10 blog checklist before you publish in 2022

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Blogging is one of the most interesting professions if you take it that way (not as a hobby).

Making a blogging website will give you chance to change your fortune completely as the same happened with me. it helped me a lot of ways like I can literary go any places without going office for a day to day office work.

But anyway, this is the thing that already everyone knows.

Therefore, I’m not going to discuss this stuff why you should start a blogging website in detail.

But, in case you are interested to read why you need to blogging then you can check out this post.

Today, here in this blog post we are going to discuss the things that you should worth consider remembering before you hit your blog post online.

Before I discuss all of this, I hope you already have a website for yourself. If not then you first need a website because without this how you can write and publish your first blog post online? am I right?

Let’s bring out these key things that you should remember whenever you publish any post online whether it is 1st one or the 1000th post

Choose a viral topic

Your first priority should be finding out a viral topic related to your niche.

It’s not that you can’t write other types of content that are less likely may get viral.

No, you can.

But, with viral content, you will have a chance to make your article popular in front of the readers.

A relatively new website can perform this trick to make sure there is some traffic on your site.

write a Irresistibly Clickable Blog Titles

When it comes to writing your first blog post you have to consider first thinking what should be a title that will force readers to click on and visit your website.

See, the ultimate goal for every blogger and content writer is to turn the web searchers into your permanent website readers.

Therefore, to apply this task successfully you obviously have to write a title that creates curiosity in the reader’s mind.

But, if you don’t know how to find out whether your title is actually impressive or not, well you easily find that answer over here right now.

There is a tool called headlines analyzer to help you out from the problem.

I hope you can write a title that matters the most for readers and forces them to click on your blog title searching the same content on the web.

Impress your readers within first 100 words

When you jump into writing a blog post you need to think about what will go in its first 100 words so people can find interesting in your content for further reading.

Like the title, your first few paragraphs decide the fortune of your content.

Therefore, you always have to try hard and go all out to writing something in your first few paragraphs that will make your readers more interested to read your full content.

blog post should be easy to read

Things that matter the most along with the blog title are how you are writing content.

Is it easy to read? or makes it impossible to read and understand.

Since you are a blogger you should avoid using academic words in your content.

People understand better when you write like speaking which makes your readers happy to read and understand your content better.

Therefore, if you’re someone who writes content that makes your readers think to understand your content and get confused then, this is a red alert for you.

Post should include keywords

Your blog post should include keywords so it will be more SEO friendly which helps your article be visible on search engines like Google.

There are several types of keywords you should target on like primary keywords, secondary or relative keywords, etc.

To find keywords around your topic you can get help from tools like Ubersuggest, Semrush.

Add images and optimize for SEO

After you have done writing your blog post you need images that will help to explain your content better to your readers.

Since visual content gets more attraction than the text itself, you should take the advantage of it and create beautiful and attractive images, infographics so you can grab more readers’ attention.

Another advantage of inserting images into your content is they help you earn more backlinks than the text.

The task is not getting end here you need to do proper SEO of your images to make them SEO friendly.

Now if you don’t know how to make your images SEO friendly well it is a very easy process to perform.

You first have to make sure the size of the image is perfectly sized (aspect ratio) without compromising its quality.

There are many plugins on WordPress that can help you out for optimizing your blog post images and these are Optimole, short pixel image optimizer, Smush.

Link to other posts

Linking to your other blog posts is the key to getting your post visible in the search results.

Adding other posts link to your blog post helps your readers to read your other content easily.

You should also give links to other websites (your competitors) which can help your site be trustworthy in the eyes of Google crawlers.

The more you do things organized, the better you have chances for getting more page sessions and page views.

performing Basic SEO

Another important thing that you need to do before publishing your content is do the basic SEO of your written content.

By doing so your content will be better optimized for Search engines and you can rank higher on search engine result pages.

Basic SEO such as keywords in title, writing image alt tag, providing meta description, interlinking to your other posts, etc.

Proof reading your content

Writing your blog should be easy without correcting any grammatical errors.

Yes. you heard it right!

You just can’t do multitasking like writing your draft and correcting the errors in your content at the same time.

If you do so you are actually killing the flows of your writing mind.

For example, if you’re writing content that needs more creative thinking then you have to go with the flow and stop thinking about what mistakes you are making in your copy.

You should proofread your content only after your writing is complete.

Call to action

A call to action is a must when it comes to writing any type of content.

Like your first paragraphs, the ending is also very important.

You just can’t think about completing your writing without providing the conclusion or ending part.

For blog posts, the ending part is very important as it conveys the writer’s personal thoughts, messages or makes any kind of call to action that readers should follow.

Final thought

After you have checked all the boxes, you then have to publish your post and promote it so there can be an initial traffic source in your post.

I hope you have got everything in this post.

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