6 Blogging Tools that help me A lot while blogging?

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Blogging is easy if you know how to do it. For newbie bloggers, blogging can be daunting if you don’t find the easy way to write blog posts effectively.

Writing an effective blog isn’t easy because there are a lot of things that go into blogging from doing topic research, keyword research, promoting the blog to different platforms.

If you’re someone who struggles with blogging, don’t worry I’m going to reveal here in this post how to do blogging effectively.

Let’s reveal the names of some effective blogging tools that will not just help you write better but faster.

For Topic Research

The first thing that requires in blogging is doing research on the topic that you will write about.

Doing research makes you organized to write a blog post effectively.

Google Trends helps me find the topic that is currently hot that people keep searching on Google to read.

Public social forums/Platforms

Another way that I actually find a lot of content ideas is by going into some social platforms like Quora, Reddit.

These platforms give you a lot of content ideas to make content around.

Reddit is more like a newsroom where you’ll find lots of content around any kind of human interested topics.

Quora on the other hand also kind of the same but here people posts something as an answer in reply to address someone else questions. Not every post is addressed to somebody’s queries though.

Keyword Research Tools

To write an SEO-optimized blog post you’ll need keywords. Using relevant keywords in your blog posts helps people finding you on Google.

The benefit of putting keywords on your blog post is they do make your blog post SEO optimized. Another reason for using keywords in your blogs is that these terms (what we called Keywords) are actually get typed by humans in Google.

Therefore, adding those terms to blog posts makes it easy for people to get the answers they want.

Below are some of the Keyword research tools that I use to get the keywords around a particular topic.

blog Headline tools

To make a great first impression on the reader’s eyes you need tools that help you generate or give you the ideas of different types of perfect headlines related to the topic.

One such tool that I’m using from my first blog posts till date is the Headline analyzer tool.

It’s the tool that helps you make your blog title impressive. The tool gives you a lot of suggestions such as

  • What types of headline is that (generic, question types or list type posts)
  • The total percentages of words (Power words, common words, emotional words, uncommon words) that are available in your headline.
  • The word counts (12 is the limit) and charecter counts (72 is the limit)

Tools for creating Graphics

Infographics and images are essential parts of any blog post. If you don’t use any images on your blogs you’ll find hard times even though you write awesome.

People understand well when there is a use of infographics in your blog post. Another reason that is very effective to use infographics is that the readers stay on your site for the maximum amount of time which helps increase your page authority and the traffic.

There are lots of graphic design tools you can use but the ones I use are Canva. In Canva you’ll find pre-made templates for your blogs.

You can also create images from scratches for blogs with different types of elements both available free and pro versions over there.

SEO Tool

To write a Seo-optimized article SEO tools are very important if you want your blog post to go viral.

You just can’t help people find even Google for that matter if you don’t optimize your blog post well.

For every blog post, I write I get a lot of help from one of the leading and best SEO tool called Yoast SEO.

Even though it’s not guaranteed that it’s fully accurate enough to tell you everything 100% but tools like these can help you a lot you actually don’t know much about SEO.

It’s not that there are no alternative SEO tools but for me, this is what I use for doing the on-page SEO of my blog post.

blogging tools
blogging tools

Analytical Tools for tracking

Tools that make me happy or create excitement in me every time I use them are called analytical tools.

Using analytical tools you get insights into your blogs very easily. You get answers like what kind of posts are doing great and what not, how many visitors are coming to your sites per day, month, week, year. You can even customize it as per your needs.

You also get answers like what and how many keywords are organically ranking and driving traffic on your site, the number of backlinks you’ve got.

There are actually a lot of things you get inside of any analytical tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Semrush, and so on.

Final Thought

These are the blogging tools that help me a lot while blogging.

There are many such alternative blogging tools available in the market that you might find helpful and easy to use or understand.

I just gave you the names of some tools that I personally use. Therefore, if you find these tools helpful you are welcome!

Let me know if you actually use any of the tools I’m currently using in the comments box below.

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