How To Fix Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content Issue?

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In this blog post, I’ve decided to continue the blog series related to the topic on Google Adsense where I’ve already posted a few posts on this topic like How Can I Resolve “Valuable Inventory: Under Construction” In Google Adsense and How To Increase CTR In Google Adsense(Click Through Rate) To Increase Earning In 2022.

Before I give you the reasons why you have got a message from the Google Adsense team for Adsense disapproval for valuable inventory: scraped content and giving you the solution of how to fix valuable inventory: scraped content violation make sure you read this article to the end so you don’t have any confusion anymore after you exit this site.

To get the answer to how to fix the problem of scraped content, we all need to understand first what exactly Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content means!

Because without having any knowledge of what is Scraped content we can’t understand what will be the right solution to solve the problem. am I right!

I guess you agree with me!

What Is Scraped Content?

In blogging, the meaning of scraped is stealing or copying. Stealing or copying the well-written original content from a reputed site than yours and pasting it on your blog post is called scraped content.

Usually, bloggers who are new to the blogging world make these mistakes because all they want is quick approval from Google Adsense so they can make huge money on the go.

But, they don’t know that earning from blogging isn’t that easy. If it could then everyone would make money by just copying others.

You have to put up the hat of a real content creator who knows how to write perfect rich blog content that can easily help you get Google Adsense approval.

 Fix Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content Issue
Fix Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content Issue

Following are the some of the best examples of Scraped Content

  • A Site “B” that copied an original and rich content from site “A” and published that exactly like that without changing anything on-site B is a perfect example of scraped content.
  • Changing or modifying some words or lines in the overall content and publishing it is also an example of scraping content.
  • Sites that don’t provide any added value to their readers by writing an original copy rather than just reproducing content feeds from other websites are also an example of this.
  • Sites that are famous for doing the task of embedding content like texts, images, and videos (mainly YouTube videos) from reputed websites to their own site are also called scraped content.

How To solve Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content violation problem?

To address the problem of Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content violation in order to clear the road of getting Adsense approval easily you have to follow a few things that are mentioned below:

  1. First, remove all of your scraped content from your site and start writing original content on those blog topics and publish it once again on your website. Re-apply your site to Google for AdSense approval once again.
  2. Don’t embed unnecessary files, copyrighted videos, and images.
  3. Always try to write the original form of content all by yourself rather than spinning the content. If you’re not a well content writer you can hire someone who can write rich content for you. But don’t take any misleading way of publishing content that is copied, adds no real value to its reader’s life, and so on.
  4. Don’t use ads on any page on your site that is low in words. In simple language don’t paste ads like on less word content pages or no content pages.
  5. Don’t add excessive Ads links (affiliate links or any other Ads from third party Ads network) on your site to any posts or pages before applying for Google Adsense.
  6. Make sure the theme of your site is mobile-friendly.
  7. Add important pages on your site (privacy policy, about us, contact us, disclaimer), etc.
  8. Write 20-30 unique and rich contents first before applying for Google AdSense monetization.

Final Words:

Giving your proper attention to these above-mentioned valuable key points will help you solve the Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content Issue easily.

Getting Google Adsense approval is a real tough game now because of constantly updating or changing the AdSense policies rules and regulations.

The worst thing about Scraping content is that it actually has a big bad effect on your site’s overall SEO. If you really want to grow your blog real big and stay on the hunt in the blogging field for a very long time, you must forget of doing any wrong activities on your site that harm badly.

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