13 Most Common Blogging Mistakes That Most Bloggers Make (You might also)

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I hope you are probably here because you wanna know what are those blogging mistakes or the Most common blogging Mistakes That Most Bloggers Make that you want to avoid.

Then, my nice reader, you have landed in the right place. Today I will discuss with you in detail what are those blogging mistakes that you might be doing today.

Let’s start then!

13 Most Common Blogging Mistakes That Most Bloggers Make (You might also)
blogging mistakes to avoid

We all know ( bloggers/content writers) how important it is to stay at the top of the blogging game, especially when you are a beginner.

You can’t afford to make even one silly mistake around here if you are very serious about this.

There are very simple and common physiological things that help beginner bloggers commit these kinds of mistakes.

And that is how to Make Money from blogging as early as possible.

That is where these mistakes come into play and effects badly on SEO, and the results are you barely get enough traffic and conversions.

To make sure you start driving traffic to your website you must stop making these mistakes.

So, what are these mistakes?

Well, let’s discuss it without any delay.

Yes, you heard it right. In most cases, beginner blogger makes mistakes at the beginning. What these are!!

a. Not choosing a custom domain is considered silly blogging mistakes

The first common blogging mistake that beginner bloggers make is not changing the default domain name.

For example, They start publishing content on default Url like either www.yoursitename.blogspot.com or www.yoursitename.wordpress.com and start dreaming that they gonna hit like boom.

And this is a totally wrong concept to have. You might be a great content writer and have great skills to write top-notch article or blog posts but once your potential audience notice or find out your domain name comes by default, you can expect to turn off negligence from them.

People don’t trust a website having a default blogspot/WordPress.com domain name, Choosing a custom domain will help to make your site established and it helps you build brand value by choosing a suitable and correct one.

b. Not selecting a hosting provider

This is one of those common blogging mistakes one needs to avoid. Selecting hosting for your site is as important as choosing a domain name. If you want to have your own server where you can store your website files and run the site smoothly without any hustle, then you must need to choose a hosting provider.


Most bloggers do the mistake, of not choosing a hosting provider. They think it not gonna cause badly, and go with the free CMS websites like Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, and Joomla.

But here are the things to remember, mentioned above CMS comes with an upgraded version to get access to and use those premium features.

So, it really makes no sense at all by ignoring the best CMS platform like WordPress.org or an extended WordPress.com to use.

In these two platforms, you at least have the access to use all kinds of world-class features.

But for that, you just need to choose the market’s best hosting provider to host your site for installing WordPress.

According to me, you should choose either Bluehost or Siteground.

Why I recommend these two names because both of these host providers provide fast-loading website loads with great customer care services, in case you find any issue.

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This may not be an as important aspect as the other above mentioned(choosing hosting and domain) but still can hold you back to earn some sort of SEO advantages if you choose a free theme instead of a paid theme,

If you want me to give you a lit bit of advice here, I would say, you should start a website with a paid theme.

I’m not telling you that free themes are bad to use. But remember, the theme you might be using for your website is also in use by many of the website owners or your competitors. And you can’t stand out from competitions and show your uniqueness.

If you don’t have the budget or can’t afford to buy a paid theme at the beginning, surely you can go with a free one. Later on, when the site will getting traffics and is recognized by the community you must replace the free theme with paid one.

This is one of the biggest problems that most bloggers make. And this not acceptable at all.

They think traffic will come organically without doing anything other than just publishing Top-notch posts. But it is not fully correct.

common blogging mistakes

What I mean here, is you may be best at producing great content, but ignoring your site readers and not responding to them in the comments represents a sign of instant turn-off on the face and rude.

Sure, great Content can bring a lot of new users to your website but without engagement with them, you barely have a chance to make them stay on your site.

By ignoring them you can’t build authority. And if you fail to build a relationship with them, then guarantee that you barely have a chance to generate even a single lead

That’s why your only preference should not be just producing content after content, taking the suggestions and feedback from your readers are also equally important.

This is one of those mistakes bloggers make which is not a good thing for your site.

Without using compelling headlines, you are not going to get an immense click by attracting or teasing them for your blog post.

More often than not a great headline decides whether particular content is worth it for a click or not. A good headline work as an impression to catch potential readers’ eyes.

So, what you can do is look for a tool called Headlines analyzer so that you can make your first impression and get a click for your great published content.

social, social media, communication

The days are gone where you just had to post quality content only to get traffic.

But now, only creating content and publishing it not going to give you the result that you want to see which is getting traffic organically.

I saw many bloggers who post articles per day basis but are not able to market properly rather don’t promote them on social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

If you are really wise to grow then my nice readers, you should have to have an attitude or focus on how well you can market your content by promoting them on social media.


What if I tell you this is one of those very common blogging mistakes that most bloggers make, you might do this also.

It happens mostly with newbie bloggers who come and enter this blogging world having extreme passion and excitement.

They start publishing content regularly at the beginning, but when time passes away they feel less motivated or passionate enough and do not publish a single piece of content for a week or even for a whole month.

Let me tell you It’s not a professional mindset to have.

sure, you can publish on a weekly basis or let’s say two posts monthly, be prepared to adapt to your scheduling system, and what you choose stick with that strategies in order to let yourself grow in the blogging

You have to delete it (mistake) if you really wish to taste the success in blogging.

You see many bloggers or let’s say content writers (not apply to pro bloggers or content writers) do these common blogging mistakes by neglecting keywords that have a huge potential to rank your article.

They often research keywords and look for high CPC and high-medium search volume rather than going for low CPC or search volume.

By doing these mistakes, you are not only competing against pre-established bloggers or content writers within your niche but you also giving yourself no chance to rank by neglecting keywords.


This is one of those common blogging mistakes that beginner bloggers make and that is not building a list of contact.

They don’t make a list from starting, either not knowing that before or ignoring the fact that returning visitors have the add more value than new users(new Users are also important too).

what I trying to make you understand here is, that a returning visitor can make you help to generate more conversions every time and anytime rather than your new site visitors.

Why do returning visitors help you to make conversions?

Because you have been able to gain their trust by providing the content that they care about.

blogging mistakes
common blogging mistakes

These may be the common mistakes that you might also be doing.

What we generally do is focus on publishing more and more new content.

We have a myth of new content can only brings visitors not the older one. That’s not mostly correct.

An older-outdated post is equally important as your new article.

You just need to make a change on those outdated contents to provide freshness by updating them.

and that’s where most blogger makes this mistake.

blogging mistakes by beginner bloggers

Again, I have to say this type of mistake is made by many bloggers.

We always want to design our site or want to give a professional touch to our site in every possible way, no harm in that.

But problems occur when you use those complex coding plugins by installing them on your site.

By installing those plugins your site gets decreasing in loading times which is not just good for SEO factors but also helps in decreasing search ranking.

beginner blogging mistakes

This one is often neglected especially by new bloggers.

Most Newbie bloggers think they just need to produce top-notch content and publish it, and traffic will come to their site automatically.

Let me tell you, this is also a wrong belief to have.

You have to connect yourself with your blogging community in your niche. Not just for getting organic traffics, rather you should be engaged with them so that you can learn a lot of new things.

one should also promote other bloggers’ articles to make them believe that you are engaging with a selfless mindset (who do not always promote their own content).

Common Blogging Mistakes
new blogger blogging mistakes

Last but not least, you might be ignoring or don’t aware of the power of the images and infographics to your content.

Surely, you might be producing great content for your audience but without any visual attraction people not going to engage with your content. They will leave as soon as they find any lack of interest or gets bored.

using infographics and images to your content not just gives a feeling of professional-looking content but it helps to engage your audience with your content which is a very important SEO factor for audience retention to the site.

Not approving blog comments manually:

Another blogging mistake that most beginner bloggers make is not approving all the comments on their site manually.

Automatically approved blog comments can harm your website’s overall SEO if those comments come from a spammer’s website.

It is always better to self-check every comment on your site manually and customize any comments if needed and then approve the blog comments.


These are the common mistakes that most bloggers make especially those who are inexperienced or totally newbies in blogging.

But here I want to tell you one thing, no one can be born as experienced in anything, one has to learn things by practicing and experimenting a lot in respective fields of their interest.

The same goes for the blogging profession. someone has to learn things by experimenting a lot for example doing site design to SEO optimization.

I hope that the above-mentioned points of common blogging mistakes got your attention. And assuming that you are not one of those bloggers or content writers who fall under this category and making one of these blogging mistakes.

But don’t need to be worried If you were doing any mistakes before reading this post, you still have a chance to make things correct.

Now as you read through the whole article to the end I hope you find it worth it. If your answer is yes then why not share this content with your friends and family who are also very much into it (blogging).

You are more than welcome to the comment section below to let me know what is your take on this topic or you can also give me suggestions (any New topic or give your feedback).

I wish you the best of luck! if you’re thinking to start a blog in 2022.

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