20 Most Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas You Should start in 2021

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profibale blogging niches

Taking blogging as a career is the most inspiring thing and one step forward of declaring oneself a boss.

But at the beginning of the blogging journey, people make mistakes when it comes to choosing the right blogging niche.

And according to me, this is one of the most common blogging mistakes that one can’t make if they want to succeed in blogging.

As you guys already came to know from the title, what is the topic is gonna be discussed in this blog post.

This blog post will reveal a long list of the most profitable blogging niche that you should start in 2021 to live a boss life.

This list will open up some interesting blogging niche ideas that you probably didn’t hear before.

So make sure you are here till the end of this article to know the niche that you feel or think you need to start working on that particular niche right now.

So without further a due, let’s discuss types of blogs that make money.

The first blogging niche on the list is the Finance niche.

Now I guess you know why it is one of the most profitable blog niches.

Because it discusses financial-related topics.

By sharing your knowledge on this with your readers you achieve your goal to become a successful blogger.

And earning potential from this niche site is huge.

Probably you can end up making money 1500$ a day which is 45000$ a month or even more. isn’t it unrealistic!!

Let me tell you it’s very much realistic to earn that must money from just blogging.

A finance blog itself a vast area that covers personal finance, banking, stock-market, currencies, etc.

You should aim to choose a niche around this finance blog topic.

You can start giving your knowledge on personal finance and how to manage that.

By sharing your knowledge or experience about finance from your blogging site you are already adding the values to someone’s life.

And the search intends on Google about Finance related contents are very impressive.

That is why the site that discusses finance is monetized quickly compared to the other niche websites.

This is why this niche is on the top of this blogging niche list.

The food and cooking blog niche is one of the most profitable niches that exist and will be there no matter what distractions happen in the world.

Why am I saying this!

Because without food human existence is impossible.

But here the discussions are different.

You can share new trendy recipes or make videos and published those from your blog is a great way to bring a lot of traffic.

You can also guide people by giving them proper knowledge about what types of cookies help them to stay fit and maintain a diet chart.

You can also collaborate with any local restaurants to advertise them so that you can earn more money other than Affiliate and Google AdSense.

One of the best profitable blogging niche ideas is the Travel blog.

People love to explore different places.

They want to refresh their mind by traveling to new places around the world as well as want to gather new ideas of life.

A travel blog is one of the best niches to start.

I know you are probably saying that what is the point to work on this niche especially what is happening around the world (talking about the Covid 19 pandemic).

People might not be interested to travel anytime soon but it’s not that people will not gonna start traveling for their rest of the life to come.

Giving new knowledge or sharing the history of tourist spots from the site are great ways to attract traffic to the site.

Event blogging also a great and profitable blogging niche to start.

An event blog covers a particular event of the year and makes a profit only at that time during the entire year.

For example, Covering New year, Christmas, Halloween party, Diwali, Holi, or any other festivals or events.

These types of sites can work wonders for you if everything is in place strategically to build and earn from the site.

I know how much can be earned from these types of websites as one of my inspirations is making money from this niche

To know more about Event blogging you should follow this Event blogging article.

A News Website is one of the best ways to generate lots of traffics every single day and make money.

The best thing with this type of website is you do not face the problem like the lake of content or content ideas.

And because news is bound to be trending, the search intends on google are great.

You don’t need to do high-quality SEO work to attract traffic.

But that doesn’t mean you should not do basic SEO.

You just need to cover the news in the most elegant and unique way. And you will see the results of your everyday hard work.

Once the site gets traffic organically, there is the best chance for you to add the ads on your site to generate an income source from this.

Another profitable blogging niche on the list is the health and fitness blog.

There is no better time to start a blogging site around this niche.

People became more health and fitness conscious after hitting the pandemic.

You will see people are more active nowadays.

What you can do is provide the fitness mantra that needs to follow.

20 most profitable blogging niche ideas you should start in 2021

A job website can be a great option to make money without doing any hard work.

The only thing that is required most is presenting your website as a platform to the Job recruiters who will be interested in job listing by your given platform.

Attracting the job recruiters and making a deal with them for listing job ads on your job website can help you earn money.

You can also earn from the job searchers by showing them paid job ads to help them connect with the ideal recruiters.

You can also make money with affiliate sites such as Linkedin, Indeed, etc.

Lyrics website is one of the best blogging niches in modern times.

Website of these can help you get unlimited traffic in a short span of time.

Everyone loves to listen to music as well as remembering lyrics.

You can work on this niche to grow faster in the blogging field.

Image website is another interesting niche one can dream of to start right away.

The great thing about this niche is you don’t need to be worried to create written content.

The only thing that matters to most is to be creative.

Now if you don’t know much about where to get the free templates or create great-looking images for your chosen niche then let me tell you, you can get those help by going to sites like Canva, Picsart, etc.

Creating great images from Canva may require stock images. And stock images can be download from sites like Pixels or Pixabay.

Affiliate website one of the best as well as trendy when it comes to making money online.

The sky is limit when it comes to earning from affiliate marketing.

Almost every content creators in any field is seeking to make money promoting affiliate products.

Anybody who even not know how to earn money easily online can help you to make the first dollar easily doing affiliate marketing.

Starting an Amazon affiliate website is probably the best investment from a beginner’s point of view.

You can promote the affiliate products and start making money right away.

Selling a Digital product from your own website can make you rich.

Creating digital goods only once will help you generate money in recurring ways.

You can create an E-book, E-courses for selling digital goods.

Make money online blogs are always trendy especially in the modern world.

Everybody wants to know the online money-making ideas especially beginners.

This niche website knows doubt can get easy traffic from the first month onwards because of its search intends on Google.

Those who have unlimited knowledge about money-making ideas can start working on this niche to become successful bloggers.

Coupon and Deals website is one of the most profitable blogging niches.

Working on this niche website needs regular updates on coupons and deals.

A Coupon and deals website is best for those who can manage the workload or have their own team to operate a site like this.

But don’t get me wrong-a single person can also manage to work on these types of niches. But things can be easier if there is more than one person to operate a website like this.

A tech niche site is one of the most profitable and money-making blogging niches on this list.

As I said a niche-oriented money-making tech blog is the best blogging investment.

With a tech niche site, you can choose any gadget to give reviews, latest market news, etc.

You can monetize the site in several ways like sponsorship, brand promote, affiliate, etc

With a membership website, anyone can earn money the right way.

A membership website earns monthly on a recurring basis.

You can create premium content and let people consume those content by giving them opportunities to be a member of your membership site.

Another most profitable blogging niche is the Lifestyle blog.

This blogging niche is an extremely popular and evergreen blogging niche.

You can start blogging on topics like the latest fashion trends of men’s or women’s, beauty topics, and self-care, etc.

A lifestyle blog can help you earn money and makes a huge profit in different ways such as sponsored posts, promoting affiliate products, display ads.

Not just that you can go one step further when it comes to making even more how?

You can even make a lot of money by a just guest appearance in an event once you gain popularity through your blog.

A DIY blog is one of the most trendy blogging niches you can think of.

Almost everyone loves to acquire unique ideas and making handmade things.

You can take the advantage to teach unique ideas through the blog and help people make unique handmade things.

Making a blog on this niche is one of the most profitable ones.

You will be making money by giving them the motivational dose that they need in this exhausting world of life where everyone is feels demotivated because of many reasons.

Once the blog starts getting traffic organically you have the opportunities to make money from AdSense, affiliate marketing, start giving advice to people for motivating them.

The parenting niche is one of the most followed niches on the internet.

These types of websites are many in numbers on the internet because of their demand and popularity.

Everyone who is new as parents always want to take the best possible steps to raise their child well.

And they start acquiring knowledge with the help of the internet.

You can also take advantage of working on this niche if you have parenting knowledge.

Last but not least a Website blogging niche.

Anyone who has deep knowledge about WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, can teach how to make websites, design, customize websites in these respective CRM platforms.

You will get traffic organically because there are searchers on the internet searching for answers to almost everything regarding website-related queries.


This long list of the most profitable blogging niche ideas covered blogging niches that have huge potential for growth.

Anybody can start working right now on the above-mentioned blogging niches.

The thing that always needs to remember success doesn’t depend only on the niche actually.

It depends on how much someone works on a regular basis with a proper strategy and help to grow the blog.

You should share this post with your friends and families if you think this can help them.

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