7 Most Common Blogging Mistakes that I had made Before Starting a Blog

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7 Most Common Blogging Mistakes to avoid

Welcome everyone to a new blogging topic where I’ll reveal the common blogging mistakes that I had made at the start of my blogging journey.

Some of those mistakes are very common while a few of them may give you a shock to see in this list.

I hope my new blogging friends will have some idea about what others Common blogging mistake to avoid to succeed in blogging.

But before I go out to reveal those initial blogging mistakes that I had made, I have got a request for you, read through this whole stuff so that you don’t make any silly mistakes in blogging like me.

This whole blog is dedicated to my future blogging friends as well as existing new bloggers.

Why am I saying this is very simple and no rocket science behind this. Mistakes can be committed only by new bloggers.

But that doesn’t prove the fact that established bloggers don’t face problems in blogging.

The thing is they already overcome these problems and come out as pro in blogging.

Now, it’s time to focus on those mistakes that I had made at the initial stages of my blogging journey. I hope you won’t commit the same mistakes as me.

Let’s begin

Not picked self-hosted site

This was one of my biggest mistakes and that’s why I had to put this on the top of the list.

No one wants to work hard in any field if the outcome doesn’t exist in a good way.

In the beginning, I thought it will be great to start a blog for free on wordpress.com as I was confident without having any proper knowledge about other aspects of blogging. Slowly but gradually I got knowledge of experience.

Actually, A free source isn’t always free I learned this very hard way.

Anyway, the fact of the matter is choosing a free open-source blogging platform doesn’t help you to treat your blog as owner. You can’t even have full control over your blog.

So, when you start planning to launch your website you should launch the website self-hosted by choosing a perfect hosting provider for your blog.

And, when it comes to hosting Bluehost topped the list.

But don’t get me wrong here, I’m just giving you here free suggestions and not promoting any product to earn a commission.

Once you launch your site on self-hosted you will have full authority over it which means no one would think to control the site without your permission.

But, the thing is as you already came to know that you have the full authority on your site that means it also indicates you will have to face the problems regarding any technical issues and solve the problem.

But this is not showing any discouragement from me. It is bound to happen and anyone can solve any problems regarding hosting with help of any technical person.

Not buying a Domain name

A domain name is your website address and when someone wants to visit your website they simply search your site address on the Google search which helps them to land them on the site.

So, not buying a domain name was one of the common blogging mistakes that I had made.

And my only suggestion for my new blogging friends is to buy a domain. after buying a domain you can avoid these common blogging mistakes once and for all.

Things to consider when buying a domain

  • A domain name should be a brandable name.
  • The first preferable choice when buying a domain should be .com,.net, .org, so that visitors can trust the site easily even before reading your content.
  • A domain name should be unique in its own way.
  • A domain name should be with minimum character

Blogging with a free domain name such as www. your site name.blogspot.com or www. your site name.wordpress.com will not provide any value and success. So it’s better to get a domain name and build a site and grow it like a brand.

So, I hope you get the points of why it is very necessary to buy a domain name.

Hope you are not one of those who were thinking of starting the blogging journey with a free domain, if you were thinking of doing don’t worry you still have the time to shift your mind for the greater good.

Not having a proper posting schedule

You know what, this is one of the most common blogging mistakes that anyone might have made or faced in their initial blogging career and some newbie bloggers are still might be making right now.

Now , what I’m trying to say is that picking up a schedule time is one of the most important aspect in blogging.

A blogging schedule time is mean posting blogs should be timely as well as consistent way.

A good blog posting schedule can be different for every individual. Some bloggers may post daily, some may post 2-3 posts a week and some may post that amount of blogs for a month. And this is totally ok.

But what isn’t not ok that you posts regularly for 2/3 months and not posting anything in coming months after that.

But don’t worry, if you were making these kinds of mistakes (not adopting a proper posting schedule) before, you are not going to make the same mistakes again because you have already know how it can make a great hit.

Not building an email list

Building an email list is the most important aspect in blogging that decides whether you are going to be profitable or not ( here talking about making money).

An email list is the greatest asset for every content creators.

With an email list, you will be profitable no matter what. Now you may be a little confused about how that possible.

Well, let me tell you, with your email lists you can start getting money by providing them any valuable services and get paid.

You can provide them any services like consulting services, selling e-books, e-courses, e-templates anything that you want to offer.

This is how you can maximize the profit in blogging.

But don’t be Salesy, you should concentrate to build a trustable relationship with them.

So, that they don’t feel like anything rude about you.

So, I hope my blogging friends have some clear idea of how this common blogging mistakes avoid.

Not using social platforms for promoting the content

This is also one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make at starting their blogging journey.

Almost every newbie bloggers think that their content is uniquely written. They start fantasizing about they are going to get instant traffic from Google and that is a misconception to have.

You know, there is a lots of contents that is has been publishing every single day.

So, you should know that posting or publishing content is not enough, what is more important, is to maximize your chances to get visitors from others sources by promoting them.

Anyone who is sensible like you will not wait for coming traffic from Google rather will try to get traffic as fast as possible by promoting the content on other content-sharing platforms like Reddit, Pinterest, Linked In, Facebook, etc.

The plus point to have traffic from social platforms is, you are sending a sort of clear message to Google that your content is very interesting and providing knowledge to the readers or solving the problems.

Not writing a long-form article

In the beginning, I had made this blogging mistake with my other two failed blogs.

I didn’t came to know that much before of it’s importance ( writing a long form content ).

But, I had learned this hard way.

Nowadays writing content isn’t enough, you have to explain the content properly so that you can get the best possible results.

What I mean here that writing a content should cover everything.

For example, discover the problems than explaining the problems to solving the problems in the same article.

Common Blogging Mistakes to avoid

Writing a long form content can beneficial for you in the following aspects

  • Helps you to get a lot of links from other websites.
  • You get a lot of shares for your content
  • you increase the chances to get ranked on Google.
  • You get backlinks for other keywords.
  • You build the authority by posting a long article

So, I guess you have got to know why is it necessary to write a long form content.

Not Writing content on a Niche

This is one of those blogging mistakes that beginner bloggers make when it comes to blogging.

There is no shame for me to admit the fact that i had also made these mistakes with one of my failed blogs.

Writing for a niche-based site is very important. You can’t write or rather choose a blog topic that covers many niches or can be dividable into many niches.

For example, You can’t start writing about Gadgets of the camera, Phone, refrigerator, etc covering in the same blogging site rather it would be nicer to write only about the camera and camera-related accessories or Phone reviews and its accessories

Blogging in a niche topic has its own advantages such as

  • It proves to the audiences of your site that you have the full knowledge of that certain topics.
  • It helps Google to understand what your site is all about.
  • One of your articles can go viral in no time and Google helps you to start driving traffic to your website

I hope my beginner blogging friends can take this as a learning experience of how to not make those biggest blogging mistakes.

Is blogging dead in 2021

Blogging is not dead. It’s just evolved in times. Blogging is still very much in the race if you want to compare it with video-sharing contents platforms like Youtube. Blogging will be great for those who will dare to learn and updated with anything related to blogging.

What is niche in blogging

A niche is a topic that you decide to write content on specific topics. For example, Writing on baby products is a niche blogging considering there might be other topics available for baby-related blogging sites such as helping to sleep newborn babies, breastfeeding, baby care, how to make the baby happy, etc.

Biggest mistakes that bloggers still makes in 2021

Starting a blog without knowing the audiences of the site. The other biggest mistakes is not picking a hosting providers and a domain name.


As we had promised to discuss the topic of how you can not get trapped into these blogging mistakes, it’s time to apply those above-mentioned points to your own blogs.

Blogging can bring real joy or satisfaction if you do it with proper directions and strategies.

Content creation is one of the best things to do and getting success in that adds more tastes into this.

I hope this one will help each and every of my new blogging friends out there and will motivate them not to make those common Blogging Mistakes that I had made.

lastly, I want to appreciate that you had spent the time to read through this whole article.

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