How Many Blog Posts Does It Take Before You Get Any Website Traffic?

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how many blog post does it take before getting any website traffic

As beginner bloggers, we often get confused about how many blog posts should we post to get any website traffic?

Well! honestly speaking, you can’t expect to get the perfect answer about how many blog posts should you have as published to see any results.

Newbie bloggers are often seen playing games with their own blogging future as they do harmful activities, one of them is not producing new content for the website content readers.

To start getting the free web traffic, you have to do certain things that are much more important than playing the guessing game or thinking irrelevant stuff.

Now, before I give you any suggestion or reveal the total post counts you need, let’s have a look at those key points that you must need to do so that you don’t need to think well😞 how many blog posts do I need for getting free traffic.

You have to do something that is completely on your hand!

Let’s dive in!

Things to do to start getting traffic

To make sure you start getting traffic on your website, the first thing that you must do is writing an SEO-optimized article.

Cause, without any SEO optimized article you can’t even expect to think about how many blog posts per week or month is enough.

What I mean here is, once you get some idea of how to write an SEO-optimized article you don’t even need to think twice about the required posts that need to be published.

To get or rather expecting the traffic from Google into your website, you obviously talking about free traffic, and getting free traffic sources you have to master the SEO game.

When you master yourself in SEO matters you will eventually get some tractions from search engines even within a minimum published post count.

Now let’s get straight into it and discover what are these crucial elements that may help you to get website free traffic to a site that has minimum written published posts.

Create A viral Content

The first thing that you should do is posting as much viral content as possible on your site.

A viral content means, content that has potential to bring a lots of new visitors on your site.

Now, this can only be possible if your intent is clear. What I mean here is you have to create content that is either a very trendy topic or the topic that solves any problems or queries.

To create viral content and to post on your site you have to research the topic first that is trendy and related to your niche.

Always remember that only a good piece of content is the ultimate magical stick that will rule and help you get free organic traffic no matter how many posts you have published even if the number says only 10-12.

Post consistently

Just posting content on the viral topic may not be the only way to get traffic if it’s not been published that consistently.

You should be posting your content according to your preferred times.

Now it’s up to you how many blog posts can you write a day.

Or, how many blog posts can you write per week or even per month.

Now, let me give you a quick general tips:

If you write consistently, chances are you will get traffic pretty soon! No matter how many posts you have on your site.

It will be even more effective if you can post content on your site regularly.

By posting the content regularly, you are giving more chances for optimizing the site to the search engine.

Results are, you are all set to get free organic traffic having only a minimum number of posts on the site.

Target long-tail low competition keywords

If you really want to make a mark and want to get free traffic as soon as possible, then this work method should be followed by every content creators.

The time has long gone where you could published content as less word of 300 words and stuffing the broad match keywords unlimited times and instantly getting ranked on Google.

Nowadays, even if you are writing content of over 1000 words using broad match keywords, you can’t expect to get any good results, cause the competition is such.

You can’t rank your site with those short-tail keywords that are already been used millions of times by your competitors.

For example, suppose, you have a keyword called “best smartphone under $240” this keyword term is too short, and can’t really expect to rank the article on the basis of that broad match keywords.

The more powerful way you can increase the chances of getting the article ranked on Google is by using long-tail keywords “best budget camera smartphone under $240”.

Long-tail keywords usually have under 1000 estimated visits per month.

Write for Human, not for SEO

how many blog post

No matter how many blog posts you have written following the SEO guide blindly, all of the hard work can go in vain if you don’t give prioritize to the human voice.

Don’t just follow the SEO blindly, rather try to make your content for buyer’s personas.

You see, if you satisfy the readers more than the SEO you are definitely in Google’s good book and over time you shouldn’t be waiting even if you had just written and published fewer amount of posts.

Increase the word counts of your post

The more you publish contents that have over 1000 words, the more you will have the best shot to fetch traffic from search engines without having any stress of how many blog posts you still need to write.

There was a time where you could have write content that only contains 200-300 maximum and had the chance to rank those on Google.

But, the time has changed and so as the minimum word counts of a post.

Nowadays, an average article that ranks on Google contains a maximum of 1500 words.

The reason for this, Google wants to give preferences those contents that answer perfectly to that search intent and describe everything in-depth.

It can be more effective producing the contents that reach the word limits of over 1000-1500 or more at least.

The more in-depth content you write the more you have chances to get some quality backlinks from other sites for that content.

Now as you get some links, chances are you start getting traffic from search engines no matter how many blog posts you have on your site.

Know the SEO

If you really want to get traffic in no time then you must optimize your web pages, I mean doing the SEO so that you start getting traffic even if you hadn’t published more content.

Now, when it comes to SEO, it’s actually not something you can do without having some basic knowledge of it.

SEO is actually a vast subject that covers everything like local SEO, technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc.

But primarily you should be doing on-page and off-page SEO cause these are the most basic things that you must apply to your web page.

Now if you wanna know about SEO consider reading this article so that you get basic ideas about it.

How many posts does it take to get traffic on the site?

Now, as we have already discussed what other factors that decide your fate of blogging, let’s have some idea of how many posts we actually need to start getting free traffic.

To get the traffic you should aim for writing as many blog posts as possible so that you have at least some content on your site as published and people can read your other contents scrolling down.

In the beginning, it’s better to have 50-80 blog posts at least on your site so that you get traffic in some of the contents.

Writing that many articles and publishing it consistently do give you some chances to notice any attractions on some of the contents of the free traffic from search engines.

Now to achieve your goal to publish 50 to 80 posts you have to make a decision on how many blog posts can you write a day.

If you don’t in favor of writing and posting daily like me then your goal should be shifted into “how many blog posts per week” you can produce.

Now, if we just do some mathematical counts a daily blogger should be posting content regularly for 2-3 months continuously and consistently to get 90 posts on the site.

Now, if you’re totally against blogging on daily basis, then you should target posting on weekly basis. If you can publish 2-3 posts per week then it will take around 6-7 months to get 70 -80 posts as published on the site.

Now, writing this ( 50 – 80 ) amount of posts, I believe you shouldn’t do any compromise in Quality, SEO checklists, word limit, and of course in promoting those contents.

Then only you will have the best opportunities to get some results in some of your contents.

To write 50-80 articles, I believe you have your own schedule to follow and also ready lists of some drafts post so that you don’t have to think about what next after publishing posts one by one.

When you have done posting 50-80 articles you should be doing some off-page activities like article submission and image submission in some of the social bookmarking sites.

And of course, building quality links to some of your content so that it gains authority and easily gets noticed by the search engine.


Now I hope you have got some information about what you should do first so that you can be better placed in terms of fetching the organic traffic for your site.

Now, I believe, you also know how many blog posts that you really need on your site as published no matter what the circumstances are.

If you agree that I had provided any value then please consider subscribing to my email list so that you get instant notifications whenever content gets published.

You can also comment below and tell me your point of view. You can also keep suggesting what topic you want me to cover in my next blog post.

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  1. Really interesting post! I was nodding along to all your points. I think SEO is definitely important and so is posting regularly. Those are the two things that have helped me more than anything.

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