11 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes that Need to Stop Making Right Away

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Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Do you want to start making money doing affiliate marketing that too without making any affiliate marketing mistakes?


I must say you have just found the right place (finding this post) to be in!

Surely, there can be many online money-making ideas but affiliate marketing finds little edge over some of them.

And that simple reason is you don’t need to do any hard work to make a huge profit margin like Pat Flynn (at least you can think to reach somewhere at the beginning level if not the somewhere close to him when it comes to making money doing affiliate marketing.)

The online money-making game has become a talking point around the globe, especially for its not being so complex method (not saying the too difficult or too easy way to make money online) when it comes to making an online income doing affiliate marketing.

But beginners often make some common affiliate marketing mistakes (which I will talk about in a little while) not following the steps that they need to at this business and sooner than later they start thinking or rather quit.

Let’s be also realistic here, this is neither a quick scheme nor a very easy method as it sounds to start earning the right way.

Now as promised, we have gonna have a great time here, as we are going to know common mistakes regarding affiliate marketing.

Let’s dive into this whole discussion and make sure you read through this article as I know, you don’t wanna commit any of these mistakes that are about to reveal here in this post.

Now, before we start revealing any mistakes one by one, let us get to know what is exactly affiliate marketing is and why you should be doing this!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Well in simple words, Affiliate marketing is an online money-making business policy where an affiliate (you/an affiliate) promotes other people or companies’ products and earns a commission (product owner/Merchant).

Let’s know this in more detail, as an affiliate when joining an affiliate program you get a unique affiliate link to promote that Xyz product to your potential customer. Now, when any of your customers click that unique link and end up buying that product, you earn a commission for that product.

Why you should be doing affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

There are several reasons why you should be doing it

  • Don’t need to create or own a product to make money doing affiliate marketing
  • You don’t require to invest upfront to start making a profit
  • You get paid almost doing nothing extra comparing it with other business
  • You promote products that already popular in the market which makes it easy for you not to think about researching the market.
  • Most importantly, you don’t have to deal with customers ( what I mean here, you don’t need to provide any sales servicing).

Now, as we have got the point of why should we do this business, let’s dive in to reveal those mistakes one by one so that you don’t make those mistakes. But for that, you need to make sure you stick around here and read through this post without skipping any valuable mistakes.

Now, without any further a due, let’s dive in

Thinking it some sort of quick get rich scheme

The first mistakes that anyone can make easily by taking this like some get quick rich scheme rather than taking this as a business model.

let me say, this is not a quick get rich scheme where you just earn quick money without moving your leg.

Like any other business model you do need to put some time into it so that it can grow and you get the best possible results.

Affiliate marketing is actually a valid business model and it needs time like any other business model that is available on internet marketing.

But we see there are lots of newbies out there who are stepped in already thinking they are going to be rich in two days

Going for the wrong niche for doing affiliate marketing

The silliest mistake one can make is choosing a niche that either you have no interest in or the niche is happened to be popular for coming daily traffic from organic search but the affiliate products are not so converting related to that niche.

For example, if you have any of these sites such as movie review sites, tech news sites, gaming sites, you hardly have a chance to promote products that are highly converting related to those niches.

Rather, we should first research the niche sites that have high converting affiliate product programs and also solves the customer’s problem.

Now, as you have got some niche ideas, it’s time to pick a niche (choosing a site after researching sites) that got your interests.

Not building an Email lists

This is probably one of those mistakes that hardly anyone wants to commit.

Not building an email list, is like you are leaving a lot of money at the table.

An email list is like an asset. let me tell you how!

Having a ready email list full of contacts of your website followers you can pitch your customers to buy Xyz affiliate products anytime to earn a commission for that product.

With an email list, you can do many other different things to make money other than Affiliate marketing.

For instance, you can sell E-books, templates, courses and make a lot of money.

But this mistake is often made by almost every newbie bloggers out there, even some of the intermediate bloggers also make the same mistakes.

Start promoting products without using them before

Here we go, we have got another mistake on the list regarding affiliate marketing.

These mistakes are often made by some affiliate marketers especially those who are chasing the money.

Going blindly after that product to earn a high commission by promoting that product, you are doing unethical things or some sort of crime for that matter.

In most cases, you are not going to help your customers by promoting those products simply because you haven’t tested those products (I mean not having a first-hand experience of using that service) yet.

Testing the products first and then recommending them to your potential customers is the best and honest way to promote anything.

Giving them a valid and solid reason why they should consider buying Xyz products from your recommendation is as I said Best and ethical way to do affiliate marketing business.

Selling mentality instead of helping

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes that need to avoid

Selling the products without adding or giving any value to those customers is also an unethical way of dealing with this affiliate business.

Your customers don’t want to know the product’s features rather they are interested in knowing whether your recommending affiliate product is helpful and problem-solving or not.

For example, think you are a customer, and you are dealing with a salesperson who is pitching the product’s features to you rather than telling its problem-solving qualities, would you be interested in buying that product.

Probably not.

I guess you have got my point here, why you shouldn’t be doing these mistakes as a sincere person.

Not tracking your unique affiliate link

Not tracking your affiliate link is another way of making affiliate mistakes when it comes to making money doing affiliate marketing.

Most of the time, you ignore or probably forget to check those affiliate links that you have inserted into your site.

Checking whether those links are properly working or not is really important to look at.

You should be checking your affiliate links for the following reasons

  • Checking your links to confirm it’s working or not.
  • Checking if the affiliate product has been totally modified or not.
  • Is that affiliate program still promoting that product or not.
  • Is those particular affiliate products are out of stock or not.
  • confirming if your affiliate program banned or shut down.

These are some of the above-mentioned affiliate marketing problems regarding affiliate links.

Giving up to early

Another most beginner-friendly affiliate marketing problem is not giving enough time to this business.

Like any other business model, affiliate marketing also requires some time to reach that stage where this business can grow like a tree and help you to make a lot of profit.

But the problem is we start this business to earn money overnight especially after hearing from those online Gurus who make statements that you earn a lot of money doing affiliate marketing in no time.

For instance, I’ve come to know you don’t even get success in affiliate marketing even after 6 to 12 months’ time.

So, one should stop thinking that they are going to be millionaires or something in such a short span of time.

Spamming your affiliate links

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Spamming your affiliate links is another affiliate marketing mistake that needs to stop making.

Spamming the links on blogging forums, social media platforms are not very intelligent work.

By doing so, you are wasting your energy.

You can’t think that you can get immediate clicks by randomly going into every other social media group or blogging forums and pasting your links.

Not even thinking to send the same consent to your email subscribers that don’t have interested in buying anything, not especially that affiliate products that you are pitching time and time again

Joining too many affiliate programs

For increasing the earnings we as an affiliate tend to make these mistakes.

We make this mistake because we think we should make the most profit by joining other affiliate programs.

But it is not a good strategy to follow when it comes to making money by joining different affiliate programs at once.

It’s pretty much understandable that you can’t really have enough profit by joining only one affiliate program.

This is why you should aim for 1 or 2 affiliate programs in your mind to join them.

Joining more than 1or 2 affiliate programs are not going to help basically what you are doing is giving too many options in front of your potential buyers.

For example, think that you are providing several affiliate links into one post, now tell me what do you think the possible results are going to be!

Is it going to be easier for your customers to choose and click any of your given links? or they will leave the page undecided on what affiliate products should they need to buy?

The answer should be the second one for obvious reasons.

That is why choosing selective affiliate programs and joining them is really an impressive strategy to follow.

Purchasing the products from your own affiliate links

Buying the products from your own affiliate links is another way of making affiliate marketing mistakes that need to stop.

Some affiliate marketers tend to buy affiliate products from their own affiliate links either to get an instant commission, to review the product, or to see whether that affiliate link is working or not.

Doing these mistakes, you may have to pay the price by getting banned from that affiliate program.

If you really wanted to buy that affiliate product only to write a review article for your potential customers then it should be good if you purchase the product separately (without buying that product from your affiliate links).

Not utilizing paid traffic resources

These may not be bigger affiliate marketing mistakes that need to stop doing compared to other above-mentioned points.

But surely it can be!

Relying only on free traffic resources to generate your affiliate income may not be fruitful especially if you don’t wanna play the waiting game.

To generate affiliate marketing profit immediately, you have to pay for running ads on Google, Facebook, etc.

The best part of running ads is that you don’t have to wait to get your first affiliate sales.


To be a successful affiliate marketer one should continue to learning or exploring the affiliate marketing business in new ways.

Learning and exploring this topic may give some fresh ideas as to how you should do this business in a way to cope with the market competition.

As a newbie affiliate marketer not only do we have to overcome these mentioned affiliate marketing mistakes but we should also make sure we don’t fall under any scam or do scams when it comes to making money from affiliate marketing in long run.

Now as you have got some ideas about what these mistakes are that beginner affiliate marketers do make, I believe you don’t wanna make those mistakes while doing affiliate marketing.

Last but not least, I hope you have enjoyed this article while getting some information side by side, and if you did then consider sharing this post, and don’t forget to make a comment about what you think are the most dangerous affiliate marketing mistakes.

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