5 Most Important Email Marketing Metrics or Analytics You Must Know

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If you have a blog or any kind of website like a business or commerce website you can’t ignore Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is an excellent way of building a contact list over time so that you can generate revenue from that.

What is Email Marketing

Now if you don’t know about what is email marketing in general then don’t worry let me explain it to you in brief.

It is a way that businesses that are running online collect their customer’s email addresses by exchanging and giving them something free that they require.

After collecting the Email addresses of the potential customers businesses can nurture the email contact list as per their good intention to generate more profit and revenue.

Businesses can send different types of emails like cold emails, newsletters, promotional or sales emails, educational emails, and many other types of emails that can help them make profits from those email lists.

Email Marketing Metrics

What are Email Marketing Statistics, Metrics, and Analytics?

Now that you know exactly what is email marketing you must know the Email Marketing metrics and analytics?

Otherwise, you can’t actually know whether or not you are generating a profit or not from those email lists.

Knowing the email marketing analytics can give a fair understanding of if you are doing the right thing or not by following the email marketing strategy for your businesses or clients’ business.

Types of Email Marketing Metrics

Now that you understand why it is important to know the email marketing analytics or metrics. it’s time to know the types of email marketing metrics or analytics you must know to measure the email marketing analytics and make strategies further for the business to make profit and revenue.

Open Rate:

Open rate is the most important email marketing metric. With Open rate metrics, you can know the percentage of how many people had opened your email. It is called the open rate.

Normally the average Email open rate is 25%. This means out of 100 people, 25 people had opened the email.

Click-through rate:

With the click-through rate, you can understand how many people have clicked a link that is given in the email. It could be anything like an image, CTA button, videos, etc.

According to studies, the average click-through rate across all industries is around 4% and from marketer’s perspective, it’s around 15%.

Unsubscribe Rate:

The unsubscribe rate tells you how many people had quit your email subscription. Now you don’t need to worry about this unless it crosses the normal rate of 0.2%. If it’s under that particular percentage it’s fine but if it’s not then you should worry about the content that you are sending to your prospects.

It’s important to know that people can quit your Email Subscription over time so don’t worry too much about that. As I said anything under that particular percentage it’s totally fine.

Complaint Rate:

Complain rate means that someone has received your mail and marked it as spam. I know it can affect your overall email marketing strategies but such things can happen and you can’t ignore that.

Normally the average complaint rate is 0.03 percent.

There can be several reasons of email complain. These are

  • Maybe their inboxes were getting flooded with lots of low-quality emails and they accidentally marked one of your emails as well.
  • Maybe you were sending emails too much and they forget that they already subscribed to your list in the past.
  • Or Maybe they wanted to unsubscribe your email list but could not find out the links so they decided to mark it as a complaint.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce Rate is the percentage of emails that couldn’t be delivered successfully. This can happen for two reasons. One, the prospects had no interest as soon as they opened your mail or the email server was the problem when delivering the emails.


If you can properly know these important Email Marketing metrics and make email marketing strategies further chances will be high to generate more revenue or profits from email marketing ROI.

But for that to happen you must know of these above-mentioned key points of email marketing so you can run better email marketing campaigns.

If you feel that you’ve got some important information from this post sharing it will give me a boost of motivation and will encourage me to provide more valuable content further to help you.

Thanks! For reading this till the end 🙏👍

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