10 Most Essential Blogging Tools to Help You Stay Ahead in the Competition.

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10 Most Essential Blogging Tools to Help You Stay Ahead in the Competition.

As newbie bloggers, we often don’t know about essential blogging tools that are there to assist us. Not just that these tools actually play a big role to help you stay in the competition or even beat the competition.

We just forget or neglect it totally to use those blogging tools and resources in your blog.

Either way, you are making big mistakes. In that way, your action can reflect as a crime.

Crime in the sense, knowing everything but not doing anything at all for the betterment of your blogging career.

But not knowing those blogging tools that actually exist is just a common problem to have as a newbie blogger.

So, don’t you dare give yourself stress about this shit as I said before this is just a common problem to have especially as a new blogger?

So right now, you must consider reading through this whole article to the end so that you don’t need to go anywhere else to find your answer.

I hope you have prepared enough for a roller coaster ride.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that means if you click on that link and buy the recommended product I will earn a commission.

Now, let’s begin!!


wordpress.org site image screenshot

The first tool you must have in your armor at the beginning to stay at the competition or outrank your competitors is by using WordPress.

There are several CMS available in the market like Wix, Zyro, Squarespace, blogger, etc. But WordPress stands tall above all. Every professional either recommends or uses WordPress.

WordPress comes with both WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG versions and you need WordPress.ORG if you wish to make a brand around your site. It’s not that using WordPress.com is a complete waste of time but the thing is with WordPress.ORG it becomes More suitable for SEO perspective.

With WordPress, you actually have the luxury to add extra features and functionalities to your site such as plugins, themes, etc and this will make your site as professional as it looks.

Google Trends

Google Trends Screenshot Image

The second blogging tool (only if you consider it) that comes to my mind is Google trends.

As I said you might not be interested to call it one of the blogging tools but let me tell you it is a plugin.

Let’s say you have an idea or topic in your mind and you want to write a blog or article on that topic. But you confused enough whether the content has potential or worth writing or not.

That is where Google trends come in!!

Now what you can do is just search Google trends on Google and type any keywords related to your topic that you want to write about.

Now what you will see is a chart that will show all the data about that topic and you get to know that either the keyword or topic is super trendy or super flop.

In that way, you get a fair idea at first of how that topic or keywords worth writing or not.

You should look at the monthly search volume of those keywords in order to get a fair idea.

Now, you should also need to go to Google and search Ubersuggest or Semrush and put your selection of keywords and you will find Search volume, minimum CPC, and SEO difficulties of that keywords.

Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer site Screenshot image

Now as you already come up with an idea after testing your keywords on Google trends and also finding the all necessary details from Ubersuggest or from keyword tools.io, the next thing you need to find out an attention-grabbing title for your headlines.

Here, you need to listen my word carefully again.

Attention-Grabbing Title

You have to always remember a well-written content might not work without a solid title.

A solid title means a title should contain fewer common words and filled with extra emotional words. The title must be straight to the point convey what the topic about to be.

Most importantly title should be a maximum of 12-14 words. Anything less than that will be great and work excellent of SEO points of views

Headline Analyzer tool covers all of that for you. It also shows SEO scores of the headlines of how the title is going to perform.


Grammarly Screenshot image

When it comes to the most essential blogging tool that you can’t ignore it has to be Grammarly.

Every professional in the content writing field use Grammarly. Because Everyone knows how important it is not to make any grammatical errors.

Grammatical mistakes can spoil your hard work and your readers might get less interested to visit your site again even though you write on trending and useful informative topics.

That’s why it’s very important not to make a single error. Grammarly comes in handy when it comes to checking any grammatical error.

Not just that Grammarly also provides a plagiarism checker to check your written content is plagiarism-free or not.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Screenshot image

Yoast SEO is another very important blogging tool that helps your post optimized for SEO points of view.

This tool comes with both free and paid versions so that everyone can optimize their respective post and pages in order to rank on Google.

Yoast SEO gives you alerts on how you can improve your post every time you start to write something. It keeps suggests some key points to improve your blog.

Below mentioned key points are extremely important for SEO points of view whenever you write a blog post or article.

Minimum Title Width

Meta Description

Internal Link

Outbound Link

Keyword Density

Adding keyphrase in introduction Part

Short Paragraph

Use enough active voice

Reading test

Image alt text

Giving Feature Image for the post.

Making sure post word length at least 300 above.

This is what you need to look for every time you write a post.


Canva Screenshot image

Have you ever read a blog that made you bored and eventually forced you to leave that site?

If your answer is yes!! one of the possible reasons might be that page or rather the article hadn’t used a single piece of the image.

I’m not saying this is the only reason that readers leave a page after landing for a few seconds or so. Other possible reasons could be cringe content, copied content or grammar, and spelling mistakes, etc.

Most of the cases the problem happens to be like not using images for the content.

Without visual effects, you can’t expect your readers gonna stay on your post on the basis of just written words. One needs to provide enough image sources to retain the readers on the page as much as possible.

Now as discussed this problem you probably eager to know well what is the solution to this simple problem.

The solution is Canva. Using Canva you don’t have to be a professional designer. You will find both free and paid templates to create a great-looking visual image for your content purpose.

Using Canva you get unlimited templates for blog banners, blog post images, and also unlimited pre-made infographic charts.

You just have to be creative enough so that you can make great-looking image content.

Convert kit

Screenshot of wordpress.org

This tool is most important when it comes to making money consistently from a blog.

This is a kind of tool that every blogger should use.

Surely, you have to pay at the beginning ($29/month for the creator plan) and in response, it will provide some excellent features like email automation, making a landing page with a pre-made template, and most importantly building email lists. It also gives you the luxury to send messages to your email subscribers.

You can also use Convert kit for free but the limitation is you have access to only 1000 subscribers.

Now with a collected email list you can send emails to your email subscribers and let them know you have something to offer them like E-book or any other valuable services.

Add to any share

AddToAny Share Button Screenshot

Add to any share button is one of free blogging tool that you can’t miss out from using it.

In the beginning, you can’t expect Google will send organic traffics to your website. In order to build or show your website authority to Google, you do need traffics at the initial stages so that Google can understand that your site falls under those categories that provide quality content.

This all can happen if you make a wise decision and add a social share button to your site.

Add to any share button comes in handy for making an engagement with your audiences coming from different social media platforms. This plugin helps your readers to share your content even pages to the social media platforms and you get unlimited viand social shares

This share button helps you customize accordingly like you can add social icons either at the top of the content or end of the content, even in both places top and end. you can add this feature in the middle of the content.


Tailwind image

Tailwind is another important blogging resource tool that is extremely important for the promotional aspects.

With the help of Tailwind, you can drive unlimited traffic from social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind includes features like automation that helps to generate different types of customized design of the same image content. You have the luxury to publish all of those images in your selected scheduled time format.

You can also publish them manually as soon as you have those customized images available on your tailwind board.

Now you will notice at some point that you are getting unlimited traffic from Pinterest. In that way, you can compete against other authority sites like theblogstarter.com, wpbegginer.com, etc.


Optimizilla site screenshot

Optimizilla is the must needed tool for every blogger and content publisher out there.

This blogging tool compress all kind of images for you in the form of JPEG and PNG format.

This blog tool allows you to upload up to 20 images at a time in order to compress images in JPEG and PNG format. Not just that, it actually allows you to choose images from preview after compressed images.

Using Optimizilla your site will load fast whenever a regular viewer or first-time visitor tries to search your Url on the web.


In this article, I did list down a chart of the 10 most essential blogging tools to help You stay ahead in the competition.

Every single tool that has been mentioned here in this blog post is worth using in order to make a mark in your blogging career.

You actually can go for alternatives ( different options for the same plugins) but I would recommend you only stick to the above-mentioned plugins.

You are more than welcome in the comment section below and let me know which one of these tools you think is the most vital to use.

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