About Me

Hi, this is Aditya here, I’m in this blogging profession since 2018. But don’t get me wrong here, this is one of my websites that recently launched online.

I have the knowledge about blogging profession and how it works. Frankly, speaking I didn’t have the idea of what name should be better to choose. Except for blogging, I also have some experience in the affiliate marketing field. This is why I picked the name called blogxpaffiliate for sharing informative blogging and affiliate marketing content with you.

I love blogging and even more what I love is motivating someone or giving some information to those of my future blogging friends who are wanting their site to grow like me so that they can easily monetize the site and start making money.

I know it should not be the one-way bridge of engaging with my following friends, where it may sound like only me, not you engaging with my content. I’m a very nice guy and would love to have you here on my site.

If you have any queries please be sure to post that in the comments or signing up for our Contact Form.