7 Best Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers in 2021

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When it comes to Monetizing blogging websites we all want our own website to get approved by Google AdSense. and why? hmm..it’s because It’s been the most used globally ad network by Google itself.

But there may be some unexpected issues or accidental Google AdSense account banned or suspended can lead you to look for Google AdSense Alternative or ad networks that will give you opportunities to make money just to show ads on your website by joining any of the popular ad networks.

Looking for an AdSense alternative is always helpful because it gives you a high payout and the power to make more money with ease of ads customization if you compared it to Google AdSense.

Therefore, it really makes sense not to just go crazy about Google Adsense, there are some popular ad networks available to make you money.

You just have to sit on a couch and place ads on your site. Now it’s time to bring out the lists of popular ad networks that you might be interested in.

So, without any further delay let’s dive into this!

Best Google AdSense Alternatives
Best Google AdSense Alternatives


Google Adsense alternatives

Google Adsense alternatives

When it comes to joining up a perfect Google AdSense alternatives ad network we must know about Media.net and its worth. One can take it as Google AdSense best alternative.

It’s a network that anyone can join whether it’s a small business or a newly recently made website. If you were someone who really wanted to monetize the site with Google AdSense but failed to make it ultimately, then Media.net is for your ideal network to join.

Media.net which is administrated by yahoo and bing and known as a contextual ad network. This ad network literary gives you options to customize ads accordingly to what you want them to look like.

Media.net’s minimum payout is 100$ and if you compare it with other networks then it’s really high. Some of the ad networks will payout in a minimum payout ratio but anyway it’s worth it to join.

The only thing you need to know or rather think about is that they only make payments via Wire Transfer and PayPal

propeller ads

Google AdSense alternatives

Google Adsense alternatives

The next most recommended Google AdSense alternative ad network in this list is propeller ads.

Propeller ads offer various types of ads like push notifications, on-click ads, in page push ads.

The best part with this ad network is the payout amount which is $25 and they have several payment options such as Wire transfer, PayPal, debit card, credit card, UnionPay, WebMoney so that you don’t have to worry about how you gonna receive your payment.


Google AdSense best alternative

Google AdSense best alternative

One of the most useful Google AdSense alternative ad networks is Infolinks.

This ad network offers several types of relevant and updated ads to showcase on your site. These ads types include intext, infold, in tag, in a screen all you have to do is just copy and paste the code on your site and you will be all set.

Infolinks’ minimum payout ratio is $50 which is pretty good and their payment options include PayPal, Payoneer, and western Union.

Amazon Native ads

Google AdSense alternative ad network

Google AdSense alternatives

You might hear about amazon’s affiliate network where you get affiliate links to promote any products that are related to your niche but most probably you didn’t know until now that there are also have a display ads network called Amazon Native ads and you can make money with this too.

Ad types such as recommendation ads, search ads, custom ads are the types of ads that are available with this ad network.

Amazon’s minimum payout is as low as $10. They payments via deposits after 60 days of period.

This ads network is even more worth joining if you are having a product-based niche website.


Adsense Alternative

Adsense Alternative

Another most useful Google AdSense alternative ad network is Adsterra.

Adsterra has been founded in 2013 and they have over 30k plus ads partners working with.

Unlike other ads networks, Adsterra pays twice a month on fixed days which is in my opinion pretty amazing and the best thing is their payout is just $5.


Google AdSense alternative ad network

Google AdSense alternative ad network

Skimlinks is mostly known as an affiliate network and they help your blog for monetization without any headache with the enabled automation method.

Skimlinks have more than 48500 merchants so there is nothing to worry about whether the content of yours can get links or not. Skimlinks will analyze your website content and place the ads related to text links.

The minimum payout is $10 though honestly speaking it will take you to wait until 90 days period to get a payment


Screenshot of www.adversal.com

Google AdSense alternative

Adversal is another AdSense alternative ad network that you can join. Their ad service includes native, video, and display ads.

To get eligible for this ad network, your site should have 50000 page views per month and you should own your domain name.

You also need to confirm that your website doesn’t promote adult content as well as not being associated with any kind of fraud activities like malware or piracy and most importantly site is not restricted by the login.

The minimum payout of Adversal is $20. Once you hit you can get payments via wire transfer, PayPal, and ACH.


Now I have to mention one thing here I have picked only those ad networks that are more suitable for bloggers and not to mention there are many networks that you can also join as a blogger or a business owner for example Ezoic, AdThrive, Mediavine, Bidvertiser, Taboola, Monumetric.

But before joining any of these ad networks I want you to look and check-in details so you know what networks you are joining how they work, how they make payments etc.

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