5 reasons why 500 words blog posts are not enough

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If you are someone who is having this same query of if a 500 words blog post is good enough for your website! well, I want you to know the real truth about this in this post.

I have been blogging for almost 8 years now having two other websites including this website I guess I can show you a little bit of experience that I have gained in those years.

There was a time when even a 150 words blog post would be considered enough for gaining some good traffic on that post even getting a chance to be featured on the first page of Google easily.

But, the time has changed now. what has worked good in the past is not good enough to apply the same thing today. Everything has changed for good.

Is 500 words blog post is too small

Is 500 words blog post is too small

If you want it in simple words most probably not, only when you know how to convey the information without having any issue of delivering the message to the readers.

But, in most cases, it’s not enough to write a complete informational blog post under the 500-word limit. The reason is simple you can’t explain everything under 500-word limitation.

When it comes to writing a blog post of 500 words is generally considered a decent article. But, as I said before, if you know how to convey something within the word limit you don’t actually need to worry about anything else.

But, you also have to understand that there are many things that actually need your sincere attention so that you don’t get pushed in the backward writing a 500 words blog post.

5 reasons why 500 words blog posts are not worth

There are several things that can really make you think twice about whether you should write a 500 words blog post or not.

Short blog post don’t help you to discuss a topic throughly

One of the things that come negatively with a 500 words blog post is that you really don’t get an ample amount of time to discuss a topic that you write about.

Some topics such as informational or educational posts demand long-form content so that everything can be discussed or covered in one post.

But, unfortunately, you don’t have the luxury to discuss a topic under 500 words of blog posts.

You don’t have luxury to use enough keyword

When it comes to writing 500 words of blog post you will definitely have a problem of not getting enough opportunity of using enough keywords in your blog post.

In a good quantitative blog post, you usually get the opportunity to use several types of keywords related to your topic. You can easily use main keywords, relative keywords accordingly without keyword stuffing.

But, in this case (especially when writing only a 500-word blog post) you barely get a chance to use other relative keywords with main keywords in your blog posts.

You can’t beat the competition

Another thing that goes against you when writing only 500 words of a blog post is you can’t really think that you can beat your competitor working on the same niche that you do.

The reason is really simple to understand how you can beat your competitor by writing only 500 words of blog posts when your competitors are writing a long-form article on the same niche or even the same topic for that matter.

I guess you have got another reason why you should prefer writing long-form content.

You will find it hard to get ranking one of your article on Google

There were times when you could easily get ranked on Google just by writing 300 words of a blog post.

But time has changed now. Today even 500 words of blog post are not even guaranteed that you can easily beat your competition and get easily ranked on Google for any of your articles.

Your competitors may be writing not just long-form content but also discussing the topic thoroughly. So I guess it’s obvious that you are barely getting a chance to beat the competition writing a blog post of 500 words only.

You barely get the full attention of your website reader

There is another problem that you are bound to face while writing a short-form article every time is that you barely gonna get a chance to impress your reader in order to make your permanent reader of your website.

If you’re not impressing your readers with the help of your written content on your site that is written of over 500 words you will find it really hard to make them happy and help them visit your site in the future.

Final thoughts

Basically, these are the reasons ( that I have covered in the topic) why you shouldn’t write a 500 words blog post.

I hope you have got a fair idea in this post that why writing a long-form article is really important for your website.

Let me know in the comment what other factors that you think I have skipped but are worth mentioning.

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