How Do I get more traffic on my Blogging Site in 2021

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5. Be active on Social Media

Since you are a blogger like me I know how painful it could be to not be able to see enough traffic sources on the site that you actually working on that by creating content.

But here is the thing, only creating newer content does not help you to get traffic that you actually need, you have to be even smarter and guess you are.

Now, don’t get the offense to my words, what I mean here is you have to do more with your content.

Let’s points out below what you should be doing from now

Doing Content Promotion

This is on my list and I really mean it.

You can’t sit back and watch your content doing everything like getting traffic without doing anything like a content marketing strategy.

It actually not happens that way, I’m sorry.

You have to be up for it and aim to do promoting your content as much as possible.

There are several ways you can promote your content like different forums related to your niche, different social media platforms just a few examples.

2. Guest Blogging

You have another option related to promoting content actually but in a different way.

You could do guest blogging to other related websites and make sure you are getting back some traffic to your website from those guest blogging sites.

You can do it by yourself or you can hire any person like me.

Hiring a person doing those work will save you a lot of time and energy.

3. Make Content on a Trending Topic

This is actually a great way to bring some traffic organically without doing anything other than creating content on trending topics.

This is what I do on my website also.

On my blogging site, I try to make content on that topic that usually a search intends might get searched.

Creating relevant content on trending topics is a great strategy to follow.

How Do I Get More Traffic On My Blogging Site In 2021

4. Updating Older Content

There is another way to get traffic.

I totally get it, if you are not having enough time to actually make new content but instead of what you can do is just updating your older content.

You can update contents that already been ranked on Google to improve its quality further and help to get a higher ranking.

Updating content should be done at those times when you either don’t have enough time to produce new content or having writer’s block which is a very common problem for bloggers, content writers, etc.

5. Be Active on Social Media

Be active on Social media is really important nowadays.

Since every business is moved to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram you should also take the advantage of it if you really wanna see traffic on your site.

This goes without saying how important it is for every beginner bloggers to get traffic on the site even if does comes from socially instead of organically just to make sure the site is actually getting traffic and start rolling the ball game of incoming traffic to your website.

6. Doing SEO Work

If you are aiming to get organic traffic from Google then you must be heard the term called SEO.

Now, what is that means is actually optimizing your web content for the search engine so that your content gets noticed and clicked whenever there is a search intent happen on related terms or keywords.

Doing SEO is not a simple task and you can’t aim to complete it in one day or one month either.

You have to be consistent in working on it.

SEO is actually consistent work just like you do make new content consistently and publishing on scheduling time.

SEO is a very vast topic and to get understand you have to be a little more patient to get all of those into your head.

I have some blog posts on SEO and I hope you will get some Idea of it once you check it.

How To Make My Website Visible On The Google Search Engine
How To Write A Perfect SEO Optimized Article In WordPress (Complete Guide)

I have some plans in the coming months to actually make an E-book on SEO for you so that you don’t make anything wrong when it comes to Practising the SEO tasks on your site.

In fact, I have already at the beginning of half of it (of my E-book).

Since I write content on this site all on my own I actually didn’t manage the time to produce new content on this site while working on my new E-book.

But I don’t wanna do any complaints about it or giving any excuses.

My Final Words

I hope I have given you some reasons for how you should aim to get initial website traffic at the beginning.

I know for a fact that by implementing these points I have seen how one of my client’s websites actually got positive results.

If this blog did help you anyway then consider sharing this content.

You are also free to give any suggestion of anything or asking questions that you really want me to publish a new blog post on that.

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