How to Prevent from Getting banned on Amazon affiliate Program

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How to Prevent from Getting banned on Amazon Associate Program

Amazon affiliate is one of the best ways to make money online. It helps both experienced as well as beginner affiliate marketers to earn money online easily.

But, things can change pretty soon once you make big mistakes or change things unknowingly, you see Amazon’s associated account get banned in no time.

As Amazon affiliate marketers, we often skip or neglect to give proper attention to amazon associate policies.

Results are, Amazon shows no mercy to suspend Amazon associate accounts.

Amazon is very strict against the violation of its policies.

With that said, I’m here to let you know all these policies so that you can take precautions to get banned from your Amazon associate account.

You also find your answers about amazon associate policies directly here in case you don’t have time to read through this whole article!!

I was just kidding here!! I know you won’t skip this informative post if you really wish to grow as an amazon affiliate marketer in no time.

So, I hope the stage is set to present things here!!

Don’t create more than one account

The first thing you need to make sure that you don’t operate multiple accounts to earn from amazon.

I see people make multiple accounts to get the tracking stats. Whereas you simply can make lots of tracking Ids with just one account.

This is the thing that you need to consider first especially when you are at Amazon to generate affiliate sales.

Making lot of account is the wrong steps to choose.

as I already said, you simply can make multiple tracking Ids with a single associate account.

Don’t shorten links from third parties

We often try to make affiliate links short to look sizeable.

Doing so, it’s not illegal especially if you are generating short links from your Amazon associate account.


This doesn’t mean you can keep your Amazon affiliate link short from any other link shortener websites and paste it on your platform.

Amazon sees this as a violation of its policies.


The answer is simple lots of third parties are there to help you shorten your affiliate link but that doesn’t mean they are going to redirect your link visitors to the Amazon Page.

Don’t buy anything from your own affiliate links

Some Amazon affiliate marketers do this because they think this will help them earn more and they do these step by temptations.

Either they purchase things from the device of family members or recommends links to friends. And they think it’s fine!!🤔

Let me tell you!

Amazon can easily track the cookies of your affiliate sales, so don’t think of doing this mistake. If you are doing this then prepared for getting banned from your amazon affiliate account.

Don’t violate Trademark Policies

Violating amazon’s own trademark policies will surely lead you to suspend your affiliate account.

For example, imagine, you have a domain name of, and you are given amazon affiliate links to your site for generating affiliate commission. And if someone purchase from your affiliate links, you’re not going to get a commission for the product that has been purchased from your affiliate links.

The reason behind you never get that commission and get suspended because you have mentioned the name Amazon on your domain name.

You simply cannot use any name that comes under Amazon’s trademark policies for example kindle, Amazon prime

How to Prevent from Getting banned on Amazon Associate Program

Disclose you are making an affiliate commission on the site

Amazon wants you to reveal that you have given an affiliate link on your site and when someone purchase from your given link, you will get a commission

You should disclose this either in the body text or the footer section of your page.

Don’t promote links Offline via Ebook or Email

Link promote via offline is something that Amazon doesn’t allow to help you earn a commission.

Promoting your link to any offline mode, for example, email, Ebook, or any other offline mode where Amazon never finds cookies and results are you not going to get commission even though somebody does purchase the recommended product.

Don’t copy-paste amazon reviews to your site

This is another way to prevent it from getting banned by Amazon.

Using Amazon’s reviews on the site is kind of misleading work from your end.

Amazon won’t recognize this or give you special thanks if you directly copy and paste product reviews on your site to make an affiliate commission.

The best way you can have those reviews on your site is through API but for that, you have to meet the criteria of the Associate’s Program Operating Agreement.

Don’t reveal product price on your site

How to Prevent from Getting banned on Amazon Associate Program

Some affiliate marketer makes this mistakes, especially who are new to this affiliate marketing.

The often reveals the product prices on the site not thinking about the outcome of this work

Revealing the product price is not a great thing to do because Amazon products are not get sold at fixed prices after it’s launched.

Prices of Amazon products often fluctuate almost every single day.

It makes no sense if you reveal the product price on the site the day you have created that post and revealed the product price without updating it frequently🤦‍♂️

The best solution for this is to provide a call to action button on the site something like this “Check price on Amazon” or “Buy from Amazon“.

By providing this type of call to action you are free from this hassle.


As an affiliate marketer especially those who are new to this need to give kind attention to those above-discussed key points.

No one here wants to lose money by doing inappropriate work unknowingly when it comes to making money from any affiliate programs.

Being a worldwide recognized E-commerce website Amazon is a great place to join as an affiliate and earn an affiliate commission.

Now if you are still here now and this article helped you to learn something new, then you can help others by sharing this post with them.

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How many followers required to earn from Amazon affiliate?

There are no such guidelines from Amazon that notify you that you have to have a certain amount of subscribers to earn a commission. But, It is better to have at least 300 more visitors per month to start generating income.

How to promote my Amazon affiliate links?

To promote your affiliate links you need your own online platform such as a Youtube channel, a website, or even on social media platforms ( Not Recommended ) where you have your audience, subscribers.

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