the readers on your blog.

How to be a good blogger
How to be a good blogger

Use your Audience to choose your next blog topic

When it comes to blogging, you must give preferences to your readers over you.

If you want to be a good blogger, it is the best way to grow your blog.

Always write a blog post on the topic that your readers suggests to you to write rather than writing on a blog topic you want to write.

Giving them what they want will make them feel more connected with your blog.

Add videos to your blog:

If you want to be a better blogger you must know the process of how to increase the engagement rate on your blog.

Now if you want to increase the engagement on your site you shouldn’t forget to add videos to your blog post.

People like to consume visual content forms like videos more than the content that is written in words or text.

Just attach your YouTube videos to your blog post and you will see the increasing rate of engagement on your site.

Focus on optimizing your website speed

This one may not be connected or associated with writing but it has big importance to decide whether your blog.

Yes, you must know how to do on-page SEO optimization on your site but if your site doesn’t load faster than your competitors then a lot of traffics will be lost way before they land on your site and the blog post you have written.

Resharing your old contents:

Resharing your old content will boost the traffic source on your site.

You can provide a link to your new blog post pointing to the older post to increase the engagement of your old blog posts.

Steal your competitor’s keywords:

Another way to write a good blog post that no one especially new beginner bloggers don’t know about is to spy on your competitor’s website.

You have the freedom to analyze your competitor’s website in many ways like what content is most popular, which keywords are earning the most traffic etc.

Update your contents on a regular basis

Updating previously written blog posts on regular basis is a good exercise to perform to make your site good for both the readers and Google.

Write a new blog is not a big deal but updating content is a big deal to gain more traffic and backlinks

Add FAQ’s

Another great way to be a good blogger is by adding the most searched FAQs on your blog post to help it go viral.

You will find many blog posts on the internet that are ranked because of added FAQ to that blog post.

We call it a featured snippet.

Write in simple English

A blog post that is written in simple English is considered a good blog.

People often connected with ease when they easily understand the meaning of any words that are used in a written blog post.

The more complicated you will make it for your readers to understand your blog post easily the faster you will lose the potential regular website visitors and even new visitors to your website.

Always aim to write a blog post in simple and plain language.

If you are in WordPress, download the Yoast SEO plugin which will help you know the words you are using on your blog are easy to read or not.

Avoid writing plagiarism content and making grammatical mistakes:

A good blog post always a plagiarism-free content as well as skips any grammatical errors.

Writing an original post is always considered rich content whereas copying from other blogs will just make your content plagiarized content that no one supports whether it be Google or users.

Don’t forget to add ending notes to your blog post:

A good blog post always has to start with a starting paragraph, body content, and most importantly ending notes.

Without having any conclusion or ending words a blog post can’t be adjudged as a good blog post.

People often show interest in what the writer or author has to say in the end about that post.

It’s also an important body part of your blog post where you have the freedom to use CTA like follow my blog, share this content, subscribe to the newsletter etc to increase the engagement rate on your site and to become a good blogger.

Final words:

I hope you have now had all the information on how to become a good blogger.

Yes as a beginner blogger you might not be able to follow up on all the above-mentioned points but over time things will be easy for you as you will gain more experiences as a blogger.

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