7 best blog Niches For 2021

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Congrats!! in Advanced!!


Because you already decided you want to write a blog on your own blogging site. And in that way you are already ahead of the crowd.

But here is a thing, you know from bottom of your heart that you have the ability to write on any topic. You probably know what topic interests you most and you can write on that topic all day long without getting bored. But, what is the guarantee that you are actually putting your hard work on the right topic (to make money from that) or not?

So, don’t worry I’m here to help you out from this headache to choose the best niche for you in 2021 that also interests you to write as well.

While starting, choosing a Profitable blog niche was also a difficult task for me. Fortunately, I got the answer in less time. Now, I will tell you how to choose the best blogging niche that makes money. So that you don’t face any problems while choosing a niche.

Best blog niche
Best Blog Niches for 2021

But, Before that, you need to know these things first……..

What is a Blog?

In simple words, you write on your website to share maybe informational-related stuff, personal opinions, video, image, or even graphics anything that you post called a blog.

Now, that you know what is the actual meaning of a blog you need to understand……

What is Niche?

A niche is something that represents a particular area of interest. In blogging, a niche means, you don’t go for the general area to showcase the expertise but you master yourself in a particular topic and establish the authenticity in the reader’s eyes.

Why need to choose a Niche For Blogging?

You may be interested in technology to write your first blog, but you can’t name technology as a niche because, technology is not a particular niche, it covers the whole area such as the internet market, Gadget Markets, blockchain technology, and many more just name it.

That is why you need to select a particular area, suppose you want to write an article about gadgets only, that is called Niche. You can even write about only Headphones or camera-related kinds of stuff in that gadget niche category that will be regarded as a micro-niche topic.

So, always go for a particular niche so that you will not face the heat of the competition. Not only that if you go for a particular niche instead of chasing a vast area you will be able to present yourself as an authority on that topic.

So, I hope you understood the concept of Niches and why you should need to choose the right one wisely.

Now without any delay, let’s jump into today’s topics of the best blogging Niche for 2021!!

1. Tech Blog

best blogging niche in 2022

No surprise or blunder if anyone chooses this niche to start a blogging career. Why? because we are living in the 22nd Century and we are all dependent on technology a lot. As I said before, technology itself is a vast area to drive in. So, instead of going into that deep ocean, what you can do is pick a perfect micro-niche that interests you most.

For example, you can write only on camera-related topics. In that way, your credibility will increase faster and in no time your article will definitely rank on the Google SERPs page. But for this, you have to put your efforts into it (Blogging). surely you will start earning sooner than later.

Now you probably asking what is the possibilities of earning from a tech blog.

Well, earning from a tech blog is endless if you are a really techy person.

Let me tell you how you can earn from a tech blog other than Google AdSense.

A. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best ways to make money from a tech blog. You just promote tech products, you will earn a commission for that product whenever a customer buys a product from the link that you have posted on your website.

you can earn $1000 to $10000 per month or even more only by doing affiliate marketing.

B. Sponsored Post

If you be able to gain trustworthiness and made your site that way to showcase your site’s authenticity you are not much time away when brands will definitely approach you for sponsorship. And you can make some cash instantly. Though it must not be your only income source.

C. Product Reviews

You can also do reviews on products on your niche-oriented topics, by joining any affiliate programs you like such as the amazon associate program, Cj affiliate, Shareasale, Clickbank, etc.

2. Food Blog

Food is always the first priority when it comes to living. So, it will help you gain traffics if you can write about food recipes, and posting your own tried cooking videos on the site. You can also make an e-book or tutorials on your site so that you get lots of traffic and you will generate money in no time.

This niche is here to stay as long as people exist in this world. It is very simple, and as you know already that humans can’t live without food, water, wind, etc.

Choosing a Food blog is the best and quickest way to get traffic if everything is done correctly.

Because it’s an evergreen topic you will not face any difficulties to fetch traffic immediately.

you can also tie up with popular restaurants by promoting them through your site to earn more.

3. Finance Blog

best blog niche
Finance blog image

A Finance related blog is one of the best niche topics to choose from in this modern world.

Why? Because everyone wants to save even a single penny for the betterment to secure the future.

People nowadays keep searching a lot to learn the things like how to manage or save money or how to multiply the money by investing in different schemes such as real estate, stoke market, and cryptocurrency.

So, what you can do is master one of these topics and start giving your valuable tips or share some knowledge online so that your readers get to know about finance.

you can monetize your blog with AdSense as well as by promoting financial-related schemes or products.

This is how you can earn money from a Finance niche blogging.

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Keynotes: First, You need to learn things about what is finance and how it works. Just remember one thing, Your readers will visit your site only to get benefits from your content. So don’t provide misleading content or fraud.

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4. Health and Fitness Blog

best blogging niche 2022
Fitness Image

A fitness blog is also one of the best blog niches to start your blogging career in 2021.

People have become more and more conscious about their own health, especially after a disease like Covid-19. Everybody wants to be in the best shape of their life. Every individual wants to be a fit person. Some people want to lose weight whereas some train a lot in the gyms or do yoga and playing activities to gain weight.

A fitness blog is best for those to choose and write, who have the same mentality as to how to be fit by putting a lot of work on their body. In that way, you gain a lot of experiences about how to be in shape or fit. You just need to share those things with your readers by writing in this niche.

You can write on any micro-niche topics such as weight loss, Keto diet, weight gain or muscle building ideas, how to take care of yourself, etc.

Unlike a niche, like Personal finance, You don’t actually need to be an expert like a nutritionist or a medical person to write on this topic to inspire people. An Individual such as a simple guy or a housewife even a student can write things on this topic.

5. News Website

A news website is one of the best niches to start blogging because a news website always posts the topics which always come in the trending search results.

You just need to build a news website (on WordPress or on a blogger platform) for any one of these sectors that interest you (health news, tech news, social news, business news, sports news, or entertainment news).

Post at least 5-6 articles on a particular topic regularly for 4-6 months you will definitely see the results, and you will be able to monetize your news website not only with Google Adsense but you also can earn more if you join with other affiliates programs such as Clickbank, Amazon, and others affiliate marketing programs.

6. Make money online

Make money online Niche is one of the best blog niches and easy to drive traffic to your site organically from search engines.

People always want to make some cash in part-time or even full-time. So, millions of people if not billions are searching online every day on how to earn money online regularly.

It makes sense that you can start your blogging journey in this niche to help people around the world by letting them know how they can earn cash online.

It is such a topic that you will get thousands of traffic every month if not the millions or trillions.

7. Review Website

You can start your blogging career around this niche.

It’s a very simple method to earn from this type of website.

You just post an article reviewing any types of physical products or services-related products ( digital products ) and you earn money by doing this simple thing.

Just join any of the affiliate programs and start earning in less than 5-6 months’ hard work by posting an article on your review website.

You earn more and more money by joining different types of affiliate programs and promoting the products compared to monetization through Adsense.

In case you are having a problem like not getting free or organic traffic sources to your website, I have this How to Drive traffic to your website post for you so that you can monetize easily.


What is the best niche to start a blog?

Personally, I would recommend you to choose these types of niches
1. Tech blog: Earning from a tech blog is endless if you are a really techy person……

2. Food blog: Food is always the first priority when it comes to living. So, it will help you gain traffics if you can write about food recipes, post your own tried cooking videos on the site……….

3. Finance Blog: People nowadays keep searching a lot to learn the things like how to manage or save money or how to multiply the money by investing in different schemes such as real estate, stoke market, cryptocurrency……………..

What is the best platform to start a blog?

If you want to create your first blog without any investment, go for the blogger platform.
But if you want to make (blogging) your profession then you must choose WordPress.org or wordpress.com.

What niche should I choose?

Any niche that interests you most should be your best niche to write or even make money. Because without having interests or passion no one can survive in the long run by writing on those niches that don’t excite you or bored you.


Now, as I gave you a list of niches that make money in 2021 you need to act as early as possible after reading this article.

See, I always believed that writing is just like fun, you will succeed in blogging if you have the courage and passion for it.

Please, let me know in the comment section what is your fav niche from the lists above you surely choose, and will start blogging.

I would love to hear your voice through words in the comment section below.

You also can give me feedback or some suggestions.

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