Top 9 Pros & Cons of using Amazon affiliate marketing in 2022

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Earning as an affiliate marketer is one of the effective ways to earn a passive income. The only thing that needs is an established audience base so that you can recommend the affiliate product to earn a certain percentage of affiliate commission.

In order to earn money as an affiliate, you’ve to first join a certain affiliate network.

There are many affiliate networks available on the market such as Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Shareasale, Awin, JVzoo, Skimlinks, CJ Affiliates, and many more.

But, beginner’s perspective, many usually prefer to go after the amazon associates affiliate program to sign up.

Now, if you want to know why people usually prefer to join amazon affiliate programs the reasons are many (which I’ll reveal in this post later on).

In this post, you will get to know the pros and cons of using the Amazon Affiliate Program.

You’ll get to know why you should consider joining as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer and when not to.

Let’s discuss first the advantages of using Amazon Affiliate Programs that content creators get when using the network.

People’s Trusted

The best possible reason that creators apply for an amazon affiliate program is that Amazon is a globally trusted online retail shop.

pros and cons of amazon affiliate program

People don’t hesitate a bit when it comes to buying something online even if it’s from referred links provided by others.

For being globally accepted as a big online retail shop, people don’t get bothered to get scammed. They know they are buying products from a trusted network.

Therefore, if you’re a total beginner there is no way you should be neglected to join the Amazon Associate Program.

You’ll easily make quick money if you already have an audience base with yourself.

A wide Marketplace

Being such a big online retail network, Amazon has a wide range of products marketplace.

It doesn’t matter what blog niches you’re into. You will easily find products on this marketplace related to your audience.

You can promote things like apparel, electronic gadgets, games, kitchen items, books anything you could imagine can be found easily on Amazon.

This is most probably the sweetest advantage an affiliate marketer could dream of.

I mean how beautiful and exciting things it is when you get paid not because of your recommended affiliate products but for the products you didn’t recommend.

Yeah! I know this is such an amazing feeling.

You get paid whenever a customer goes through to Amazon from your given link and buys something different from the recommended products you get earned for that product also.

When it comes to customizing your affiliate links according to your needs. There is no better affiliate network than amazon.

There are four types of affiliate links customizable options. You can use your affiliate links according to your needs. These are

Pros and cons of Amazon affiliate marketing
Pros and cons of Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Text and Image Links
  • Text only
  • Image only
  • Add Widget

Get payments easily

If you’re an Amazon affiliate marketer you don’t get bothered about the payments that you’ve earned.

Unlike other affiliate networks, amazon is a trusted retailer so there is no room for getting scammed or not getting your payment timely.

Amazon has its own terms of conditions. Amazon usually pays the money you’ve earned approximately 60 days after each month ends.

Best analytical tools

If you’re an Amazon affiliate marketer and want to track your affiliate sales details such as what links are doing great and what’s not, customizable earning reports from days to weeks and months to see the best results of your links.

Amazon affiliate analytical tools

You might not get such great options with other affiliate networks to track your affiliate sale easily.

There are bound to be some consequences or drawbacks even if it’s a good devil. Here are some drawbacks that as an amazon affiliate you could be facing as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer.

Different types of commision rate

There is no fixed commission rate for all the amazon products categories.

The affiliate commission rates vary from a minimum of 5% to a maximum of 10%

Therefore, if your niche falls under those low commission rate products category then it’s not a good idea to join the Amazon affiliate program.

Cookies lasts least period of time

This is probably one of the drawbacks you will come across if you’re an Amazon Affiliate Marketer.

The cookies last only 24 hours. If someone went through the Amazon site but didn’t make a purchase under that period of time cookies get lost and you not gonna get paid after that time period even something is purchased from that links.

Not so great payment method for Outside UK & US

If you’re from outside of Uk & US, you only get paid ether bank cheque deposits or by shopping cards.

Amazon Affiliate doesn’t have easy payment method processes for (outside of the Uk & US) affiliate marketers living in different countries.

Unlink other popular affiliate networks, Amazon affiliate doesn’t use PayPal to payments.

Final Thought

Overall Amazon Affiliate associate program has more merits than demerits.

Since this is the Globally trusted retail, there shouldn’t be any concern to join the network as a beginner.

Yes, it’s totally fine if you just research a little bit whether or not your niche is best suited or not (if your niche has some products that are high in Amazon affiliate commission rates).

Tell me in the comments if you’ve already joined in the Amazon affiliate program or just thinking about joining.

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